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Questions about the Book of First Peter

The book of First Peter is the twenty-first book of the New Testament. This epistle of First Peter is the fulfillment of the commission given to Peter by Christ. Peter was a minister of the circumcision; so he writes to the dispersed Jews, and he is the apostle of hope; like Paul, Peter sets forth the doctrines of Grace. This Epistle can be divided into three parts: 1) The Christian suffering and conduct in the light of complete Salvation. 2) The Christian life in view of the believer’s position and the vicarious suffering of Christ. 3) The Christian service in light of the coming of Christ. The author of this book is Peter. Listed below are questions on the book of First Peter. These questions can be used freely for Sunday school or bible study to help all young Christians study the scriptures. My prayers are with you always and may God bless you in your studies.

I Peter Chapter 1

1) Was Peter an apostle of Jesus Christ in this first verse? (I Peter 1:1)

2) How is this inheritance described in verse four? (I Peter 1:4)

3) By what power will he be kept to the end? (I Peter 1:5)

4) Of what will those who carry the seal of that future day be certain? (I Peter 1:4-5)

5) Can you give one reason our faith is tried in verse seven? (I Peter 1:7)

6) What “principalities in Heavenly places might be meant”? (I Peter 1:10-12)

7) What is the great reason why we should strive for holiness? (I Peter 1:15)

8) What price did sin call for before men could be saved? (I Peter 1:18-19)

9) How is our Lord Jesus Christ described in verse nineteen? (I Peter 1:19)

10) What was foreordained before the foundation of the world? (I Peter 1:19-20)

11) What attitude should Christians have toward other believers? (I Peter 1:22)

12) What one thing is necessary in our salvation? (I Peter 1:23-25)

I Peter Chapter 2

1) What should we as Christians lay aside, according to the apostle Peter? (I Peter 2:1)

2) As newborn babes in Christ, what should we desire, so we may grow by it? (I Peter 2:2)

3) What does the apostle Peter compare every true believer to? (I Peter 2:4-5)

4) What kind of “nation” do all the saints belong to? (I Peter 2:9)

5) What does it mean to walk in wisdom? (I Peter 2:12)

6) What authority is vested in kings and governors by God? (I Peter 2:13-14)

7) Does the New Testament sanction discourtesy toward those in authority? (I Peter 2:17)

8) What is especially acceptable to God? (I Peter 2:20-21)

9) How was our bond of guilt canceled and our debt paid in full? (I Peter 2:24-25)

10) Why was our Lord Jesus Christ “hanged on a tree”? (I Peter 2:24)

I Peter Chapter 3

1) If the younger women heed this advice, how might they influence the members of their family? (I Peter 3:1)

2) What is to be the true adornment of the woman? (I Peter 3:3-4)

3) What will help every Christian to see good days? (I Peter 3:10)

4) What is one of the first conditions for an effective prayer? (I Peter 3:12)

5) What should all Christians be ready to do? (I Peter 3:15)

6) What should we always strive to maintain? (I Peter 3:16)

7) How many souls were saved during the days of Noah? (I Peter 3:20)

8) How far does His authority extend, according to verse twenty-two? (I Peter 3:22)

I Peter Chapter 4

1) According to Peter, what sinful habits did we have in verse three? (I Peter 4:3)

2) Peter said that the end of all things is at hand, but we should watch and be what? (I Peter 4:7)

3) What did Peter say we should do toward one and others in verse nine? (I Peter 4:9)

4) Why did Peter say that if a man speaks, let him speak as the oracles of God; but if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth him? (I Peter 4:11)

5) Then what should the Christians do in the midst of suffering? (I Peter 4:16)

I Peter Chapter 5

1) What is the bishop’s responsibility toward believers regarding Jesus Christ? (I Peter 5:2)

2) Who should we be an example for in verse three? (I Peter 5:3)

3) When Jesus Christ appears, according to Peter, what kind of crown will we receive? (I Peter 5:4)

4) To whom does God give special promise of grace? (I Peter 5:5)

5) Why should we humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God? (I Peter 5:6)

6) Who should we cast our cares upon, according to verse seven? (I Peter 5:7)

7) Why must we always be vigilant, according to verse eight? (I Peter 5:8)

8) What is our defense against the devil? (I Peter 5:8-9)

9) How did the believers greet one another in the early church? (I Peter 5:14)

Note: I pray that these questions have helped you in your studies and you have a better understanding of Gods’ word in the Bible. Please feel free to pass them on to other people if this way has helped you.

Your, Brother in Christ

Frank Rose