Questions about the Gospel of Luke

Luke is the third book of the Gospels in the New Testament. Luke, who wrote the third Gospel and the book Acts, was known as “the beloved physician” In this book. The book of Luke alone records the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost son, and the mission of the Seventy. This book can be divided into five parts: 1) The introduction, 2) The birth, the baptism, genealogy, and the temptation of Christ. 3) The public ministry of the son of man, to the triumphal entry. 4) The rejection of Christ, and His Death. 5) The resurrection of Christ, the commission to the Disciples, and His ascension. The author of this book is Luke. Listed below are questions on the book of Luke. These questions can be used freely for Sunday school or bible study to help all young Christians study the scriptures. My prayers are with you always and may God bless you in your studies.

Luke Chapter 1

1) Who delivered to Luke the things he writes about in this book? (Luke 1:2)

2) Why did Luke feel he was qualified to write this book? (Luke 1:3)

3) To whom was the book of Luke addressed? (Luke 1:3)

4) Why did Luke write to Theophilus? (Luke 1:3)

5) Who was Zacharias? (Luke 1:5)

6) Who was King during the time of Zacharias and Elizabeth? (Luke 1:5)

7) Who was Herod, according to verse five? (Luke 1:5)

8) Who was Elizabeth, according to verse five? (Luke 1:5)

9) Why did Zacharias and Elizabeth not have children? (Luke 1:6-7)

10) What job was Zacharias to perform as priest? (Luke 1:9)

11) What were the people doing during the time of incense? (Luke 1:10)

12) Where did the Angel that appeared to Zacharias stand? (Luke 1:11)

13) What was Zacharias reaction to seeing the Angel? (Luke 1:12)

14) What prayer of Zacharias had been heard? (Luke 1:13)

15) What name was Zacharias to give his son? (Luke 1:13)

16) What would be the reaction of the people to John’s birth? (Luke 1:14)

17) What kind of person would John be? (Luke 1:15)

18) When would John be filled with the Holy Spirit? (Luke 1:15)

19) How was John compared to Elias? (Luke 1:17)

20) What would be John’s job in verse seventeen? (Luke 1:17)

21) Who was the Angel sent to speak to Zacharias? (Luke 1:19)

22) Why was Zacharias dumb and could not speak? (Luke 1:20)

23) How long would Zacharias remain dumb? (Luke 1:20)

24) Why did the people think Zacharias had seen a vision? (Luke 1:22)

25) How long did Elizabeth hide herself? (Luke 1:24)

26) When was Gabriel sent to Nazareth? (Luke 1:26)

27) Where was Gabriel sent in the sixth month? (Luke 1:26)

28) From what lineage was Joseph? (Luke 1:27)

29) How did Gabriel greet Mary? (Luke 1:28)

30) How did Gabriel’s greeting affect Mary? (Luke 1:28)

31) Whose throne would Jesus receive? (Luke 1:32)

32) Who would give Jesus the throne and how long would He rule over it? (Luke 1:32-33)

33) Why did this seem impossible to Mary? (Luke 1:34)

34) Why would Jesus be called the “Son of God?” (Luke 1:35)

35) What relationship was Elizabeth to Mary? (Luke 1:36)

36) Were did Mary go in verse thirty-nine? (Luke 1:39)

37) What happened to Elizabeth when Mary greeted her? (Luke 1:44)

38) What did Mary say that future generations would call her? (Luke 1:48)

39) What had “he that is mighty” done according to Mary? (Luke 1:49-54)

40) How long did Mary stay with Elizabeth? (Luke 1:56)

41) When was John circumcised? (Luke 1:59)

42) What did they want to name John? (Luke 1:59)

43) Who said his name was to be John? (Luke 1:60-63)

44) What did Zacharias say he should be named? (Luke 1:63)

45) How did Zacharias let them know his choice of name? (Luke 1:63)

46) What happened to Zacharias after John was named? (Luke 1:64)

47) How did the people feel about Zacharias regaining his speech? (Luke 1:65)

48) Who prophesied and what was the prophecy? (Luke 1:67-76)

49) What things did Zacharias say John would do? (Luke 1:76-79)

50) Where did John live and how long? (Luke 1:80)

Luke Chapter 2

1) What decree was issued by Caesar Augustus? (Luke 2:1)

2) Who was the governor of Syria at the time of this taxing? (Luke 2:2)

3) Who was Quirinius, according to verse two? (Luke 2:2)

4) Where did the people go to be taxed? (Luke 2:3)

5) Where did Joseph go to be taxed and why? (Luke 2:4)

6) Where was Joseph living at the time of the taxing? (Luke 2:4)

7) Where was Bethlehem and Nazareth located? (Luke 2:4)

8) Who went to Bethlehem with Joseph? (Luke 2:5)

9) What was Mary’s condition at the time of the taxing? (Luke 2:5)

10) Where was Jesus laid and why? (Luke 2:7)

11) What was Jesus wrapped with? (Luke 2:7)

12) Where were the shepherds? (Luke 2:8)

13) What were they doing and what time was it? (Luke 2:8)

14) What happened to the shepherds and what was their reaction? (Luke 2:9)

15) To whom did the Angel bring tidings of great joy? (Luke 2:10)

16) For whom was the joy intended? (Luke 2:10)

17) What name did the Angel give Jesus? (Luke 2:11)

18) How would the shepherds know when they found the Christ Child? (Luke 2:12)

19) Who appeared with the Angel? (Luke 2:13)

20) What did the Heavenly Host do? (Luke 2:13-14)

21) When the Angels left the shepherds, what did the shepherds decide to do? (Luke 2:15)

22) After the shepherds had seen the babe Jesus for themselves, what did they do? (Luke 2:17)

23) What was the shepherd’s attitude toward God at the birth of Jesus? (Luke 2:20)

24) What happened when Jesus was 8 days old? (Luke 2:21)

25) When was Jesus presented to the Lord in the temple at Jerusalem? (Luke 2:22)

26) What sacrifice was offered at Jesus’ presentation? (Luke 2:24)

27) Where did Simeon live and what kind of man was he? (Luke 2:25)

28) What was revealed to Simeon and who would he see? (Luke 2:26)

29) Why did Simeon come into the temple? (Luke 2:27)

30) Why was Jesus brought to the temple? (Luke 2:27)

31) What was Simeon ready to do after he saw Jesus? (Luke 2:29)

32) How did Simeon describe Jesus? (Luke 2:32)

33) Why would a sword pierce through the soul of Mary? (Luke 2:35)

34) Who was Anna in verse thirty-six? (Luke 2:36)

35) How long had Anna been married? (Luke 2:36)

36) How long had Anna been a widow? (Luke 2:37)

37) How did Anna serve God? (Luke 2:37)

38) After their visit to the temple with the baby Jesus, where did Mary and Joseph go? (Luke 2:39)

39) Where did Mary and Joseph go each year? (Luke 2:41)

40) How old was Jesus when he tarried in the temple at Jerusalem? (Luke 2:43)

41) How far had Mary and Joseph gone when they missed Jesus? (Luke 2:44)

42) Where did Mary and Joseph seek Jesus? (Luke 2:44-45)

43) How much time passed before they found Jesus? (Luke 2:46)

44) Where did they find Jesus? (Luke 2:46)

45) What was Jesus doing among the teachers? (Luke 2:46)

