Questions about the Book of Acts

Acts is the fifth book of the New Testament. The book of Acts has often been called “The Acts of the Holy Spirit.” The Holy Spirit is referred to more than fifty times in this one book. This book is of the highest importance because it is the only inspired account of the beginning of the early work of the Church. The book of Acts can be divided into eight parts: 1) The Waiting Church. 2) From Pentecost to the conversion of Saul. 3) From the conversion of Saul to the first missionary journey. 4) The First Missionary journey. 5) The council at Jerusalem. 6) The second missionary journey. 7) The third missionary journey. 8) From Jerusalem to Rome. The author of this book is Luke. Listed below are questions on the book of Acts. These questions can be used freely for Sunday school or bible study to help all young Christians study the scriptures. I believe that if you ask yourself questions about God’s Word you can learn as you study. My prayers are with you always and may God bless you in your studies.

Acts Chapter 1

1) Who wrote the book, The Acts of the Apostles? (Acts 1:1)

2) What did Luke say he wrote about in his first letter to all who loved God? (Acts 1:2)

3) How did the apostles that Jesus had chosen receive their commandments? (Acts 1:2)

4) Did the apostles see Jesus after His resurrection? (Acts 1:3)

5) Did he prove to them He was the same Jesus they had walked with and talked with? How? (Acts 1:3)

6) How many days was He available? (Acts 1:3)

7) What did He talk to them about? (Acts 1:3)

8) When they were assembled together what did Jesus tell them to do? (Acts 1:4)

9) Did He remind the apostles He had already told them about this? (Acts 1:4)

10) What did Jesus tell the apostles would happen very soon? (Acts 1:5)

11) When the apostles met together with Jesus what did they ask Him? (Acts 1:6)

12) What did Jesus answer the apostles when they asked him if he would now restore the Kingdom of Israel? (Acts 1:7)

13) What did Jesus tell the apostles would happen to them after they were baptized with the Holy Ghost? (Acts 1:8)

14) To whom did Jesus tell the apostles to witness? (Acts 1:8)

15) After Jesus told His disciples to whom they should witness, what happened? (Acts 1:9)

16) After Jesus was taken up into Heaven and the apostles were staring after Him what miracle happened? (Acts 1:10)

17) What did the white robed men tell the apostles would happen? (Acts 1:11)

18) Where did the ascension of Jesus happen? (Acts 1:12)

19) How far from Jerusalem was Mount Olivet? (Acts 1:12)

20) What did these men of Galilee who watched Jesus’ ascension do after returning to Jerusalem? (Acts 1:13)

21) Who were present at the prayer meeting in the upper room in Jerusalem? (Acts 1:13-14)

22) During one of the prayer meetings after Jesus’ ascension and Peter talked to the disciples, how many were present? (Acts 1:15)

23) What did Peter tell the 120 people about David’s prophesy? (Acts 1:16)

24) Was Judas one of the twelve apostles? (Acts 1:17)

25) What did Peter say that Judas did with the money he received for the betraying of his Lord? (Acts 1:18)

26) How did Judas die? (Acts 1:18)

27) What did the people at Jerusalem call the place Judas had bought? (Acts 1:19)

28) What did Peter say David had prophesied in the book of Psalms? (Acts 1:20)

29) Where did Peter say they must find a man to take Judas’ place? (Acts 1:21-22)

30) Who did the apostles choose to vote on to take Judas’ place? (Acts 1:23)

31) Did the apostles choose prayerfully between Barsabas and Mathias to take Judas’ place as an apostle? (Acts 1:24-25)

32) How was Mathias elected as an apostle in Judas the Lord’s betrayer’s place? (Acts 1:25)

Acts Chapter 2

1) Where do we find the apostles on the day of Pentecost? (Acts 2:1)

2) While the apostles were all together in one place on the day of Pentecost, what attracted their attention? (Acts 2:2)

3) When the apostles were baptized with the Holy Ghost, on the day of Pentecost, how did it affect them physically? (Acts 2:3-4)

4) On the day of Pentecost what nationality of people lived at Jerusalem? (Acts 2:5)

5) Why did the multitude assemble together when they heard about the great miracle that came to the apostles on the day of Pentecost? (Acts 2:6)

6) When the apostles spoke in unknown tongues, who did it affect the most? (Acts 2:7-8)

7) How many different nationalities were represented who listened to the apostles on the day of Pentecost? (Acts 2:9-11)

8) Can you name the nationalities represented, who listened to the apostles speak on the day of Pentecost? (Acts 2:9-11)

9) What effect did the apostles’ speaking in a language all nations could understand, have on the people who heard them? (Acts 2:12-13)

10) When the people who heard the apostles speaking in a language all nations could understand, and decided they (the apostles) were drunk, what did Peter tell them? (Acts 2:14-16)

11) In Peter’s sermon on the day of Pentecost what did he tell the people, that, God would do in the last days? (Acts 2:17)

12) What did Peter tell the people on the day of Pentecost, that God would do for his servants and hand maidens? (Acts 2:18)

13) What did Peter tell the people on the day of Pentecost, about the wonders He would bring about in the last days? (Acts 2:19-20)

14) What important promise did Peter make to the people on the day of Pentecost? (Acts 2:21)

15) On the day of Pentecost, how did Peter remind the people of what they did to their Lord and Savior? (Acts 2:22-23)

16) On the day of Pentecost, how did Peter remind the people, of God’s raising Jesus from the dead? (Acts 2:24)

17) Did Peter remind the people, on the day of Pentecost, of David’s prophesy? (Acts 2:25-28)

18) How did Peter emphasize the fact that David’s prophesy was not about himself but the Christ? (Acts 2:29-30)

19) How did Peter remind the people on the day of Pentecost of David’s prophesy already being fulfilled? (Acts 2:31-33)

20) What proof did Peter give the people on the day of Pentecost that David’s prophesy was not of himself but the Lord Jesus? (Acts 2:34-35)

21) How did Peter, on the day of Pentecost warn the people of what they had done to their Lord and their obligation to Him? (Acts 2:36)

22) What effect did Peter’s sermon the day of Pentecost have on the people? (Acts 2:37)

23) In Peter’s first gospel sermon on the day of Pentecost, what was his answer to the question, “Men and Brethren, what shall we do?” (Acts 2:38)

24) On the day of Pentecost, did Peter tell the people, to whom God gave the promise of the gift of the Holy Spirit? (Acts 2:39)

25) On the day of Pentecost what did Peter insist the people do? (Acts 2:40)

26) How many people were baptized on the day of Pentecost? (Acts 2:41)

27) After the day of Pentecost, how did the Christians follow up after their baptism? (Acts 2:42)

28) After the beginning of the church did the apostles perform miracles? (Acts 2:43)

29) How did the Christians in the first church show their acts of love? (Acts 2:44-45)

30) How did the first church show their happiness? (Acts 2:47)

31) Who did the Lord add to the first church? (Acts 2:47)

Acts Chapter 3

1) Why did Peter and John go to the temple at the ninth hour? (Acts 3:1)

2) Why was the crippled man at the door of the temple? (Acts 3:2)

3) What happened when the crippled man at the gate of the temple asked Peter and John for alms? (Acts 3:4-6)

4) What happened at the gate Beautiful when Peter took the cripple by the hand and lifted him up? (Acts 3:7-8)

5) How did the healing of the lame man at the gate Beautiful affect the people? (Acts 3:9-11)

6) When the lame man was healed at the gate beautiful, did Peter let the people believe that he and John, had the power to heal? (Acts 3:11-13)

7) At the healing of the lame man at the door of the temple, what did Peter remind the people, what they had done to Jesus during His trial before Pilate? (Acts 3:13-14)

8) How did Peter remind the people of how he and John knew about what they did to Jesus? (Acts 3:14-15)

9) At the gate Beautiful did Peter tell the people how the lame man was healed? (Acts 3:16)

10) Why did Peter say he believed the rulers and the people crucified our Lord? (Acts 3:17)

11) What did Peter tell the people about the prophesy, of Jesus? (Acts 3:18)

12) What did Peter tell the people who had helped to condemn Jesus to do about their sins? (Acts 3:19)

13) Did Peter tell the people that Jesus is coming again? (Acts 3:20)

14) How long did Peter say, Jesus would stay in Heaven? (Acts 3:21)

15) What did Moses prophesize about Jesus? (Acts 3:22-23)

16) Did anyone besides Moses prophesize of Jesus’ coming and who? (Acts 3:24)

17) Did Peter at the gate beautiful remind the Jews that Jesus was one of them? (Acts 3:24)

18) After healing the lame man, how did Peter tell the Jews, that Jesus blessed them first, after His resurrection? (Acts 3:26)

Acts Chapter 4

1) When Peter and John were speaking to the people at the gate of the temple, what people were disturbed? (Acts 4:1)

2) Why did the priests, the captains of the temple and the Sadducees arrest Peter and John? (Acts 4:2-3)

3) How many men did Peter and John convert, before their arrest for preaching the resurrection of the dead? (Acts 4:4)

4) The next day after Peter and John were put in jail, who met to question them? (Acts 4:5-6)

5) What important question did the many officers at Jerusalem ask Peter and John? (Acts 4:7)