46) What did Jesus say he was doing in the temple at the age of twelve? (Luke 2:49)

47) Describe Jesus as he grew? (Luke 2:52)

Luke Chapter 3

1) Who were the rulers at the time John came to the wilderness preaching? (Luke 3:1-2)

2) What did John preach? (Luke 3:3)

3) What was the prophecy concerning John as contained in the book of Isaiah? (Luke 3:4)

4) What did John call the multitudes? (Luke 3:7)

5) From what did John say God was able to rise up children to Abraham? (Luke 3:8)

6) What happens to the tree that does not bring forth fruit? (Luke 3:9)

7) What did John tell the people to do? (Luke 3:11)

8) What did John tell the Publicans to do? (Luke 3:13)

9) What did John tell the solders to do? (Luke 3:14)

10) What were the people wondering in their hearts concerning John? (Luke 3:15)

11) What was the one who was to follow John to baptize with? (Luke 3:16)

12) What was John too unworthy to do? (Luke 3:16)

13) With what did John say the chaff would be burned? (Luke 3:17)

14) For what was Herod reproved by John? (Luke 3:19)

15) What did Herod first do to John? (Luke 3:20)

16) When the Heavens opened after Jesus was baptism, what was Jesus doing? (Luke 3:21)

17) In what shape did the Holy Spirit come to Jesus? (Luke 3:22)

18) Who said “Thou art my beloved Son; in when I am well pleased?” (Luke 3:22)

19) How old was Jesus at his baptism? (Luke 3:23)

20) How many generations does Luke give from God to Joseph? (Luke 3:23-38)

Luke Chapter 4

1) From where had Jesus just returned when he was led by the Spirit into the wilderness? (Luke 4:1)

2) How long was Jesus tempted? (Luke 4:2)

3) What did Jesus eat during his temptation? (Luke 4:2)

4) What did the devil ask Jesus to make into bread? (Luke 4:3)

5) If man does not live by bread alone, what does he live by? (Luke 4:4)

6) What did the devil show Jesus from the mountain? (Luke 4:5)

7) To what could the devil give power and glory? (Luke 4:6)

8) What three things did Jesus tell Satan that it is written in verse eight? (Luke 4:8)

9) Where was the pinnacle of the temple, where the devil tempted Jesus located? (Luke 4:9)

10) What did the devil tell Jesus was written? (Luke 4:10-11)

11) For how long did the devil leave Jesus after the temptations? (Luke 4:13)

12) After Jesus’ temptations, where did he go? (Luke 4:16)

13) What was Jesus’ custom on the Sabbath day? (Luke 4:16)

14) From the book of what prophet did Jesus read in the synagogue at Nazareth? (Luke 4:17)

15) After Jesus read from Isaiah in the synagogue, what did he do? (Luke 4:20)

16) What statement did Jesus make about the scripture he read from Esaias? (Luke 4:21)

17) Where is a prophet unacceptable? (Luke 4:24)

18) What two examples did Jesus use to show that he could not do mighty works in Nazareth? (Luke 4:26-27)

19) What were the people of Nazareth going to do to Jesus? (Luke 4:29)

20) Why did the Nazarenes not cast Jesus down the hill? (Luke 4:30)

21) Where was Capernaum? (Luke 4:31)

22) How did Jesus’ teachings in Capernaum affect the people? (Luke 4:32)

23) Who did the unclean devil say Jesus was? (Luke 4:34)

24) What did Jesus command the unclean devil to do? (Luke 4:35)

25) What relative of Simeon’s was sick and with what? (Luke 4:38)

26) What did Jesus do for Simeon’s mother-in-law? (Luke 4:39)

27) Who did Jesus heal as the sun was setting? (Luke 4:40)

28) Why would Jesus not let the devils he cast out speak? (Luke 4:41)

29) How did the people of Capernaum treat Jesus? (Luke 4:42)

30) Why did Jesus tell the people at Capernaum he was leaving? (Luke 4:43)

31) Where did Jesus preach in Galilee? (Luke 4:44)

Luke Chapter 5

1) What were the fishermen doing on the Lake of Gennesaret? (Luke 5:2)

2) Whose boat did Jesus enter to preach from? (Luke 5:3)

3) In what position did Jesus teach the people from the ship? (Luke 5:3)

4) What did Jesus tell Simon to do? (Luke 5:4)

5) How long had the fishermen been fishing and with what results? (Luke 5:5)

6) Was Simon willing to do as Jesus asked? (Luke 5:5)

7) How many fish did Simon catch? (Luke 5:6)

8) What happened when the other ship was summoned to help them? (Luke 5:7)

9) Why did Simon Peter ask Jesus to depart? (Luke 5:8)

10) Who were Simon’s partners? (Luke 5:10)

11) What did Jesus tell Peter when he was astonished at the draught of fishes? (Luke 5:10)

12) When did they follow Him? (Luke 5:11)

13) What action did the leper take to be healed? (Luke 5:12)

14) How soon after Jesus said, “I will” to the leper did the leprosy leave? (Luke 5:13)

15) What things did Jesus tell the leper to do? (Luke 5:14)

16) What was the result of Jesus’ healing the leper? (Luke 5:15)

17) After cleansing the leper and healing the multitudes where did Jesus go and what did he do? (Luke 5:16)

18) From where did the Pharisees and doctors of law come to hear Jesus? (Luke 5:17)

19) What was wrong with the man brought to Jesus on a bed? (Luke 5:18)

20) How was the man in the bed brought to Jesus and why? (Luke 5:19)

21) With what words did Jesus heal the man taken with palsy? (Luke 5:20)

22) Why did the Pharisees think Jesus had blasphemed? (Luke 5:21)

23) Why had Jesus used these words to the palsied man? (Luke 5:24)

24) How soon was the palsied man healed? (Luke 5:25)

25) Where did Jesus find Levi? (Luke 5:27)

26) What command did Jesus give Levi? (Luke 5:27)

27) In whose house did Jesus eat with publicans and sinners? (Luke 5:29)

28) What question did the scribes and Pharisees ask about Jesus eating with Levi? (Luke 5:30)

29) Why did Jesus eat with sinners? (Luke 5:31-32)

30) What did the disciples of John do? (Luke 5:33)

31) What disciples besides those of John fasted often and made prayers? (Luke 5:34)

32) What would happen when the bridegroom was taken away? (Luke 5:35)

33) What happens when a new garment is put upon an old garment? (Luke 5:36)

34) What happens when new wine is put into old bottles? (Luke 5:37)

35) What should new wine be put in? (Luke 5:38)

36) Which wine is better? (Luke 5:39)

Luke Chapter 6

1) What time did the disciples pluck the corn on the Sabbath at, ACCORDING TO VERSE ONE? (Luke 6:1)

2) How did the disciples eat the corn on the Sabbath? (Luke 6:1)

3) Who questioned the disciples’ right to eat corn on the Sabbath? (Luke 6:2)

4) Of what did the Pharisees accuse the disciples when they ate corn on the Sabbath? (Luke 6:2)

5) Who did Jesus use as an example to answer the Pharisees question of eating on the Sabbath? (Luke 6:3)

6) Who was permitted to eat the Shewbread? (Luke 6:4)

7) Who is Lord of the Sabbath? (Luke 6:5)

8) Which hand did the man have that was withered? (Luke 6:6)

9) Who watched to see if Jesus would heal on the Sabbath? (Luke 6:7)

10) Why were the Scribes and Pharisees interested in whether Jesus would heal on the Sabbath? (Luke 6:7)

11) Did Jesus suspect the motive of the Scribes and Pharisees and how? (Luke 6:8)

12) What was the man with the withered hand told to do first in verse eight? (Luke 6:8)

13) What question did Jesus ask before he healed the man’s withered hand on the Sabbath day? (Luke 6:9)

14) What was the man with the withered hand told to do second in verse ten? (Luke 6:10)

15) What happened when the man with the withered hand stretched it forth? (Luke 6:10)

16) What two things was the man with the withered hand told to do? (Luke 6:8-10)

17) What was the Pharisees and Scribes reaction to Jesus healing the man’s hand on the Sabbath? (Luke 6:11)

18) Where did Jesus go to pray and how long did he pray according to Luke 6:12? (Luke 6:12)

19) What two names were given to the 12 followers of Jesus? (Luke 6:13)

20) Give the second name for: Simon, Zelotes. (Luke 6:14)

21) Can you name the 12 disciples? (Luke 6:14-16)

22) Name the sets of brothers in the disciples. (Luke 6:14-16)

23) What disciple was called Zelotes? (Luke 6:15)

24) Name the disciples that had similar names. (Luke 6:16)

25) From where did the people come to be healed by Jesus in the Plain? (Luke 6:17)

26) How many of the multitude was healed? (Luke 6:19)

27) Finish these quote of Jesus: 1)blessed be ye poor, 2)blessed ye that hunger, 3)blessed ye that weep, 4)blessed are ye, when men hate you, separate you from their company, reproach you, cast out your name. (Luke 6:20-23)

28) Why woe to the rich, according to verse twenty-four? (Luke 6:24)

29) Finish these quote : 1) Woe to the rich 2) Woe unto you that are full, 3) Woe unto that laugh now, 4) Woe unto you, when men speak well of you. (Luke 6:24-26)

30) What nine things did Jesus tell his disciples to do concerning others? (Luke 6:30)

31) Who loves those that love them? (Luke 6:32)

32) Who does good to those that do good to them? (Luke 6:33)

33) Who lends to those who lend to them? (Luke 6:34)

34) What things do even sinners do in regard to others? (Luke 6:32-34)

35) To whom is God kind? (Luke 6:35)

36) Why should the disciples be merciful? (Luke 6:36)

37) Finish these quotes: 1) judge not, 2) condemn not, 3) forgive, and 4) give. (Luke 6:37-38)

38) What is good measure? (Luke 6:38)

39) What happens when the blind leads the blind? (Luke 6:39)

40) What two items were used to measure obstacles in the eye? Which is largest? (Luke 6:41-42)

41) How can you see to pull out the mote in your brother’s eye? (Luke 6:42)

42) What is the difference between a good tree and a corrupt tree? (Luke 6:43)

43) How is every tree known? (Luke 6:44)

44) From where does a good man bring forth good, and evil man evil? (Luke 6:45)

45) What does the mouth speak? (Luke 6:45)

46) What is the man like who hears and does his sayings? (Luke 6:48)

47) What is the man who hears but does not do his saying compared to? (Luke 6:49)

48) What happened to the two houses? (Luke 6:49)

Luke Chapter 7

1) Who in the centurion’s household was sick? (Luke 7:2)

2) How sick was the centurion’s servant? (Luke 7:2)

3) Who did the centurion send to Jesus? (Luke 7:3)

4) What did the centurion want Jesus to do? (Luke 7:3)

5) Why did the elders think Jesus should heal the centurion’s servant? (Luke 7:5)

6) What happened when Jesus was not far from the centurion’s house? (Luke 7:6)

7) Why did the centurion not go to Jesus himself? (Luke 7:7)

8) What did the centurion ask that Jesus do? (Luke 7:7)

9) How did the centurion compare himself to Jesus? (Luke 7:8)

10) What did Jesus think of the centurion’s request? (Luke 7:9)

11) When the centurion’s messenger returned what did they find? (Luke 7:10)

12) Through the gates of what city was a widow’s son being carried when met by Jesus? (Luke 7:11-12)

13) How many children did the widow have? (Luke 7:12)

14) What did Jesus touch when he raised the widow’s son? (Luke 7:14)

15) Why did Jesus raise the widow’s son? (Luke 7:13)

16) What question did John the Baptist send his disciples to ask Jesus? (Luke 7:18)

17) How many disciples did John the Baptist send to Jesus? (Luke 7:19)

18) What answer did Jesus send to John the Baptist? (Luke 7:22-23)

19) What things could John’s disciples tell John they had seen and heard concerning Jesus? (Luke 7:22-23)

20) What three things did Jesus ask the people if they went to see in John the Baptist? (Luke 7:24-26)

21) How did Jesus speak of John’s greatness? (Luke 7:28)

22) What was the reaction of the people concerning Jesus’ estimate of John the Baptist? (Luke 7:29-30)

23) To what did Jesus liken the men of this generation? (Luke 7:32)

24) Why did the people say John the Baptist had a devil? (Luke 7:33)

25) Because Jesus came eating and drinking what did the people say of him? (Luke 7:34)

26) Where was Jesus when he was anointed with oil by the sinful woman? (Luke 7:36)

27) In what did the sinful woman carry the ointment? (Luke 7:37)

28) What things did the sinful woman do? (Luke 7:38)

29) Why did the Pharisee with whom Jesus was eating doubt Jesus as a prophet? (Luke 7:39)

30) What was the Pharisee’s name? (Luke 7:40)

31) In the parable Jesus told Simon what amounts of money was owed to the creditors? (Luke 7:41)

32) Why did the creditor forgive the two debtors? (Luke 7:42)

33) What comparisons does Jesus make between Simon and the sinful woman? (Luke 7:44-46)

34) As a result of her anointing what did the sinful woman receive? (Luke 7:48-50)

Luke Chapter 8

1) What women went with Jesus and ministered to him? (Luke 8:2-3)

2) Who was Joanna, according to verse three? (Luke 8:3)

3) How many devils had been cast out of Mary Magdalene? (Luke 8:2)

4) In the parable of the sower where did the seed fall? (Luke 8:5-8)

5) What happened to the sowers seed 1) by the wayside, 2) upon a rock, 3) among thorns, 4) on good ground? (Luke 8:5-8)

6) Why did Jesus speak in parables? (Luke 8:10)

7) In the parable of the sower what was the seed? (Luke 8:11)

8) Who are: 1) those by the wayside, 2) they on the rocks, 3) that are among thorns, 4) those on good ground? (Luke 8:12-15)

9) What does a man not do and do when he lights a candle? (Luke 8:16)

10) What will happen to secret or hidden things? (Luke 8:17)

11) What happens to he that has? (Luke 8:18)

12) What happens to him that has not? (Luke 8:18)

13) Why could Jesus’ mother and brothers not come to him? (Luke 8:19)

14) Who did Jesus say was his mother & brothers? (Luke 8:21)

15) Where was Jesus and his disciples going when he stilled the storm? (Luke 8:22)

16) What condition led the disciples to think they were perishing during the storm? (Luke 8:23)

17) What did Jesus rebuke in stilling storm? (Luke 8:24)

18) How did Jesus’ stilling the water affect the disciples? (Luke 8:25)