6) Who prompted Peter, what answer to give to the question, “by what power have you healed the lame man?” (Acts 4:8)

7) What was Peter’s answer to the elders of Israel? (Acts 4:9-10)

8) What did Peter tell the people about the greatest cornerstone any building could ever have? (Acts 4:11)

9) In whose name did Peter say that all men are saved? (Acts 4:12)

10) Regardless of Peter’s and John’s ignorance, how did they convince the people that they knew Jesus? (Acts 4:13-14)

11) After the council commanded Peter and John to leave, what was their big discussion? (Acts 4:15-16)

12) What did the council at Jerusalem command Peter and John not to do? (Acts 4:17-18)

13) When the council at Jerusalem commanded Peter and John, to not preach in the name of Jesus, what was their reply? (Acts 4:18-20)

14) The council at Jerusalem did threaten Peter and John, but why did they let them go? (Acts 4:21-22)

15) Peter and John were arrested for healing in Jesus’ name, what was the first thing they did, after being released? (Acts 4:23-24)

16) During the apostle’s thanksgiving prayer for the release of Peter and John, whose prophesy did they mention? (Acts 4:25)

17) How was that David’s prophesying fulfilled? (Acts 4:26-28)

18) What did the apostles pray for themselves at this time? (Acts 4:29-30)

19) After the apostles prayed for power to heal and signs and wonders might be done in the name of Jesus, what did God pour out upon them? (Acts 4:31)

20) After the Holy Ghost fell on the apostles was anyone converted and who? (Acts 4:32)

21) After the apostles prayed for power what kind of witness did they receive? (Acts 4:33)

22) How did believers show their love through charity? (Acts 4:34-35)

23) What did Barnabas the Levite do? (Acts 4:36-37)

Acts Chapter 5

1) What did Ananias do? (Acts 5:1-2)

2) What did Peter ask Ananias? (Acts 5:3-4)

3) To whom did Peter say Ananias had lied? (Acts 5:4)

4) What happened to Ananias after he lied? (Acts 5:5)

5) Did the death of Ananias frighten anyone? (Acts 5:5-6)

6) After Ananias was buried, what happened to his wife? (Acts 5:7-8)

7) After Sapphira, Ananias’ wife lied about the money they received for their land, what did Peter tell her would happen to her too? (Acts 5:9-10)

8) After the death of both, Ananias and Sapphira, how did it affect the church? (Acts 5:11)

9) After Ananias and Sapphira were buried, where do we find the apostles? (Acts 5:12)

10) While the apostles were together at Solomon’s porch, what were the believers doing? (Acts 5:13-14)

11) Did the people believe Peter had healing power? (Acts 5:15)

12) Were the prayers of the apostles that God would send healing power in the name of His Holy Son Jesus, answered? (Acts 5:16)

13) What did the high priest and friends among the Sadducees do? (Acts 5:17-18)

14) When the apostles were in jail, what did the angel of the Lord do? (Acts 5:19-20)

15) When the angel of the Lord told the apostles to go speak in the temple, they did so early in the morning. Then what did the high priest do? (Acts 5:21-23)

16) When the officers found the prison empty, and were confused, as to where all this would end, what were they told? (Acts 5:24-25)

17) When the officers brought the apostles from the temple to the council, why did they do so without violence? (Acts 5:26-27)

18) After bringing the apostles before the council what did the High Priest ask them? (Acts 5:28)

19) What did Peter and the rest of the apostles say about obedience? (Acts 5:29)

20) Did the apostles preach a sermon to the High Priest and council? (Acts 5:30-32)

21) After the apostles’ gospel sermon what did the council plan to do? (Acts 5:33)

22) What kind of man was the Pharisee Gamaliel, who advised the council? (Acts 5:34-35)

23) Did Gamaliel remind the council of what happened to other men who attempted to lead the people and failed? Which men? (Acts 5:36-37)

24) What did Gamaliel advise the council to do? (Acts 5:38-39)

25) What did the council do, after they agreed with Gamaliel? (Acts 5:40)

26) How did the treatment that the council at Jerusalem gave the apostles affect them? (Acts 5:41-42)

Acts Chapter 6

1) As the church was growing tremendously, what was the complaint of Grecian Christians against the Hebrew Christians? (Acts 6:1)

2) Did the apostles quit preaching and take care of the widows in the church at Jerusalem? What did they do? (Acts 6:2-3)

3) What was more important to the apostles, preaching or charity? (Acts 6:4)

4) The seven men that the church at Jerusalem appointed to take care of the physical needs, we think of as deacons. Name them. (Acts 6:5)

5) How were the seven charity men in the Jerusalem church ordained? (Acts 6:6)

6) As the Jerusalem church was growing rapidly, what important people were converted to the faith? (Acts 6:7)

7) Stephen was so strong in the faith, what great things did he do? (Acts 6:8)

8) Who argued with Stephen? (Acts 6:9)

9) Stephen’s enemies could not deny his great power. What did they do with him? (Acts 6:11-12)

10) When the false witnesses came before the council at Jerusalem what did they accuse Stephen of doing? (Acts 6:14)

11) What physical appearance did Stephen give before the council at Jerusalem? (Acts 6:15)

Acts Chapter 7

1) When the high priest in the Jerusalem council asked Stephen if the accusations against him were correct, how did he begin one of the greatest sermons ever preached? (Acts 7:2-3)

2) How did Stephen tell the people that Abraham obeyed God? (Acts 7:4)

3) What did Stephen tell the people that God promised Abraham? (Acts 7:5)

4) What did Stephen tell the people that God for warned Abraham about the Israelite’s bondage in Egypt? (Acts 7:6)

5) Stephen told the people that God had said He would judge the people who held the Israelites, under bondage, what did He tell Abraham would happen to his descendants? (Acts 7:7)

6) What kind of covenant did Stephen say God gave Abraham? (Acts 7:8)

7) Who did Stephen say was Abraham’s son, his grand-son and great grand-sons? (Acts 7:8)

8) What did Stephen say happened to Joseph? (Acts 7:9)

9) Stephen said God was with Joseph, what did God do for Joseph in Egypt? (Acts 7:10)

10) During the terrible famine in Israel and Egypt, did Stephen say why Jacob sent his sons to Egypt? (Acts 7:11-12)

11) What did Stephen tell the people that happened, the second time Jacob’s sons went to Egypt to buy food? (Acts 7:13)

12) What did Stephen tell the people Joseph did after he made himself known to his brothers and Pharoah? (Acts 7:14-15)

13) Stephen told the people that Jacob died in Egypt, where did he say Jacob was buried? (Acts 7:16)

14) Did Stephen tell the people what happened in Egypt, when the number of the Israelites grew and a new king took charge and what did? (Acts 7:17-19)

15) What did Stephen remind the people about what happened to the baby Moses? (Acts 7:20-22)

16) What did Stephen say Moses did when he was forty years old? (Acts 7:23-24)

17) Stephen said “Moses thought his brethren understood God’s plan as he did,” Did that supposition do him harm? How? (Acts 7:26-28)

18) Where did Stephen say Moses went after he killed the Egyptian? (Acts 7:29)

19) How many sons did Stephen say were born to Moses in the land of Madian? (Acts 7:29)

20) What did Stephen say happened to Moses after forty more years? (Acts 7:30-31)

21) When Moses became frightened, what did Stephen say the Lord said to him (Moses)? (Acts 7:33-34)

22) What was the first thing the Lord said to Moses from the burning bush? (Acts 7:32)

23) What did Stephen say about Moses after God spoke to him from the burning bush? (Acts 7:35-36)

24) What prophesy of Moses did Stephen mention? (Acts 7:37)

25) Did Stephen also mention Moses receiving the law at Mt. Sina? (Acts 7:38)

26) Did Stephen mention what the Israelites asked Aaron to do? What? (Acts 7:39-41)

27) What did Stephen say about God allowing the Israelites to worship idols? (Acts 7:42-43)

28) What did Stephen say about the tabernacle, God told Moses to build? (Acts 7:44)

29) How long does Stephen say the Israelites carried the tabernacle? (Acts 7:45)

30) Did Stephen mention David wanted to build the temple? (Acts 7:46)

31) Why did Stephen say he actually built the temple? (Acts 7:47)

32) What did Stephen tell the people that God said about His dwelling place? (Acts 7:48)

33) What three questions did Stephen say God asked the people? (Acts 7:49-50)

34) How did Stephen describe the people he was preaching to? (Acts 7:50)

35) What did the people do to the prophet, who prophesied the coming of Jesus? (Acts 7:52)

36) What did Stephen tell the people they really were? (Acts 7:52-53)

37) When Stephen accused the people of murdering Jesus, what was their reaction? (Acts 7:54)

38) How did Stephen react to the mob’s anger? (Acts 7:55-56)

39) When Stephen said he saw the heavens opened and thee son of man, standing at the right hand of God, what did the people do? (Acts 7:57)

40) When they stoned Stephen what did they do with their coats? (Acts 7:58)

41) After Stephen was stoned, he died praying. What was his prayer? (Acts 7:59-60)

Acts Chapter 8

1) What young man consented to the stoning of Stephen? (Acts 8:1)

2) After the stoning of Stephen, what happened to the church at Jerusalem? (Acts 8:1)

3) Who buried Stephen, according to verse two? (Acts 8:2)

4) After Saul consented to the stoning of Stephen, what else did he do? (Acts 8:3)

5) After the church at Jerusalem was scattered abroad, what did the people do? (Acts 8:4)

6) Where did Philip go to preach? (Acts 8:5)

7) Was Philip successful preaching at Samaria? (Acts 8:6)

8) What sort of miracles did Philip perform in Samaria? (Acts 8:7-8)

9) What did Simon the sorcerer do in Samaria? (Acts 8:9)

10) How did Simon, the sorcerer, deceive the people? (Acts 8:10)

11) After Simon had bewitched the people in Samaria, what effect did Philip’s preaching have upon them? (Acts 8:12)

12) What sorcerer was converted to faith in Christ? (Acts 8:13)

13) Who went from the Jerusalem church to Samaria to help? (Acts 8:14)

14) What great work did Peter and John do in Samaria? (Acts 8:15-17)

15) What did Simon the converted sorcerer try to buy from Peter and John? (Acts 8:18-19)

16) When Simon tried to buy the power of the laying on of hands to give the Holy Ghost, what did Peter tell him? (Acts 8:20-23)

17) Was Simon the sorcerer frightened when he thought he might have fallen from God’s grace? How do you know? (Acts 8:24)

18) Where did Peter and John go, after finishing their preaching in Samaria? (Acts 8:25)

19) Where did the angel of the Lord tell Philip to go? (Acts 8:26)

20) Who did Philip meet on his way to Gaza? (Acts 8:27)

21) What did Philip find the Ethiopian doing? (Acts 8:28)

22) What did the Spirit tell Philip to do when he saw the Ethiopian? (Acts 8:29)

23) What did Philip first ask the Ethiopian? (Acts 8:30)

24) What Prophecy was the Ethiopian reading? (Acts 8:31-33)

25) What did the eunuch ask Philip? (Acts 8:34)

26) How did Philip convince the Eunuch what he should do? (Acts 8:35)

27) After Philip preached Jesus unto the Ethiopian, what was the first thing he wanted done? (Acts 8:36)

28) How did the Ethiopian confess his Lord? (Acts 8:37)

29) What happened immediately after the Eunuch confessed his Lord? (Acts 8:38)

30) After the Eunuch became a Christian, was he happy? How do you know? (Acts 8:39)

31) What did Philip do after he baptized the Eunuch? (Acts 8:40)

Acts Chapter 9

1) With what was Saul busy? (Acts 9:1-2)

2) What happened to Saul while on his way to Damascus? (Acts 9:3-4)

3) When Saul asked the Lord who he was, what answer did he get? (Acts 9:5)

4) When Saul said to the Lord, “What wilt thou have me do,” What did the Lord command him to do? (Acts 9:6)

5) Did the men who were with Saul hear the voice speaking to him? (Acts 9:7)

6) Saul could not see after he was stricken blind, how did he get to Damascus? (Acts 9:8)

7) How long did Saul fast during his blindness? (Acts 9:9)

8) What disciple in Damascus did the Lord speak to in a vision? (Acts 9:10)

9) What did the Lord tell Ananias to do? (Acts 9:11-12)

10) Of what did Ananias complain to the Lord? (Acts 9:13-14)

11) What great things did the Lord tell Ananias He had chosen Saul for? (Acts 9:15-16)

12) How did Ananias do what the Lord told him to do? (Acts 9:17)

13) What happened after Saul was filled with the Holy Ghost? (Acts 9:18)

14) After Saul’s baptism and he was staying with the disciples in Damascus, what did he do immediately? (Acts 9:19-20)

15) How did the people accept Saul after his conversion? (Acts 9:21)

16) How did the Jews accept Saul’s preaching Christ at Jerusalem? (Acts 9:22)

17) What did the Jews plan doing to Saul? (Acts 9:23-24)

18) How did the disciples prevent the Jews from killing Saul? (Acts 9:25)

19) When Saul left Damascus, how did the disciples at Jerusalem accept him? (Acts 9:26)

20) How did Barnabas identify Saul to the church at Jerusalem? (Acts 9:27)

21) Did Saul work with the disciples at Jerusalem? Doing what? (Acts 9:28-29)

22) When the Grecians planned to kill Saul, where did the church at Jerusalem send him? (Acts 9:30)

23) After Saul went to Tarsus did the Jerusalem church: fold up, prosper, or close its doors? (Acts 9:31)

24) While Peter was visiting the saints at Lydda, what happened to Aeneas? (Acts 9:33-34)

25) Did the healing of Aeneas impress the people? If so, how much? (Acts 9:34-35)

26) What happened to the disciple who lived at Joppa? (Acts 9:36-37)

27) After Tabitha died, why did they send for Peter? (Acts 9:38)

28) Was Dorcas (Tabitha) greatly missed? By whom? (Acts 9:39)

29) What did Peter do for Tabitha? (Acts 9:40-41)

30) What effect of Peter’s raising Tabitha from the dead, have on the people present? (Acts 9:42-43)

Acts Chapter 10

1) Who was Cornelius of Caesarea? (Acts 10:1)

2) What man living at Caesarea is described as “godly?” (Acts 10:2)

3) What kind of vision did Cornelius have? (Acts 10:3-4)

4) In the vision that Cornelius received, what did God tell him to do? (Acts 10:5-6)

5) What did Cornelius do after the angel left him? (Acts 10:7-8)

6) While the men of Cornelius were on their way, what happened to Peter? (Acts 10:9-10)

7) While Peter was in a trance, what did he see? (Acts 10:11-12)

8) While Peter was in the trance, what did the voice say to him? (Acts 10:13)

9) When God told Peter to rise, kill and eat, what was his response? (Acts 10:14)

10) What did the voice say to Peter and second time? (Acts 10:15)

11) How many times was the sheet let down for Peter? (Acts 10:16)

12) While Peter was wondering about the vision and the voice, who appeared asking for him? (Acts 10:17-18)

13) While Peter was wondering about the vision of the sheet, what did the Spirit say to him? (Acts 10:19-20)

14) When Peter obeyed the Spirit, and told the men from Cornelius he was the man they were looking for, what did the men tell him? (Acts 10:22)

15) When Peter went from Joppa to Caesarea, who did he take with him? (Acts 10:23)

16) What witnesses did Cornelius call in? (Acts 10:24)

17) When Cornelius bowed to worship Peter, what did Peter tell him? (Acts 10:25-26)

18) How did Peter’s vision at Joppa affect his thinking? (Acts 10:27-28)

19) What important question did Peter ask Cornelius? (Acts 10:29)

20) About what did Cornelius tell Peter? (Acts 10:30-32)

21) What was Cornelius’ reaction to Peter answering his summons? (Acts 10:33)

22) After the Spirit told Peter what to do, about Cornelius, what was Peter’s conclusion? (Acts 10:34-35)

23) To whom did Peter remind Cornelius that the preaching of the good news of Jesus had already been done? (Acts 10:36)

24) Where did Peter tell Cornelius the preaching of the gospel began? (Acts 10:37)

25) What did Peter tell Cornelius Jesus did after God anointed Him with the Holy Ghost? (Acts 10:38)

26) Did Peter emphasize the fact that the apostles were eye-witnesses of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus? (Acts 10:39-41)

27) What did Peter tell Cornelius that God had commanded the apostles to do? (Acts 10:42)

28) Peter reminded Cornelius of how God had told the prophets about what of Jesus? (Acts 10:43)

29) What happened while Peter was talking to all in the house of Cornelius? (Acts 10:44)

30) How did the pouring out of the Holy Ghost on the Gentiles affect the Jews? (Acts 10:45)

31) When the Jews at the house of Cornelius heard the Gentiles speak with tongues, what did Peter say? (Acts 10:47)

32) What did Peter command the Gentiles in the house of Cornelius to do? (Acts 10:48)

Acts Chapter 11

1) After the apostles and the brethren of Jerusalem heard about the Gentiles receiving the word of God, what did they accuse Peter of? (Acts 11:1-3)

2) Did Peter tell the apostles and the brethren at Jerusalem all of his vision? (Acts 11:4-10)

3) Did Peter relate how the three men from Caesarea had arrived for him? How? (Acts 11:11)

4) Did Peter tell the brethren at the Jerusalem church what the Spirit told him to do about the house of Cornelius? What? (Acts 11:12)

5) When Peter was relating to the Jerusalem church how the Holy Ghost fell on the Gentiles, what did he say he remembered? (Acts 11:16)

6) What did Peter tell the brethren at Jerusalem his conclusion was? (Acts 11:17)

7) How did the brethren at Jerusalem accept Peter’s explanation of why he understood God’s forgiveness to the Gentiles? (Acts 11:18)

8) After Stephen’s death, and the scattering of the disciples, they went to Phoenicia, Cyprus and Antioch, to whom did they preach? (Acts 11:19)

9) To whom did the believers from Cyprus and Cyrene preach? (Acts 11:20-21)

10) Who did the church at Jerusalem sent to Antioch? (Acts 11:22)

11) Was Barnabas pleased with the faith he found at Antioch? (Acts 11:23)