19) Where is the country of the Gadarenes? (Luke 8:26)

20) Describe the (demoniac) man Jesus met in Gadarenes. (Luke 8:27)

21) What did the man with devils say to Jesus? (Luke 8:28)

22) What happened to the man with devils when the unclean spirits caught him? (Luke 8:29)

23) What was the man-with-devils name and why was this his name? (Luke 8:30)

24) Where did the devils of legion ask not to go and where did they ask to go instead? (Luke 8:31-32)

25) What happened to the swine when the devils entered them? (Luke 8:33)

26) What did the ones who fed the swine do when they saw what happened to them? (Luke 8:34)

27) What kind of man was the demoniac after Jesus cast out the devils? (Luke 8:35)

28) Why did the Gadarenes ask Jesus to depart? (Luke 8:37)

29) What did the demoniac want to do after he was healed and what did Jesus tell him to do instead? (Luke 8:38-39)

30) Who was Jairus? (Luke 8:41)

31) How old was Jairus’ daughter? (Luke 8:42)

32) How long had the woman had an issue of blood? (Luke 8:43)

33) What methods had the woman with the issue of blood used to be healed? (Luke 8:43)

34) How was the woman with the issue of blood healed? (Luke 8:44-48)

35) How did Jesus know that someone had touched him? (Luke 8:46)

36) What message came to Jesus as he went to Jairus’ house? (Luke 8:49)

37) What did Jairus have to do in order for his daughter to be made whole? (Luke 8:50)

38) Who did Jesus permit to go into the room of Jairus’ daughter with him? (Luke 8:51)

39) When Jesus said Jairus’ daughter was asleep what did the people do? Why? (Luke 8:53)

40) What did Jesus command be given to Jairus’ daughter when he restored her to life? (Luke 8:55)

Luke Chapter 9

1) What did Jesus give his disciples before he sent them to preach and heal the sick? (Luke 9:1)

2) What were the disciples not to take with them? (Luke 9:3)

3) What were the disciples to do when they were not received? (Luke 9:5)

4) Why was Herod perplexed by the things he heard of Jesus? (Luke 9:7-8)

5) Who had John beheaded in verse nine? (Luke 9:9)

6) Where did Jesus feed the five-thousand people? (Luke 9:10)

7) Why did the disciples want Jesus to send the five-thousand people away? (Luke 9:12)

8) How much food was available to the disciples? (Luke 9:13)

9) How did Jesus seat the five-thousand people? (Luke 9:14)

10) What did Jesus do to the five loaves and two fishes? (Luke 9:16)

11) How many fragments of bread and fish were left? (Luke 9:17)

12) Who did the people say Jesus was? (Luke 9:19)

13) Who said that Jesus was the Christ of God? (Luke 9:20)

14) What did Jesus prophesy concerning himself at the confession of Peter? (Luke 9:22)

15) If a man wants to follow Jesus, what must he do? (Luke 9:23)

16) What happens to the man who saves his life? (Luke 9:24)

17) Who shall save his life? (Luke 9:24)

18) Who shall the Son of man be ashamed of? (Luke 9:26)

19) Name the glories in which Jesus shall come? (Luke 9:26)

20) What did Jesus promise to some concerning death? (Luke 9:27)

21) What happened to Jesus as he prayed in the mountain with Peter, James and John? (Luke 9:29)

22) Who did Jesus pick to go with him into the mountain to pray? (Luke 9:28)

23) What two men stood with Jesus on the mountain (of transfiguration)? (Luke 9:30)

24) Of what did Moses and Elias talk to Jesus? (Luke 9:31)

25) What were Peter, James and John doing while Jesus talked with Moses and Elias? (Luke 9:32)

26) What did Peter purpose to do? (Luke 9:33)

27) What overshadowed Peter, James, John and Jesus on the mountain? (Luke 9:34)

28) What did the voice from the cloud say? (Luke 9:35)

29) Name the two times that Jesus is called “My Beloved Son” (Luke 3:22-9:35)

30) What happened to the man’s son, who was taken with a Spirit? (Luke 9:39)

31) Who had the man asked to heal his son? (Luke 9:40)

32) What did the devil do as the boy came to Jesus and what did Jesus do? (Luke 9:42)

33) What did Jesus tell his disciples, that were hid from their understanding? (Luke 9:45)

34) Why did Jesus use a child to teach the disciples? (Luke 9:46-47)

35) Who would be the greatest among them? (Luke 9:48)

36) Why did Jesus tell his disciples not to rebuke one casting out devils in His name? (Luke 9:50)

37) Where was Jesus determined to go? (Luke 9:51-53)

38) What did James and John expect Jesus to do in Jerusalem? (Luke 9:54)

39) Why did Jesus say he would not destroy Jerusalem? (Luke 9:56)

40) What two creatures did Jesus use, when he said He had no home? (Luke 9:58)

41) What two excuses were given to Jesus for not following him immediately? (Luke 9:59-61)

42) Who is not fit for the Kingdom of God? (Luke 9:62)

Luke Chapter 10

1) How many went out two by two? (Luke 10:1)

2) What were they to pray to for the Lord of harvest? (Luke 10:2)

3) Why were the disciples to pray for more laborers? (Luke 10:2)

4) What does Jesus compare the disciples to? (Luke 10:3)

5) In what condition were the disciples to go out? (Luke 10:4)

6) Name two times Jesus sent disciples out into the world? (Luke 9:1-2 and 10:1)

7) If the disciples entered a house that received them, what were they to do? (Luke 10:7-9)

8) If a city did not receive the disciples, what were they to do? (Luke 10:10-11)

9) What three cites did Jesus pronounce “woe” unto? (Luke 10:13-15)

10) Why did Jesus say woe unto Chorazin and Bethsaida? (Luke 10:13)

11) For when will it be more tolerable than for Chorazin and Bethsaida? (Luke 10:14)

12) What was to happen to Capernaum? (Luke 10:15)

13) Why were the seventy filled with joy when they returned? (Luke 10:17)

14) Who did Jesus see fall from Heaven? (Luke 10:18)

15) What power did Jesus give the seventy? (Luke 10:19)

16) Who knew the Father, and the Son? (Luke 10:22)

17) Who had the desired to see and hear the things that the disciples saw and heard? (Luke 10:24)

18) What question was asked by a lawyer to Jesus? (Luke 10:25)

19) How should a man love God? (Luke 10:27)

20) Who besides God is man to love and how? (Luke 10:27)

21) Why did the lawyer ask who his neighbor was? (Luke 10:29)

22) Where was the man going that fell among thieves? (Luke 10:30)

23) What did the thieves do to the man? (Luke 10:30)

24) What three men came by the wounded man? (Luke 10:31-33)

25) What did the priest and Levite do when they saw the wounded man? (Luke 10:31-32)

26) Why did the Samaritan come to the wounded man? (Luke 10:33)

27) What did the Samaritan do for the wounded man? (Luke 10:34-35)

28) What promise did the Samaritan make to the innkeeper? (Luke 10:35)

29) Who was the neighbor in the parable of the good Samaritan? (Luke 10:37)

30) In the home of what two sisters did Jesus visit? (Luke 10:38-39)

31) Whom did the house belong to? (Luke 10:38)

32) What request did Martha make of Jesus? (Luke 10:40)