12) What kind of man was Barnabas? (Acts 11:24)

13) Why did Barnabas go to Tarsus? (Acts 11:25)

14) How long did Barnabas and Saul stay at Antioch? (Acts 11:26)

15) Where were the disciples, first called Christians? (Acts 11:26)

16) Who besides Barnabas did the Jerusalem church send to Antioch? (Acts 11:27)

17) What did the prophet Agabus prophesize? (Acts 11:28)

18) What did the brethren at Antioch do for the brethren who lived in Judea? (Acts 11:29-30)

Acts Chapter 12

1) What did Herod the king do to James the brother of John? (Acts 12:1-2)

2) What did Herod the king do to Peter during the Passover celebration? (Acts 12:3)

3) When did Herod plan to kill Peter? (Acts 12:4)

4) While Peter was in prison, what was the church doing? (Acts 12:5)

5) Was Peter well guarded while in prison? (Acts 12:6)

6) When the angel appeared to Peter, what happened? (Acts 12:7)

7) When the angel loosed the chains in prison what did he tell Peter to do? (Acts 12:8)

8) When Peter was told to follow the angel out of prison, did he understand what was going on? (Acts 12:9)

9) What happened when Peter and the angel came to the Iron Gate leading to the city? (Acts 12:10)

10) When the angel disappeared from Peter’s presence, what did Peter decide? (Acts 12:11)

11) When Peter finally felt released from prison where did he go? (Acts 12:12)

12) What happened when Peter knocked at the door of the home of John Mark’s mother? (Acts 12:13-14)

13) When Peter knocked at the door where the Christians were praying, what did the maid Rhoda do? (Acts 12:13-14)

14) Did the people at the prayer meeting for Peter think the maid Rhoda had lost her mind? (Acts 12:15)

15) Did Peter continue knocking, until the ones who were praying for him opened the door? (Acts 12:16)

16) Did Peter tell the believers how the Lord had released him from prison? (Acts 12:17)

17) Who did Peter ask the people to tell about his release from prison? (Acts 12:17)

18) Were the soldiers distressed at Peter’s absence? (Acts 12:18)

19) What did King Herod do with the keepers of the jail when he couldn’t find Peter? (Acts 12:19)

20) When Peter was released from prison where did he go from Judea to live? (Acts 12:19)

21) What did the people of Tyre and Sidon do? (Acts 12:20)

22) Did King Herod make a big show? (Acts 12:21)

23) What did the people say about Herod? (Acts 12:22)

24) Why did the angel of the Lord smite Herod? (Acts 12:23)

25) As the word of God grew and multiplied who returned from Jerusalem? (Acts 12:24-25)

Acts Chapter 13

1) When a group of prophets and teachers were worshipping at Antioch, what did the Holy Spirit tell them to do? (Acts 13:1-2)

2) What did Barnabas, Simeon, Lucius, Manaen, and Saul do before they obeyed the Holy Spirit when he said, “Separate me Barnabas and Saul?” (Acts 13:3)

3) When Barnabas and Saul obeyed the Holy Spirit where did they go? (Acts 13:4-5)

4) When Barnabas and Saul sailed for Cyprus, who did they take with them? (Acts 13:5)

5) Who did Barnabas, Saul and John Mark find at Paphos? (Acts 13:6-7)

6) What did Sergius Paulus, the deputy ask of Saul and Barnabas? (Acts 13:7)

7) What did Elymas the sorcerer do? (Acts 13:8)

8) What did Saul (also called Paul) say to the sorcerer? (Acts 13:10-11)

9) What happened to the sorcerer in verse eleven? (Acts 13:11)

10) What happened to Paulus the deputy, after he witnessed the doctrine of the Lord? (Acts 13:12)

11) Where did Paul and his company go when they left Paphos? (Acts 13:13)

12) What did John (Mark) do when he, Paul and Barnabas landed at Perga in Turkey? (Acts 13:13)

13) When Paul and Barnabas left Perga where did they go? (Acts 13:14)

14) When Paul and Barnabas arrived at Antioch where did they go? (Acts 13:14)

15) When Paul and Barnabas say down in the synagogue, what did the rulers of the synagogue day to them? (Acts 13:15)

16) When Paul had the opportunity to speak in the synagogue, what did he do? (Acts 13:16)

17) In Paul’s message in the Jewish synagogue did he mention how God had brought them out of bondage in Egypt? (Acts 13:17)

18) Paul mentioned how long the Israelites wandered where? (Acts 13:18)

19) Did Paul mention how God divided the land of Canaan, among the Israelites, after destroying ____________ nations? (Acts 13:19)

20) What did the Israelites have for 400 years before the prophet Samuel? (Acts 13:20)

21) What did Paul say God did when the Israelites wanted a king? (Acts 13:21)

22) What did Paul say after Saul was their king for 40 years, who God chose in his place? (Acts 13:22)

23) As Paul began his sermon he mentioned that Jesus was a descendant of whom? (Acts 13:23)

24) What did Paul say John the Baptist said of himself when he was baptizing unto repentance? (Acts 13:24)

25) What did Paul remind the people of how John the Baptist described Jesus? (Acts 13:25)

26) Who did Paul say the word of salvation is sent? (Acts 13:26)

27) What did Paul tell the Jews about their fulfilling all prophecies? (Acts 13:27)

28) Who did Paul say were responsible for Jesus being put to death, even though he was innocent? (Acts 13:28)

29) What did Paul say happened to Jesus after he was laid in the tomb? (Acts 13:29-30)

30) Who did Paul say saw Jesus many days after the resurrection? (Acts 13:31)

31) How did Paul prove to the Jews, that God’s promises had been fulfilled concerning Jesus? (Acts 13:32-33)

32) What did Paul say about Jesus never seeing corruption? (Acts 13:34-35)

33) What did Paul say about the difference in Jesus’ and David’s deaths? (Acts 13:36-37)

34) When Paul was speaking in the synagogue what did he tell the Jews about Jesus’ saving power? (Acts 13:38)

35) What did Paul say about the justification of the Law of Moses? (Acts 13:39)

36) When Paul was speaking in the Jewish synagogue how did he warn them against unbelief? (Acts 13:40-41)

37) When Paul finished preaching in the synagogue and the Jews left, what did the Gentiles do? (Acts 13:42)

38) In the synagogue at Antioch, when the congregation was broken up, who followed Paul and Barnabas? (Acts 13:43)

39) At the synagogue in Antioch, what did Paul and Barnabas persuade the Jews and the religious proselytes to do? (Acts 13:43)

40) After Paul presented his first gospel message at Antioch, what happened the next Sabbath? (Acts 13:44)

41) When the whole city of Antioch came out to hear Paul and Barnabas, the second Sabbath, what did the Jews do? (Acts 13:45)

42) Why did Paul and Barnabas stop preaching to the Jews, and turn to the Gentiles? (Acts 13:46)

43) Did Paul and Barnabas say why they turned to the Gentiles? (Acts 13:47)

44) What did the Gentiles do when they knew, salvation was for them? (Acts 13:48)

45) When the word of the Lord was published through all the region of Antioch, what did the Jews do? (Acts 13:50)

46) When the Jews expelled Paul and Barnabas out of their coast, where did they go? (Acts 13:51)

47) What happened at Iconium when Paul and Barnabas arrived? (Acts 13:52)

Acts Chapter 14

1) When both Paul and Barnabas went into the synagogue in Iconium who were converted? (Acts 14:1)

2) What did the unbelieving Jews in Iconium do? (Acts 14:2)

3) Did the unbelieving Jews frighten Paul and Barnabas away from Iconium? (Acts 14:3)

4) What proof did God give the people in Iconium that the message of Paul and Barnabas was from Him? (Acts 14:3)

5) Did the Jews all agree on the message of Paul and Barnabas at Iconium? (Acts 14:4)

6) When Paul and Barnabas heard at Iconium that their lives were in danger, where did they go? (Acts 14:6)

7) While Paul and Barnabas were preaching in Lystra, what happened? (Acts 14:8-10)

8) When the people eat Lystra, saw Paul heal the lame man, what was their conclusion? (Acts 14:11)

9) What did the people at Lystra call Paul and Barnabas? (Acts 14:12)

10) When the priest of Jupiter undertook to do sacrifice to Paul and Barnabas, what did they do? (Acts 14:13-15)

11) Of what did Paul and Barnabas remind the Jews? (Acts 14:16-17)

12) While Paul and Barnabas were still at Lystra, who came and helped to stone Paul? (Acts 14:18-19)

13) After Paul was stoned at Lystra where did he and Barnabas go? (Acts 14:20)

14) After preaching the gospel at Derbe, where did Paul and Barnabas go? (Acts 14:21)

15) What did Paul and Barnabas teach the people at Lystra, Iconium and Antioch? (Acts 14:22-23)

16) After Paul and Barnabas had traveled through Pisidia and preached at Perga and Attalia, where did they go? (Acts 14:26-27)

Acts Chapter 15

1) While Paul and Barnabas were again at Antioch, what did the men from Judea do? (Acts 15:1-2)

2) After it was decided at Antioch, that Paul and Barnabas should go to Jerusalem to discuss circumcision, what did they do along the way? (Acts 15:3-4)

3) What did the Pharisees say about circumcision? (Acts 15:5)

4) When the apostles and elders were discussing circumcision, what did Peter tell them? (Acts 15:7-9)

5) What was Peter’s conclusion concerning circumcision? (Acts 15:11)

6) In the discussion of circumcision at Jerusalem, what did Paul and Barnabas tell the multitude? (Acts 15:12)

7) While discussing circumcision at Jerusalem what did James remind the people about Simon’s (Peter) visions? (Acts 15:13-14)

8) What did James tell the apostles and Elders at Jerusalem about the prophecy including the Gentiles? (Acts 15:15-17)

9) At the discussion of circumcision at Jerusalem, what was James’ sentence? (Acts 15:19-21)

10) Who did the church at Jerusalem send to Antioch with the letters concerning circumcision? (Acts 15:22,23)

11) Why did the congregation at Jerusalem tell the Gentiles they were sending Judas and Silas along with Paul and Barnabas? (Acts 15:25-27)

12) What was the real message in the letters from the Jerusalem church concerning circumcision? (Acts 15:28-29)

13) When Paul, Barnabas, Judas and Silas delivered the letters to Antioch, what was the reaction of the multitude? (Acts 15:30-32)

14) What was special about Judas and Silas? (Acts 15:32)

15) What three stayed at Antioch to teach and preach? (Acts 15:34-35)

16) At Antioch what did Paul suggest to Barnabas? (Acts 15:36)

17) Before Paul and Barnabas left Antioch what did they argue about? (Acts 15:37-38)

18) After Paul and Barnabas argued at Antioch about taking Mark, what happened? (Acts 15:39-40)

19) Where did Paul go to confirm the churches? (Acts 15:41)

Acts Chapter 16

1) When Paul went back to Derbe and Lystra who did he find there? (Acts 16:1)

2) The father of Timothy was a Greek. How was he thought of? (Acts 16:2)

3) Why did Paul circumcise Timothy? (Acts 16:3)

4) Did Paul and Silas make an effort to inform the Jews of the decision that had been made at Jerusalem? (Acts 16:4-5)

5) Why did Paul and Silas not preach in Asia? (Acts 16:6)

6) After Paul and Silas passed by Mysia and arrived at Troas what happened? (Acts 16:8-9)

7) Why did Paul and Silas go into Macedonia immediately? (Acts 16:10)

8) After Paul and Silas left Troas and passed through Samothracia and Neapolis, where did they finally go to work? (Acts 16:12)

9) In Philippi where did Paul and Silas go on the Sabbath? (Acts 16:13)

10) As Paul preached at the river-side, who was his first convert at Philippi? (Acts 16:14)

11) After Lydia was baptized in her household, what did she do for Paul and Silas? (Acts 16:15)

12) In Macedonia when Paul and the disciples were going to prayer, what happened? (Acts 16:16-17)

13) When the damsel fortune-teller kept following Paul and the disciples, what did Paul do? (Acts 16:18)

14) When Paul cast the evil spirits out of the fortune teller, were her masters pleased? (Acts 16:19)

15) What were the accusations against Paul and Silas in the city of Philippi? (Acts 16:20-21)

16) What did the magistrates do to Paul and Silas at Philippi? (Acts 16:22-23)

17) When the jailer clamped the feet of Paul and Silas in stocks, what effect did it have? (Acts 16:25-26)

18) After the earthquake opened the doors of the prison and Paul and Silas were free, how did it affect the jailer? (Acts 16:27)

19) What did Paul tell the jailer after the earthquake? (Acts 16:28)

20) At Philippi where Paul and Silas were in jail, what did the jailer ask them? (Acts 16:29-30)

21) What happened after Paul and Silas told the jailer, what to do to be saved? (Acts 16:31-33)

22) How did becoming a Christian affect the jailer? (Acts 16:34)

23) When the magistrate sent the sergeants to release Paul and Silas from prison what did Paul tell them? (Acts 16:37)

24) When the sergeants told the magistrate that Paul and Silas were Romans what happened? (Acts 16:39)

25) After being released from prison at Philippi, where did Paul and Silas go? (Acts 16:40)

Acts Chapter 17

1) After leaving the house of Lydia passing through Amphipolis and Apollonia, where did Paul and Silas go? (Acts 17:1)

2) When Paul landed at Thessalonica, what was the first thing he did? (Acts 17:2)

3) What did Paul tell the multitude at Thessalonica about Jesus? (Acts 17:3)

4) When Paul told the people at Thessalonica that Jesus is Christ, what happened? (Acts 17:4)

5) What did the unbelieving Jews undertake to do to Paul and Silas in Thessalonica? (Acts 17:5)

6) When Paul and Silas were not found at the house of Jason, what did the Jews accuse Jason, Paul and Silas of doing? (Acts 17:6,7)

7) How did the preaching, of Paul and Silas, that Jesus is King, affect the rulers at Thessalonica? (Acts 17:8-9)

8) After Jason, Paul and Silas gave them security (posted bail) what did the Christians do that night at Thessalonica? (Acts 17:10)

9) What was the difference between Christians at Thessalonica and Berea? (Acts 17:11)

10) Were Paul and Silas successful in their preaching at Berea? (Acts 17:12)

11) When the Jews at Thessalonica, heard that Paul was preaching Jesus at Berea, what did they do? (Acts 17:13)

12) What did the Christians at Berea do with Paul? (Acts 17:14)

13) Where did Paul and his company go when they left Berea? (Acts 17:15)

14) What was the message Paul’s friends brought back to Silas and Timothy at Berea? (Acts 17:15)

15) While Paul waited for his friends to come to Athens, what disturbed him? (Acts 17:16)

16) Who did Paul discuss idols with in Athens? (Acts 17:17)

17) What did the philosophers of the Epecureans and the Stoics say of Paul? (Acts 17:18)

18) When Paul was taken to Areopagus what did the philosophers want to know? (Acts 17:19-20)

19) What did the philosophers say about the people at Athens? (Acts 17:21)

20) In the midst of Mars Hill, what did Paul tell the men of Athens? (Acts 17:22-23)

21) What did Paul tell the people at Athens about the living God they should worship? (Acts 17:24-25)

22) What did Paul tell the people of Athens about God’s creation of man and his determining of their destinies? (Acts 17:26-27)

23) Did Paul tell the people of Athens how much power God has in their lives? How much? (Acts 17:28)

24) What did Paul remind the people of Athens what their own poets declared? (Acts 17:28)

25) What did Paul tell the people of Athens, that they should not do, if they were God’s offspring? (Acts 17:29)

26) What did Paul tell the Athenians about God’s tolerance of ignorance? (Acts 17:30)

27) What did Paul tell the people of Athens about Jesus’ ordination? (Acts 17:31)

28) How did the people at Athens react, when Paul mentioned resurrection of the dead? (Acts 17:32)

29) Before Paul left Athens, what two people does Luke mention that became Christians? (Acts 17:34)

Acts Chapter 18

1) When Paul left Athens, where did he go? (Acts 18:1)

2) How did Paul find at Corinth? (Acts 18:2)

3) Why did Aquila and Priscilla leave Italy? (Acts 18:2)

4) Why did Paul stay with Aquilla and Priscilla? (Acts 18:3)

5) What did Paul do in the synagogue on the Sabbath in Corinth? (Acts 18:4)

6) When Silas and Timothy came to Corinth from Macedonia, what did Paul do? (Acts 18:5)

7) When the Jews at Corinth refused to accept Paul’s teaching about Jesus, what did he do? (Acts 18:6)

8) When Paul turned from the Jews unto the Gentiles, whose home did he enter? (Acts 18:7)

9) Was Paul successful preaching at Corinth? (Acts 18:8)

10) What was Paul’s vision at Corinth? (Acts 18:9-10)

11) How long did Paul remain at Corinth? (Acts 18:11)

12) When the Jews brought Paul before Gallio, the deputy of Achaia, what was their accusation? (Acts 18:12-13)

13) When Gallio the deputy at Corinth a cleared the judgment seat, what did the Greeks do? (Acts 18:14-15)

14) After Paul had stayed in Corinth a good while, where did he along with Aquilla and Priscilla go? (Acts 18:18)

15) Why did Paul shave his head at Cencrea? (Acts 18:18)

16) When Paul arrived at Ephesus, what did he do? (Acts 18:19)

17) When the Jews at Ephesus asked Paul to stay longer, why did he refuse? (Acts 18:21)

18) What did Paul promise the Jews at Ephesus? (Acts 18:21)

19) When Paul left Ephesus and landed at Caesarea, what did he do there? (Acts 18:22)

20) When Paul left Caesarea, where did he go? (Acts 18:22)

21) When Paul left Antioch, what did he do in the country of Galatia and Phyrgia? (Acts 18:23)

22) What man eloquent and mighty in the scriptures came to Ephesus? (Acts 18:24)

23) How did Apollos teach the way of the Lord? (Acts 18:25)

24) When Aquilla and Priscilla heard about Apollos’ teaching, what did they do? (Acts 18:26)

25) When Apollos decided to go to Achaia what did the Christians at Ephesus do? (Acts 18:27)

26) What did Apollos convince the Jews of in Achaia? (Acts 18:28)