33) Who was careful and troubled about many things and who chose the one thing needed? (Luke 10:41-42)

Luke Chapter 11

1) What was Jesus doing just before the disciples asked him to teach them to pray? (Luke 11:1)

2) How many loaves did the man ask of his friend in night and why? (Luke 11:5-6)

3) Why did the man not want to be bothered? (Luke 11:7)

4) Why and why not did the friend rise and give the man bread? (Luke 11:8)

5) What does the writer say a man would not give his son if he asked for bread, fish and also an egg? (Luke 11:11-12)

6) What will the Father give those who ask Him? (Luke 11:13)

7) Through whom did the people say Jesus cast out devils? (Luke 11:15)

8) Who was Beelzebub? (Luke 11:15)

9) What happened to a kingdom and a house that divided against itself? (Luke 11:17)

10) What happens when a stronger man takes over? (Luke 11:22)

11) What did the man do when the unclean spirit left him? (Luke 11:24)

12) How did the man find his house? (Luke 11:25)

13) How many spirits did the man take in? (Luke 11:26)

14) How were the spirits as compared to the man? (Luke 11:26)

15) What about the last state of the man? (Luke 11:26)

16) Who did Jesus say was blessed? (Luke 11:28)

17) What did the people seek and what did Jesus promise them? (Luke 11:29)

18) To whom was Jesus a sign of in verse thirty? (Luke 11:30)

19) Who came from the utmost parts of the earth to hear the Wisdom of Solomon? (Luke 11:31)

20) What did the men of Nineveh do at the preaching of Jonah? (Luke 11:32)

21) Where does a man not put a lighted candle? (Luke 11:33)

22) When is the body full of light and also full of darkness? (Luke 11:34)

23) Why did the Pharisee marvel when Jesus went in and sat down to eat with him? (Luke 11:38)

24) What did the Pharisees do to the cup and saucer? (Luke 11:39)

25) How could all things be clean unto the Pharisees? (Luke 11:41)

26) What should the Pharisees have done and what not left undone? (Luke 11:42)

27) When Jesus condemned the Pharisees who else did He condemn? (Luke 11:45)

28) Why did Jesus pronounce woes upon the lawyers? (Luke 11:46-47-52)

29) Whose blood was to be required of this generation for atonement? (Luke 11:50)

30) Where did Zacharias die? (Luke 11:51)

31) Why did the Scribes and Pharisees provoke Jesus to talk of many things? (Luke 11:52)

32) What did the lawyers do with knowledge? (Luke 11:51)

Luke Chapter 12

1) How great was the multitude of people gathered together in chapter twelve? (Luke 12:1)

2) To whom did Jesus speak first of all? (Luke 12:1)

3) Whose leaven did Jesus warm his disciples against? (Luke 12:1)

4) What did Jesus call the leaven of the Pharisees? (Luke 12:1)

5) What happens to things that are covered according to Jesus? (Luke 12:2)

6) What happens to things that are hid according to Jesus? (Luke 12:2)

7) Where will the words of the disciples spoken in darkness are heard? (Luke 12:3)

8) From where will the words of the disciples spoken in closets be proclaimed according to Jesus? (Luke 12:3)

9) Jesus told his friends not to be afraid of whom? (Luke 12:4)

10) Who did Jesus forewarn his friends of? (Luke 12:5)

11) What was sold for two farthings? (Luke 12:6)

12) Who does not forget even the sparrows? (Luke 12:6)

13) Jesus told his disciples that something they possessed was numbered and what was it? (Luke 12:7)

14) According to Jesus his disciples are of more value than what? (Luke 12:7)

15) Before whom will Jesus confess, if man will confess Jesus before men? (Luke 12:8)

16) According to Jesus, words spoken against the son of man will be forgiven, but what shall not be forgiven? (Luke 12:10)

17) One of the hearers of Jesus’ teaching, ask him to speak to his brothers so that his brothers would divide something. What was to be divided? (Luke 12:13)

18) Was Jesus answer to the man who desired a division of the inheritance in the form of a statement or a question? (Luke 12:14)

19) After Jesus question about who made him a judge or a divider of inheritance, he told his hearers to take heed and beware of what? (Luke 12:15)

20) In a parable of a certain rich man, how did the ground bring forth? (Luke 12:17)

21) Since the rich man had no place to store his fruits, what did he decide to do? (Luke 12:18)

22) When the rich man decided to build greater barns to store his goods, what four things did he decide to tell his soul? (Luke 12:19)

23) In the parable of the rich man who had many goods, what did God call him when he said, “eat, drink and be merry?” (Luke 12:20)

24) When God called the rich man a fool, what was to be required of him that night? (Luke 12:20)

25) If one lays up treasures for himself, to whom is he not rich? (Luke 12:21)

26) According to Jesus what is more important than meat? (Luke 12:23)

27) What did Jesus say did not sow, reap, or have storehouses, nor barns? (Luke 12:24)

28) Who feeds the ravens? (Luke 12:24)

29) Who did Jesus say was better than the fowls? (Luke 12:24)

30) Jesus told his disciples to consider how something grew and toiled not nor spun. What was it? (Luke 12:27)

31) Who clothes the grass of the field? (Luke 12:28)

32) After speaking of the grass of the field, Jesus tells his disciples not to seek two things, what are they? (Luke 12:29)

33) What kind of mind does Jesus tell his disciples not to have? (Luke 12:29)

34) Jesus said sell what you have and give what? (Luke 12:33)

35) According to Jesus who cannot approach a treasure in Heaven? (Luke 12:33)

36) A moth cannot corrupt what in Heaven? (Luke 12:33)

37) Jesus told his disciples to gird their loins and what should be burning? (Luke 12:35)

38) According to Jesus who were to be like men who waited for their Lord to return from a wedding and opened the door for him? (Luke 12:36)

39) According to Jesus if the Lord finds his servants watching, what will he do for them? (Luke 12:37)

40) Name the two watches that Jesus said the servants are blessed if they are watching when the Lord comes? (Luke 12:38)

41) Jesus also said if the good man of the house had known what hour the thief would come, what would he have done? (Luke 12:39)

42) Jesus told his disciples to be ready because, who would come at an unknown hour? (Luke 12:40)

43) A faithful and wise steward shall be made what over his Lord’s house hold? (Luke 12:42)

44) What did Jesus say would happen to the servant who knew his Lord’s will and didn’t prepare himself nor did his Lord’s will? (Luke 12:47)

45) What did Jesus say he had come to send fire on? (Luke 12:49)

46) Jesus said five in one houses would be divided. What was the proportion of division? (Luke 12:52)

47) When the people saw a cloud rise out of the west, what happened? (Luke 12:54)

48) When the people saw the south wind blow, what happened? (Luke 12:55)

49) Jesus told the people it was better to be delivered from their adversary on the way to the magistrate than to be cast where? (Luke 12:58)

50) What is the final price for delivery from prison? (Luke 12:59)

Luke Chapter 13

1) Who had mingled the blood of the Galileans with their sacrifices? (Luke 13:1)

2) Jesus taught to avoid perishing as the Galileans whose blood was mingled with their sacrifices the people must do what? (Luke 13:2-3)

3) How many people did the tower of Siloam fall on and kill? (Luke 13:4)

4) In the parable of the fig tree how much fruit was on it? (Luke 13:6)