Acts Chapter 19

1) While Apollos was at Corinth, what did Paul do? (Acts 19:1)

2) What did Paul ask the disciples at Ephesus? (Acts 19:2)

3) When Paul asked the disciples at Ephesus whether or not they had received the Holy Spirit, what was their answer? (Acts 19:2)

4) When Paul asked the disciples at Ephesus, unto what baptism they were baptized, what was their reply? (Acts 19:3)

5) What did Paul tell the disciples at Ephesus about John’s baptism? (Acts 19:4)

6) In whom did Paul tell the disciples at Ephesus they should believe? (Acts 19:4)

7) When the disciples at Ephesus heard about Jesus and believed on Him, what did they do? (Acts 19:5)

8) How many men received the Holy Spirit at Ephesus? (Acts 19:6)

9) How many men received the Holy Spirit at Ephesus? (Acts 19:7)

10) How long did Paul work in the synagogue at Ephesus convincing the people about the Kingdom of God? (Acts 19:8)

11) When Paul had opposition to his message of Christ in the synagogue at Ephesus, what did he do? (Acts 19:9)

12) How long did Paul teach in the school of Tiranus in Asia? (Acts 19:10)

13) Who heard the word of the Lord, from Paul in Asia? (Acts 19:10)

14) What special gift of healing did God give Paul in Asia? (Acts 19:11-12)

15) What did the Jews who claimed to cast out demons do at Ephesus? (Acts 19:13)

16) Who were really practicing casting out demons? (Acts 19:14)

17) When the sons of the chief priest tried to cast out demons in Jesus’ name, what did the evil Spirit say? (Acts 19:15)

18) In Ephesus where the man who contained the evil spirit was, what happened to the exorcists? (Acts 19:16)

19) What effect did the casting out of the evil spirit, have on all the people? (Acts 19:17-18)

20) What did the people who had been practicing witchcraft, do with their books? (Acts 19:19)

21) What did the books of witchcraft that were burned at Ephesus amount to in currency? (Acts 19:19)

22) After the burning of the black magic books, at Ephesus and the word of God had grown mightily, what did Paul propose to do? (Acts 19:21)

23) What did Paul say he must do after passing through Macedonia and go into Jerusalem? (Acts 19:21)

24) While Paul stayed in Asia for a season, who did he send ahead to Macedonia? (Acts 19:22)

25) About the time that Paul sent Timothy and Erastus into Greece, who stirred up trouble about the Christians? (Acts 19:23-24)

26) What was Demetrius’ occupation? (Acts 19:24)

27) When Demetrius called in other men in the same occupation as he, what did he tell them about Paul? (Acts 19:25-26)

28) What did Demetrius say Paul’s teaching against idols, would do to the great Goddess Diana? (Acts 19:27)

29) What did the people shout when Demetrius mentioned the great Goddess Diana? (Acts 19:28)

30) During the confusion over the idol Diana what two friends of Paul were dragged into the theatre? (Acts 19:29)

31) Why did Paul go in after his friends who were in the theatre at Ephesus? (Acts 19:30)

32) Did the officials ask Paul to not go into the theatre at Ephesus? (Acts 19:31)

33) Did the mob who was so confused about the idol Diana, understand what was going on? (Acts 19:32)

34) Why did the mob at Ephesus stop Alexander from defending himself? (Acts 19:34)

35) What did the town clerk at Ephesus remind the people about their great Goddess Diana? (Acts 19:35)

36) How did the town clerk accuse the people of Ephesus of falsely accusing Paul and his friends? (Acts 19:36-37)

37) What did the town clerk at Ephesus say Demetrius should have done? (Acts 19:38)

38) What did the town clerk at Ephesus suggest the people should do about smaller matters? (Acts 19:39)

39) Did the town clerk at Ephesus suggest they could be in danger of the higher courts punishment for fraud? (Acts 19:40-41)

Acts Chapter 20

1) After the uproar over the idol Diana of the Ephesians, where did Paul go? (Acts 20:1)

2) After Paul had exhorted the people in Macedonia, where did he go? (Acts 20:2)

3) After Paul had been working in Greece for three months and planned to sail into Syria, why did he change his mind? (Acts 20:3)

4) Who went into Asia with Paul from Berea, Thessalonica, Derbe and Asia? (Acts 20:4)

5) Where did the five men, who went ahead of Paul into Asia, wait for him? (Acts 20:5)

6) After Paul’s friends went ahead of him to Troas, why was he detained at Philippi? (Acts 20:6)

7) After being in Troas for seven days what did Paul and his friends do upon the first day of the week? (Acts 20:7)

8) When Paul and the disciples met at Troas on the first day of the week to break bread, how late did Paul preach? (Acts 20:7)

9) At Troas where Paul was preaching in a well lighted upper chamber, what happened to Eutychus? (Acts 20:9)

10) When the crowd at Troas thought Eutychus was dead, what did Paul do? (Acts 20:10)

11) After Paul preached at Troas until midnight, what did he and the disciples do the rest of the night? (Acts 20:11-12)

12) How did Paul travel from Troas to Assos? (Acts 20:13)

13) After picking Paul up at Assos, what four places did the writer mention, passing through, before landing at Miletus? (Acts 20:14-15)

14) Why was Paul anxious to sail by Ephesus, and not tarry in Asia? (Acts 20:16)

15) When Paul and his friends landed at Miletus, what did Paul do? (Acts 20:17)

16) What did the writer say Paul told the elders from Ephesus? (Acts 20:18-20)

17) What peoples did Paul tell the elders from Ephesus, he (Paul) had preached to? (Acts 20:21)

18) Did Paul tell the elders from Ephesus why he was not afraid of anything? Why not? (Acts 20:24)

19) What was the saddest thing Paul told the elders from Ephesus? (Acts 20:25-27)

20) What did Paul tell the elders from Ephesus that they should do? (Acts 20:28)

21) Did Paul tell the elders from Ephesus why they should strengthen the church? (Acts 20:29-30)

22) When Paul was leaving Miletus, how long did he tell the people he had labored with them? (Acts 20:31)

23) Leaving Miletus, how did Paul commend the disciples to God? (Acts 20:32)

24) When Paul was leaving Asia, what did he say about craving riches? (Acts 20:33)

25) Did Paul make his own living? (Acts 20:34)

26) As Paul was ready to sail from Miletus, what saying of Jesus did he remind the people of? (Acts 20:35)

27) What kind of parting occurred between Paul and his friends as he was sailing from Miletus? (Acts 20:36-37)

28) What grieved Paul’s friends the most when he was leaving Miletus? (Acts 20:38)

Acts Chapter 21

1) After Paul and his friends left the Ephesians elders, and sailed through Cos, Rhodes and boarded a ship at Patara, where did they go? (Acts 21:1-2)

2) While Paul and his friends were sailing from Phenicia to Syria, they beheld Cyprus at their left, where did they land? (Acts 21:3)

3) Why did Paul and his friends land at Tyre and Syria? (Acts 21:3)

4) When Paul had tarried seven days at Tyre, what did the disciples tell him in the Spirits? (Acts 21:4)

5) Just before Paul left Tyre, what did he, his friends and the disciples do? (Acts 21:5-6)

6) After Paul and his company sailed from Tyre and spending one day at Ptolemas, where did they land? (Acts 21:8)

7) Who was Philip of Caesarea? (Acts 21:8)

8) What kind of spiritual gifts did Philip’s four daughters have? (Acts 21:9)

9) What did the prophet Agagbus from Judea prophesy about Paul? (Acts 21:10-11)

10) What did Paul’s friends and all the disciples at Caesarea insist that Paul not do? (Acts 21:12)

11) When all of Paul’s friends and all the disciples at Caesarea objected to his going to Jerusalem, what was his reply? (Acts 21:13)

12) When Paul decided to go to Jerusalem regardless of all the warnings, what did Luke say the evangelistic company of Paul did? (Acts 21:14-15)

13) Who did Paul and his friends take with them from Caesarea to Jerusalem? (Acts 21:16)

14) How did the brethren at Jerusalem receive Paul and his friends? (Acts 21:17)

15) What did Paul and his friends report to James when they went unto him? (Acts 21:18-19)

16) When Paul reported his success with the Gentiles to James and the elders, and they had glorified God, what did they tell Paul he was accused of? (Acts 21:20-21)

17) After James and the elders warned Paul of the danger he was in, what did they advise him to do? (Acts 21:23-24)

18) What did James tell Paul the elders had already written to the Gentiles, what they should observe? (Acts 21:25)

19) Did Paul take James’ and the elder’s advice about the four men which were under a vow? (Acts 21:26)

20) What did the Jews of Asia do, when they saw Paul and the four men, who were under a vow, in the temple for purification? (Acts 21:27-28)

21) What else did the Jews of Asia; accuse Paul of besides the four men, who were under a vow? (Acts 21:29)

22) What did the whole city of Jerusalem do with Paul? (Acts 21:30)

23) When the people of Jerusalem were about to kill Paul, what happened? (Acts 21:31-32)

24) When the people of Jerusalem saw the soldiers and stopped beating Paul, what did the chief captain command? (Acts 21:33-34)

25) Were the people at Jerusalem really violent concerning the punishment of Paul? (Acts 21:35-36)