5) How many years had the owner of the fig tree found no fruit on the tree? (Luke 13:7)

6) What did the owner of the fig tree tell the dresser of his vineyard to do with the tree? (Luke 13:7)

7) What request did the gardener make of the owner of the fig tree? (Luke 13:8)

8) How much time did the gardener request of the owner of the fig tree? (Luke 13:8)

9) After the year expired & the fig tree still failed to bear what would happen to it? (Luke 13:9)

10) After the parable of the fig tree what was Jesus doing in the synagogue on the Sabbath? (Luke 13:10)

11) When Jesus was teaching in the synagogue on the Sabbath who was so crippled they were bowed together? (Luke 13:11)

12) What was the woman in the synagogue unable to do? (Luke 13:11)

13) What did Jesus do for the crippled woman in the synagogue? (Luke 13:12)

14) After Jesus laid his hands on the woman in the synagogue & she was healed, what did she do? (Luke 13:13)

15) Who objected when Jesus healed the crippled woman in the synagogue? (Luke 13:14)

16) Give the ruler of the synagogue’s reason for objecting to Jesus’ healing the woman in the synagogue? (Luke 13:14)

17) How many days did the ruler of the synagogue say that man had to work & heal? (Luke 13:14)

18) Which day is not included in the six days in which man can work & heal according to the ruler of the synagogue? (Luke 13:14)

19) What did Jesus call the ruler of the synagogue when he objected to Jesus healing the woman? (Luke 13:15)

20) When Jesus loosed the woman from her 18 year bond of affliction to what did he compare it? (Luke 13:15-16)

21) How did Jesus’ adversaries feel when he compared his healing of the woman on the Sabbath to their leading their animals to drink? (Luke 13:17)

22) When Jesus’ adversaries were ashamed how did the people react to the glorious things done by him? (Luke 13:17)

23) Jesus likened the kingdom of God to something that a man cast into his garden and it grew so great the fowls of the air lodged in its branches. What was it? (Luke 13:18-19)

24) Jesus likened the kingdom of God to leaven. Where did the woman hide the leaven? (Luke 13:20-21)

25) As Jesus journeyed toward Jerusalem what did he do in the villages & cities as he passed? (Luke 13:22)

26) What kind of gate did Jesus tell them to strive to enter? (Luke 13:24)

27) Jesus also taught when the master of the house has shut the door & even though ye knock & say Lord, open to us; how will the master answer? (Luke 13:25)

28) What 2 arguments did the knockers at the master’s closed door use? (Luke 13:26)

29) Even though the knockers at the master’s closed door insisted he let them in what was his answer? (Luke 13:27)

30) Why did the master refuse to let the knockers at the door enter? (Luke 13:27)

31) What did Jesus say would be the reaction when Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and all the prophets were seen in the kingdom of God and you yourselves thrust out? (Luke 13:28)

32) According to Jesus from which direction will people come & sit down in the kingdom of God? (Luke 13:29)

33) What will be the state of the “first” when they sit down in the kingdom of God? (Luke 13:29-30)

34) What will be the state of the “last” when they sit down in the kingdom of God? (Luke 13:29-30)

35) According to the Pharisees who were seeking to kill Jesus? (Luke 13:31)

36) What did Jesus call Herod? (Luke 13:32)

37) What three things did Jesus ask the Pharisees to tell Herod? (Luke 13:32)

38) According to Jesus which city killed and stoned the prophets? (Luke 13:34)

39) How did Jesus desire to gather the children of Jerusalem? (Luke 13:34)

40) Since Jerusalem killed & stoned the prophets in what condition is their house according to Jesus? (Luke 13:35)

41) Jesus said Jerusalem would not see him until they were willing to say what? (Luke 13:35)

Luke Chapter 14

1) Jesus ate bread in the house of one of the chief Pharisees. What day was it? (Luke 14:1)

2) One of the men at the house of one of the chief Pharisees was afflicted. What was his ailment? (Luke 14:2)

3) What was the question asked by Jesus when the man with dropsy was before him? (Luke 14:3)

4) Jesus also asked another class of people besides the Pharisees the question, “is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath?” Who were they? (Luke 14:3)

5) When the lawyers & Pharisees held their peace what did Jesus do for the man who was afflicted with dropsy? (Luke 14:4)

6) What did Jesus say the lawyers & Pharisees would do for an animal in a pit on the Sabbath day? (Luke 14:5)

7) What did Jesus do when he marked how some chose chief rooms? (Luke 14:7)

8) Why did Jesus say not to sit down in the highest room when invited to a wedding? (Luke 14:8)

9) Where did Jesus say to sit when invited to a wedding? (Luke 14:10)

10) What did Jesus teach would happen to those who exalted himself? (Luke 14:11)

11) What did Jesus say would happen to those that humbled themselves? (Luke 14:11)

12) Jesus said not to call friends to a dinner or supper. Who else was included in the list? (Luke 14:12)

13) Who did Jesus say to invite to a feast? (Luke 14:13)

14) According to Jesus when would those that feed the poor, maimed, lame and blind be recompensed? (Luke 14:14)

15) In the parable of the great supper give the 3 excuses made to the servant that invited the guests to dine? (Luke 14:16-20)

16) To whom was the second invitation given in the parable of the great supper? (Luke 14:21)

17) Where did the servant find the poor, maimed, halt and blind? (Luke 14:21)

18) When there was still room for guests where did the lord tell his servant to go for the third invitation? (Luke 14:23)

19) According to Jesus if a man is his disciple he will hate his father, mother, wife, children, brethren & sisters. What else will he hate? (Luke 14:26)

20) Jesus said whosoever doth not bear something and come after me cannot be my disciple. What is it? (Luke 14:27)

21) What must be counted before building a tower? (Luke 14:28)

22) What happens when a man only lays a foundation of a building and is unable to finish it? (Luke 14:29-30)

23) According to Jesus what 2 things does a king with ten thousand do when he makes war with a king of twenty thousand? (Luke 14:31-32)

24) What does man do with salt that has lost its savour? (Luke 14:34-35)

Luke Chapter 15

1) Who murmured against Jesus when the publicans and sinners drew near to hear his teaching? (Luke 15:1-2)

2) Who were the Pharisees and scribes talking about when they said “This man receiveth sinners and eateth with them? (Luke 15:2)

3) In the parable of the lost sheep how many sheep will a man leave to seek one that is lost? (Luke 15:4)

4) When the lost sheep is found the shepherd calls his friends and neighbors to help him do what? (Luke 15:6)

5) According to Jesus when one sinner repents where shall there be joy? (Luke 15:7)

6) In the parable of the lost coin how many pieces of silver did the woman possess? (Luke 15:8)

7) When the woman lost one coin what three things did she do? (Luke 15:8)

8) According to Jesus in whose presence is there joy when one sinner repents? (Luke 15:10)

9) In the parable of the lost son which son asked his father to divide his goods? (Luke 15:12)

10) Where did the younger son go after gathering his possessions in the parable of the lost son? (Luke 15:13)

11) In the parable of the lost son how did the young lad spend his substance? (Luke 15:13)

12) What occurred in the land of the far country in the parable of the lost son? (Luke 15:14)

13) In the parable of the lost son what type of work did the young lad do after he spent all that he owned? (Luke 15:15)

14) Describe how hungry the prodigal son became when he had spent all his possession? (Luke 15:16)

15) What did the prodigal son realize when he came to himself when he was so hungry? (Luke 15:17)

16) What did the prodigal son decide to say to his father when he returned? (Luke 15:18)

17) What place in his father’s house did the prodigal son decide to ask for? (Luke 15:19)

18) Who met the prodigal son on his return home while he was yet a great distance off? (Luke 15:20)

19) What was the father’s reaction to the return of his prodigal son? (Luke 15:19)

20) Name the 3 articles the father requested the servants to bring for his prodigal son? (Luke 15:22)

21) Name the food the father requested to prepare to celebrate the return of the prodigal son. (Luke 15:23)

22) What did the elder son hear when he came from the field to the house in the parable of the prodigal son? (Luke 15:25)

23) Who did the elder son ask the meaning of the music and dancing in the parable of the prodigal son? (Luke 15:26)

24) According to the servant in the parable of the prodigal son why did the father kill the fatted calf? (Luke 15:27)

25) In the parable of the prodigal son why did the older son not enter into the celebration? (Luke 15:28)

26) In the parable of the prodigal son what two things did the older son tell his father he had done while the younger son was away from home? (Luke 15:29)

27) What complaint did the older son have against the father in the parable of the prodigal son? (Luke 15:29)

28) With whom did the older son say the younger had devoured the father’s living in the parable of the prodigal son? (Luke 15:30)

29) In the parable of the prodigal son why did the father tell the older son all that I have is thine? (Luke 15:31)

30) In the parable of the prodigal son what reason did the father give for being merry and glad when the younger son returned? (Luke 15:32)

Luke Chapter 16

1) In the parable of the unjust steward what had the rich man heard against his steward? (Luke 16:1)

2) What did the rich man require from the steward? (Luke 16:2)

3) When the unjust steward thought his lord would take the stewardship from his what 2 things did he tell himself? (Luke 16:3)

4) Who did the unjust steward call together? (Luke 16:5)

5) How many measures of oil did the first debtor owe the steward’s lord? (Luke 16:6)

6) How many measures of wheat did another debtor owe the steward’s lord? (Luke 16:7)

7) How many measures of oil did the steward tell his lord’s debtor to write when he gave him his bill? (Luke 16:6)

8) How many measures of wheat did the steward tell his lord’s debtor to write when he gave him his bill? (Luke 16:7)

9) Why did the lord commend the unjust steward? (Luke 16:8)

10) When the lord commended the unjust steward who did he say was wiser than the children of light? (Luke 16:8)

11) According to Jesus in the parable of the unjust steward who will not receive the true riches? (Luke 16:11)

12) What can no servant serve? (Luke 16:13)

13) Why can no servant serve two masters? (Luke 16:13)

14) According to Jesus in the parable of the unjust steward if we serve God who can we not serve? (Luke 16:13)

15) Jesus told the Pharisees that they justified themselves before men but who knew their hearts? (Luke 16:15)

16) According to Jesus that which is highly esteemed among men is what in the sight of God? (Luke 16:15)

17) Jesus told the Pharisees two things “were” until John. What were they? (Luke 16:16)

18) What was preached after the law and prophets and every man presseth into it according to Jesus? (Luke 16:16)

19) Jesus told the Pharisees it was easier for heaven and earth to pass than for one tittle of something to fail. What was it? (Luke 16:17)

20) Jesus taught whoever put away his wife and remarries commits what? (Luke 16:18)

21) What does one commit if they marry a woman whose husband had put her away? (Luke 16:18)

22) How was the rich man clothed in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus? (Luke 16:19)

23) What was the physical condition of Lazarus? (Luke 16:20)

24) Where was Lazarus laid when he desired food? (Luke 16:20-21)

25) What kind of food did Lazarus want from the rich man? (Luke 16:21)

26) What licked the sores on Lazarus? (Luke 16:21)

27) Who carried Lazarus into Abraham’s bosom when he died? (Luke 16:22)

28) Being in torment in hell after his death what 2 persons did the rich man see from a far? (Luke 16:22-23)

29) Who did the rich man call father when he lifted up his eyes in hell? (Luke 16:24)

30) What was tormenting the rich man in hell? (Luke 16:24)

31) Who did the rich man want Abraham to send with water? (Luke 16:24)

32) Why did the rich man in hell want some water? (Luke 16:24)

33) What did Abraham call the rich man when he said in thy lifetime he received good things? (Luke 16:25)

34) What did Abraham tell the rich man he had received in his life time? (Luke 16:25)

35) What did Abraham tell the rich man Lazarus had received in his life? (Luke 16:25)

36) What did Abraham say was “fixed” between the rich man and Lazarus? (Luke 16:26)

37) What did Abraham tell the rich man about the great gulf that was between them? (Luke 16:26)

38) When the rich man realized Abraham could not send Lazarus across the great gulf to him where did he ask Abraham to send Lazarus? (Luke 16:27)

39) How many brothers did the rich man tell Abraham he had? (Luke 16:28)

40) The rich man asked Abraham to send Lazarus to testify to his five brothers so they would not come to the same place as he. What did the rich man call that place? (Luke 16:28)

41) What was Abraham’s answer to the rich man upon his request to send Lazarus to his brothers to testify to them? (Luke 16:29)

42) What was the rich man sure his brothers would do if one from the dead returned to testify? (Luke 16:30)

43) Who could not persuade the brothers of the rich man? (Luke 16:31)

Luke Chapter 17

1) Name two things Jesus said would be better than offending one of these little ones? (Luke 17:1-2)

2) What did Jesus teach his disciples to do when their brother repented of a trespass against them? (Luke 17:3)

3) If a brother trespasses seven times in a day how many times should he be forgiven if he repents according to Jesus? (Luke 17:4)

4) The Lord told his disciples if their faith was as grain of something a sycamore tree could be uprooted and planted in the sea. What was it? (Luke 17:6)

5) Jesus reminded his disciples even though a servant has been plowing or feeding cattle when he returns from the fields his master commands the servant to do something before the servant can eat. What was it? (Luke 17:7-8)

6) According to Jesus his disciples even though they do all that is commanded and their duty to do what kind of servants are they? (Luke 17:10)

7) As Jesus passed between Samaria & Galilee on his way to Jerusalem in a village 10 men stood afar off. Why were they keeping their distance? (Luke 17:11-12)

8) The 10 lepers called him Jesus. What other name did they use? (Luke 17:13)

9) The 10 lepers requested something of Jesus. What was it? (Luke 17:13)

10) To whom did Jesus send the 10 lepers? (Luke 17:14)

11) What happened to the 10 lepers as they went to the priests? (Luke 17:14)

12) How many of the cleansed lepers glorified God? (Luke 17:15)

13) Of what nationality was the one grateful leper? (Luke 17:16)

14) According to Jesus what had made the leper whole? (Luke 17:19)

15) When the Pharisees demanded from Jesus how the kingdom of God should come how did he say the kingdom of God would not come? (Luke 17:20)

16) After Jesus said the kingdom of God does not come with observation in such a manner as “lo here” or “lo there” where did he say the kingdom was located? (Luke 17:20-21)

17) Jesus told his disciples the days would come when they would desire to see the Son of man. What were they not to do when some would say “see here” or “see there?” (Luke 17:22-23)

18) To what does Jesus compare lightening those lights the heavens? (Luke 17:24)