26) When Paul was being carried into the castle, and asked the chief captain the privilege to speak. What was his reply? (Acts 21:37-38)

27) When the chief captain at Jerusalem asked Paul if he was the Egyptian criminal, what did Paul say? (Acts 21:39)

28) When Paul insisted on speaking to the mob at Jerusalem, in what language did he speak? (Acts 21:40)

Acts Chapter 22

1) When Paul started his defense in Jerusalem speaking in the Hebrew tongue, what effect did it have on the mob? (Acts 22:1-2)

2) When Paul told the mob at Jerusalem that he was born in Tarsus, a city in Cilicia, where did he tell them he was brought up, and under whose training? (Acts 22:3)

3) What kind of training did Paul say he received under Gamaliel? (Acts 22:3)

4) What did Paul tell the mob at Jerusalem about his relationship to the Christians at first? (Acts 22:4-5)

5) What did Paul say happened to him, when he was on his way to Damascus to bring in more Christians as prisoners? (Acts 22:6-7)

6) On the road to Damascus, did Paul’s friends hear the conversation between the Lord and Paul? (Acts 22:9)

7) On the road to Damascus, when Paul said to the voice, who art thou Lord, what was the Lord’s reply? (Acts 22:8)

8) On Paul’s way to Damascus, what did the Lord tell him to do? (Acts 22:10)

9) On Paul’s way to Damascus why did he have to be led by the hand? (Acts 22:11)

10) What kind of man was Ananias, the man who met Paul in Damascus? (Acts 22:12)

11) In Damascus, what did Ananias do for Paul? (Acts 22:13)

12) In Damascus, what did Ananias tell Paul, God had chosen him for? (Acts 22:14-15)

13) What did Ananias tell Paul he must do about baptism? (Acts 22:16)

14) What did Paul say happened while he was still in a trance at Jerusalem? (Acts 22:17-18)

15) What did the Lord tell Paul to do while he was still in a trance at Jerusalem? (Acts 22:19-20)

16) What was the important command that the Lord gave Paul while he was in the temple at Jerusalem for prayer? (Acts 22:21)

17) When Paul told the mob at the temple in Jerusalem what God had told him to do, what did they do? (Acts 22:22-23)

18) When the chief captain at Jerusalem ordered that Paul be scourged, what did Paul ask the centurion? (Acts 22:25)

19) When the centurion heard that Paul was a Roman and reported to the chief captain what did he tell Paul? (Acts 22:27-28)

20) When Paul told the chief captain at Jerusalem he was a Roman citizen by birth, what happened? (Acts 22:29)

21) When Paul told the chief captain that he was a free-born Roman what did the do the next day? (Acts 22:30)

Acts Chapter 23

1) The next day after Paul was released from chains, what did he tell the council? (Acts 23:1)

2) When Paul told the council that he had always lived with a good conscience before God, what did Ananias the high priest do? (Acts 23:2)

3) After Ananias had struck him in the mouth, what did Paul ask him? (Acts 23:3)

4) When the council asked Paul if he would revile their high priest, what was his reply? (Acts 23:5)

5) When Paul discovered that part of the council was Sadducees and part were Pharisees, what did he tell them? (Acts 23:6)

6) When Paul told the multitude, that he was being punished for preaching the resurrection of the dead, what happened? (Acts 23:7-8)

7) When the part of the multitude that was Pharisees heard that Paul was a Pharisee, what did they decide? (Acts 23:9)

8) When there was so much dissention between the Pharisees and Sadducees, what did the chief captain do with Paul? (Acts 23:10)

9) After the chief captain put Paul in the castle, when the Lord appeared to him, what did the Lord tell him? (Acts 23:11)

10) When the Jews banded together at Jerusalem, what did they plan to do with Paul? (Acts 23:12)

11) How many people banded together to kill Paul? (Acts 23:13)

12) When the forty men who told the council about their being under a curse to kill Paul, what did they ask the council to do to help them? (Acts 23:15)

13) When Paul’s nephew heard the plot against Paul’s life, what did he do? (Acts 23:16)

14) What did Paul tell the centurion to do with his nephew? (Acts 23:17)

15) When the centurion took Paul’s nephew to the chief captain, what did he do with the boy? (Acts 23:18-19)

16) What did Paul’s nephew tell the chief captain? (Acts 23:20-21)

17) After the chief priest has warned Paul’s nephew to tell no one of the plans to kill Paul, what protection did he make for him? (Acts 23:23)

18) What provision was made by the centurions to send Paul to Felix the governor? (Acts 23:24)

19) What was in the letter from Claudius Lysias to Felix the governor? (Acts 23:27-29)

20) What did Claudius Lysias tell Felix when he sent Paul to him? (Acts 23:30)

21) Where did the soldiers take Paul on their way to Caesrea? (Acts 23:31)

22) When the governor at Caesarea read the letter from Claudius Lysias what did he ask Paul? (Acts 23:34)

23) When Felix understood that Paul was from Cilicia, what did he do? (Acts 23:35)

Acts Chapter 24

1) After Paul was in Herod’s judgment hall five days, what did Ananias the high priest and elders do? (Acts 24:1)

2) How did Tertullus the orator work on Felix’s ego? (Acts 24:2-3)

3) When Tertullus apologized to Felix for bothering him, what did he accuse Paul of? (Acts 24:4-5)

4) Besides being a Christian, what else did Tertullus accuse Paul of? (Acts 24:6)

5) What reason did Tertullas give Felix for not taking care of Paul under the law of Caesarea? (Acts 24:7-8)

6) Did all the Jews agree with Tertullus about bringing Paul unto Felix? (Acts 24:9)

7) Was Paul afraid to speak in his own defense to Felix? (Acts 24:10)

8) When Paul started his own defense before Felix, how long did he say it had been since he went up to the temple in Jerusalem? (Acts 24:11)

9) What were the things that Paul told Felix the Jews could not accuse him of, nor prove them? (Acts 24:12-13)

10) What did Paul confess to Felix, that he had done? (Acts 24:14-15)

11) While speaking to Felix, what did Paul say that he always made a special effort to do? (Acts 24:16)

12) What did Paul tell Felix the governor, he went to Jerusalem for? (Acts 24:17)

13) What did Paul tell Felix, the Jews from Asia did when they found him in the temple after the shaving of his head for purification? (Acts 24:18-19)

14) When Paul told Felix the Jews from Asia should have been there to accuse him, what did he say they really could accuse him of? (Acts 24:20-21)

15) As Felix well knew, the Christians were not making disturbances, what did he say they would wait for? (Acts 24:22)

16) What did Felix command the centurion to do with Paul? (Acts 24:23)

17) Who did Paul present the faith in Christ to? (Acts 24:24)

18) What did Paul reason with Felix and his wife Drusilla about? (Acts 24:25)

19) After Paul reasoned with Felix and his wife, what did Felix tell Paul to do? (Acts 24:25)

20) What was Felix hoping Paul would do to get his release? (Acts 24:26)

21) After Felix had held Paul for two years and Porcius Festus came, what did Felix do with Paul? (Acts 24:27)

Acts Chapter 25

1) When Festus took over Felix’s place, as governor at Caesarea, how long did he wait to go to Jerusalem? (Acts 25:1)

2) When Festus went to Jerusalem, what did the priest do about Paul? (Acts 25:2-3)

3) When the high priest at Jerusalem asked Festus to bring Paul to Jerusalem, what was Festus’ reply? (Acts 25:4-5)

4) After Festus had stayed in Jerusalem ten days and returned to Caesarea, what did he do about Paul? (Acts 25:6)

5) At Paul’s trial at Caesarea, before Festus could the Jews provoked their accusations against him? (Acts 25:7)

6) What was Paul’s defense against the Jews from Jerusalem? (Acts 25:8)

7) When Festus asked Paul if he would go back to Jerusalem to stand trial in his (Festus’) court what was Paul’s reply? (Acts 25:10-11)

8) When Paul told Festus he would appeal unto Caesar, what was Festus’ reply? (Acts 25:13)

9) Who came to Caesarea to visit Festus? (Acts 25:13)

10) What did Festus tell King Agrippa and Bernice about Paul? (Acts 25:14-15)

11) What did Festus tell King Agrippa that he told the chief and elders at Jerusalem about the punishment of Paul? (Acts 25:16)

12) Was Festus surprised at Paul’s self defense testimony at Jerusalem? (Acts 25:17-19)

13) When Festus doubted the accusations against Paul, what did he ask him? (Acts 25:20)

14) What did Festus say, that he decided to do after Paul told him he had appealed unto Caesar? (Acts 25:21)

15) When King Agrippa asked to speak to Paul, what did they do the next day? (Acts 25:23)

16) When Festus presented Paul to King Agrippa and all the men present, did he explain why he was sending him to Caesar? (Acts 25:25)

17) Why did Festus want the special meeting in presence of King Agrippa? (Acts 25:26-27)

Acts Chapter 26

1) When King Agrippa gave Paul permission to speak, what did he (Paul) say? (Acts 26:1-2)

2) Because King Agrippa knew all about the customs of the Jews, what did Paul ask him to do? (Acts 26:3)

3) Who did Paul say knew him from his youth? (Acts 26:4)

4) What did Paul say the Jews would testify if they would admit the truth? (Acts 26:5)

5) What did Paul tell King Agrippa he was accused of? (Acts 26:6-7)

6) What very interesting question did Paul ask King Agrippa? (Acts 26:8)

7) Did Paul persecute Christians in good faith? (Acts 26:9)

8) What terrible things did Paul say he did to the followers of Jesus of Nazareth? (Acts 26:10-11)

9) What did Paul say happened when he was on his way to Damascus with authority and commission from the chief priests? (Acts 26:13)

10) What did Paul say a voice in the Hebrew tongue said to him and all who were with him? (Acts 26:14)

11) What did Paul tell King Agrippa, the answer was that he received when he said “who art thou, Lord?” (Acts 26:15-16)

12) What did Paul tell King Agrippa the Lord said to him about working with the Gentiles? (Acts 26:17-18)

13) Did Paul tell King Agrippa that he listened to the voice speaking to him from Heaven? (Acts 26:19-20)

14) What did Paul tell King Agrippa the Jews had not been able to kill him? (Acts 26:21-22)

15) What did Paul tell King Agrippa that Moses had prophesied? (Acts 26:23)

16) What did Festus accuse Paul of? (Acts 26:24)

17) Did Paul tell Festus he was not mad and could prove it? (Acts 26:25-26)

18) What did King Agrippa ask? (Acts 26:27)

19) When Paul asked King Agrippa if he believed the prophets, what did Agrippa say? (Acts 26:28)

20) When King Agrippa said, “Almost thou persuadeth me to be a Christian,” what did Paul say? (Acts 26:29)

21) When Paul told Agrippa that he wished all who heard him were Christians, what happened? (Acts 26:30-31)

22) When they decided Paul had done nothing worthy of death, what did Agrippa say to Festus? (Acts 26:32)

Acts Chapter 27

1) What centurion had charge of Paul as they sailed to Italy? (Acts 27:1)

2) What ship did Paul, Julius and the other prisoner’s board for Italy? (Acts 27:2)

3) Who from Thessalonica were on board with Paul and other prisoners, when they left for Italy? (Acts 27:2)

4) The second day out, when Paul’s ship landed at Sidon, what did Julius allow Paul to do? (Acts 27:3)

5) On their way to Italy why did Paul and other prisoners sail under Cyprus? (Acts 27:4)

6) Where did Luke say “they sailed over the sea on the way to Italy?” (Acts 27:5)

7) In the ship taking Paul to Italy, when they landed at Myra of Lycia, in what ship did the centurion place Paul and the other prisoners? (Acts 27:6)

8) When Paul and other prisoners came near Cnidus, why did they sail under Crete near Salmone? (Acts 27:7)

9) After passing close to Salmone, where did the ship come to that carried Paul and the prisoners? (Acts 27:8)

10) As sailing had become dangerous and the season of the year was not favorable, how did Paul advise the officers of the ship on the way to Italy? (Acts 27:10)

11) Who took Paul’s advice on the way to Italy? (Acts 27:11)

12) As Fair Haven was not favorable for wintering, where did the master of the ship carrying Paul plan on going? (Acts 27:12)

13) During Paul’s trip to Italy when the weather got favorable, where did they sail? (Acts 27:13)

14) What was the name of the first strong wind, that struck Paul’s ship on the way to Italy? (Acts 27:14)

15) During Paul’s trip to Italy when the wind got too strong for the ship, what did they do? (Acts 27:15)

16) What was the fear of the ship’s officers who were taking Paul and the prisoners to Italy? (Acts 27:17)

17) When the storm got so bad that the workmen on the ship gave up, what did they do? (Acts 27:18)

18) What did the writer say they did the third day of the storm? (Acts 27:19)

19) On board ship taking Paul to Italy did everybody give up when the storm made the ship unmanageable? (Acts 27:20)

20) On board ship after hope was all gone, what did Paul tell everybody? (Acts 27:21)

21) When Paul told everyone on board about his vision, what encouragement did he give them? (Acts 27:22-24)

22) On board ship did Paul tell everyone what he believed? (Acts 27:25)

23) What did Paul tell everyone on the way to Italy must happen? (Acts 27:26)

24) During the storm when Paul and the prisoners were on their way to Italy, what happened the fourteenth night? (Acts 27:27-28)

25) On board ship when Paul was on his way to Italy when they discovered they were near land, what did the shipmen do? (Acts 27:29)

26) On board ship when Paul was on his way to Italy after they had cast anchor, what did the shipmen attempt to do? (Acts 27:30)

27) When the shipment attempted to escape what did Paul tell the centurion and the soldiers? (Acts 27:31)

28) After the soldiers had cut the ropes of the ship what did Paul do at daybreak? (Acts 27:33-34)

29) When Paul told everyone to eat who was on board ship, what did Paul do before starting to eat? (Acts 27:35-36)

30) How many people did the writer of Acts report were on board ship during the storm on Paul’s trip to Italy? (Acts 27:37)

31) When they had weathered the storm, with God’s help, how did they lighten the weight of the ship? (Acts 27:38)

32) After the storm and they were near an unknown land, what did they discover? (Acts 27:39)

33) On Paul’s way to appeal to Caesar after the storm and the ship was damaged and they found land, how did they finally get to shore? (Acts 27:40-41)

34) On Paul’s way to Italy and the wrecked ship was aground near shore, what did the soldiers plan to do with the prisoners? (Acts 27:42)

35) On Paul’s way to Italy and the wrecked ship was near shore, how did the centurion save Paul’s life? (Acts 27:44)

36) After the centurion allowed the prisoners to swim to land, how did the rest of the people get to shore? (Acts 27:44)

Acts Chapter 28

1) What was the name of the island where Paul and the prisoners landed on their way to Italy? (Acts 28:1)

2) What kind of people inhabited the island of Melita? (Acts 28:2)

3) How did the barbarous people treat Paul and the prisoners? (Acts 28:2)

4) What kind of weather did Paul find at the island of Melita? (Acts 28:2)

5) When Paul helped with the fire to keep them warm, what happened to him? (Acts 28:3)

6) What attacked Paul and attracted the attention of the barbarians? (Acts 28:4)

7) When Paul shook the viper off his hands and didn’t die, what did the barbarians say then? (Acts 28:6)

8) What was the name of the man that housed Paul and the prisoners on the island of Melita? (Acts 28:7)

9) What did Paul do for the father of Publius on the island of Melita? (Acts 28:8)

10) Who did Paul heal on the island of Melita? (Acts 28:9)

11) How did the inhabitants of the island of Melita feel toward those who were shipwrecked? (Acts 28:10)

12) On what ship did Paul and the prisoners leave the island of Melita? (Acts 28:11)

13) What was the sign on the ship? (Acts 28:12)

14) How long did the ship Alexandria stay at Syracuse? (Acts 28:12)

15) After Paul’s ship left Syracuse with a compass, and landed at Phegium where they stayed one day, where did they go? (Acts 28:13)

16) When the ship stopped at Puteoli what did Paul and his friends find there? (Acts 28:14)

17) Where did Paul’s friends among the brethren meet Paul and the others who were with him? (Acts 28:15)

18) When Paul’s friends met him at Three Taverns, what did he do? (Acts 28:15)

19) When the ship arrived at Rome and the centurion delivered the prisoners to the Captain of the Guard, what did they do with Paul? (Acts 28:16)

20) After Paul was put into solitary confinement and was there three days, what did he do? (Acts 28:17)

21) In Rome after Paul had called the chief Jews together, what did he tell them? (Acts 28:17)

22) What did Paul tell the Jews at Rome why the Romans failed to release him? (Acts 28:18-19)

23) Of what did Paul accuse his nation? (Acts 28:19)

24) What did Paul tell the chief Jews at Rome why he had called for them? (Acts 28:20)

25) What did the chief Jews at Rome tell Paul about not receiving any reports about him? (Acts 28:21)

26) What did the chief Jews at Rome tell Paul they wanted from him? (Acts 28:21)

27) What did the chief Jews at Rome say about Christ and His followers? (Acts 28:22)

28) When the chief Jews arranged appointments with Paul, who came? (Acts 28:23)

29) When the people visited Paul in his seclusion in his room, what did he talk to them about? (Acts 28:23)

30) Who did Paul convert while he was in confinement at Rome? (Acts 28:24)

31) When Paul kept preaching after he was put in chains, what did Paul tell them Esaias the prophet had told their fathers? (Acts 28:25-26)

32) Who did Paul say had fulfilled Esaias’ prophecy? (Acts 28:27)

33) Where did Paul tell the Jews at Rom that salvation of God would be sent? (Acts 28:28)

34) When Paul told the Jews at Rom that salvations would be preached to the Gentiles what was their reaction? (Acts 28:29)

35) How long did Paul stay in his own room at Rome? (Acts 28:30)

36) When many came to see Paul what did he continue to do? (Acts 28:31)

37) When Paul was in confinement in Rome who for bide him, that he preach the gospel? (Acts 28:31)

Note: I pray that these questions have helped you in your studies and you have a better understanding of Gods’ word in the Bible. Please feel free to pass them on to other people if this way has helped you.

Your, Brother in Christ

Frank Rose