19) Jesus told his disciples he must first suffer many things before the days of the Son of man. How did he say this generation would treat him? (Luke 17:25)

20) Jesus compared the days of Noah to the days of the Son of man. What four things did he mention that people were doing in those days? (Luke 17:26-27)

21) What happened to the people when Noah entered the ark and the flood came? (Luke 17:27)

22) Name 6 things the people were doing in Lot’s day. (Luke 17:28)

23) When Lot left Sodom name two things that came from heaven and destroyed them. (Luke 17:29)

24) In the days that the Son of man is revealed what advice does Jesus give for the man on the housetop and his stuff is in the house? (Luke 17:30-31)

25) In the day that the Son of man is revealed what advice did Jesus have for the man in the field? (Luke 17:31)

26) Whose wife did Jesus tell his disciples to remember? (Luke 17:32)

27) What does Jesus promise about “2 men in one bed” “2 women grinding together” “2 men in the field?” (Luke 17:34-37)

28) Where will the eagles be gathered together according to Jesus? (Luke 17:37)

Luke Chapter 18

1) What was the purpose of Jesus in giving the parable of the widow and the judge? (Luke 18:1)

2) In the parable of the widow and judge the judge regarded not man but whom did he not fear also? (Luke 18:2)

3) What request did the widow make of the judge? (Luke 18:3)

4) Why did the judge finally decide to avenge the widow’s adversary even though he feared not God or had regard for man? (Luke 18:4-5)

5) To whom did the lord compare the unjust judge when he avenged the widow? (Luke 18:6-7)

6) In the parable of the Pharisee and publican where did the two men pray? (Luke 18:10)

7) The Pharisee thanked God that he wasn’t as other men. Name the list of men he specified? (Luke 18:11)

8) The Pharisee said he gave tithes of all his possessions, what did he do twice in a week? (Luke 18:12)

9) What was the publican’s prayer as he smote his breast and would not life his eyes heavenward? (Luke 18:13)

10) Which man left the temple and went to his house justified? (Luke 18:14)

11) What did the disciples do when the people brought their infants to Jesus? (Luke 18:15)

12) How did Jesus teach his kingdom should be received? (Luke 18:17)

13) What reason did Jesus give a certain ruler for not calling him “good master?” (Luke 18:18-19)

14) What did Jesus quote when the ruler asked what he must do to inherit eternal life? (Luke 18:20)

15) Name the commandments Jesus quoted when the ruler asked what he must do to inherit eternal life? (Luke 18:20)

16) What did Jesus tell a certain ruler her must do with his possessions to have treasure in heaven? (Luke 18:22)

17) After the ruler was to sell his possessions and give to the poor what does Jesus command him to do then? (Luke 18:22)

18) What effect did Jesus command to the rich ruler to sell his possessions and give to the poor have on the ruler? (Luke 18:23)

19) What can go through a needle easier than a rich man can enter heaven? (Luke 18:25)

20) Things that are impossible with men are possible with whom? (Luke 18:27)

21) Who said, “Lo, we have left all, and followed thee?” (Luke 18:28)

22) According to Jesus who shall receive more in this present time and in the world to come life everlasting? (Luke 18:29-30)

23) Jesus told the twelve we must go to what city so that all things written by the prophets concerning the son of man shall be accomplished? (Luke 18:31)

24) To whom did Jesus tell the twelve he would be delivered in Jerusalem? (Luke 18:32)

25) Name 5 things Jesus told the twelve would happen to him in Jerusalem. (Luke 18:32-33)

26) What did Jesus tell the twelve would happen on the third day when he was put to death in Jerusalem? (Luke 18:33)

27) What reason does the scriptures give for the twelve not understanding Jesus when he told them what would happen in Jerusalem concerning his death? (Luke 18:34)

28) What did the blind beggar call Jesus? (Luke 18:38)

29) What did the blind beggar ask of Jesus? (Luke 18:38-41)

30) When Jesus told the blind beggar to receive thy sight, what did Jesus say had saved him? (Luke 18:42)

31) How quickly did the blind beggar receive his sight? (Luke 18:43)

32) When the blind beggar was given sight he followed Jesus. When did he glorify? (Luke 18:43)

33) What did the people do when they saw that the blind beggar had received his sight? (Luke 18:43)

Luke Chapter 19

1) Who was a rich tax collector that Jesus met in Jericho? (Luke 19:1-2)

2) Zacchaeus was unable to see Jesus as he passed for two reasons. Give them. (Luke 19:3)

3) Name a person who climbed into a tree so he could see Jesus. (Luke 19:4)

4) What kind of tree did Zacchaeus climb so he might see Jesus? (Luke 19:4)

5) Who said, “Zacchaeus, make haste, and come down; for today I must abide at thy house?” (Luke 19:5)

6) How did Zacchaeus receive Jesus? (Luke 19:6)

7) Who murmured and said, “He (Jesus) has gone to be guest with a man that is a sinner?” (Luke 19:7)

8) What fraction of his goods did Zacchaeus tell Jesus he gave to the poor? (Luke 19:8)

9) To what extent did Zacchaeus tell Jesus he restored a man if he took from him by false accusation? (Luke 19:8)

10) When Jesus visited Zacchaeus at his house what did Jesus say had come to his house that day? (Luke 19:9)

11) Who did Jesus say Zacchaeus was the son of the day Jesus visited his house? (Luke 19:9)

12) For what purpose did the Son of man come to this world? (Luke 19:10)

13) When Jesus gave the parable of the pounds what city were they near? (Luke 19:11)

14) Something was wrong with the people’s thought on the kingdom of God so Jesus gave the parable of the pounds. What was wrong with their thinking? (Luke 19:11)

15) In the parable of the pounds who was traveling to a far country? (Luke 19:12)

16) Why was the nobleman going to a far country? (Luke 19:12)

17) How many servants did the nobleman give ten pounds in the parable of the pounds? (Luke 19:13)

18) Since his citizens hared the nobleman in the parable of the pounds what did they say about the nobleman? (Luke 19:14)

19) Upon the nobleman’s return from receiving his kingdom for whom did he send? (Luke 19:15)

20) What was the nobleman seeking to know when he called the servants to him upon his return? (Luke 19:15)

21) How much had the first servant increased his pound in the parable of the pounds? (Luke 19:16)

22) What reward did the first servant receive from the nobleman? (Luke 19:17)

23) Why did the second servant of the nobleman receive five cities as a reward? (Luke 19:18-19)

24) Where had one of the nobleman’s servants kept the pound the nobleman gives him while he was away? (Luke 19:20)

25) How did the servant who kept the pound in a napkin feel toward the nobleman? (Luke 19:21)

26) What did the nobleman call the servant who kept the pound in a napkin? (Luke 19:22)

27) Where did the nobleman say the wicked servant could have put his money? (Luke 19:23)

28) The nobleman took the wicked servants pound. To whom did he give it? (Luke 19:24)

29) What command did the nobleman give concerning his enemies who did not want him to reign over them? (Luke 19:27)

30) Name the mount located near Bethphage and Bethany. (Luke 19:29)

31) How many disciples did Jesus send into the village from the Mount of Olives? (Luke 19:29)

32) What did Jesus tell the two disciples they would see as they entered the village located near Bethphage and Bethany? (Luke 19:30)

33) What were the two disciples instructed to say as they loosed the colt located near the mount of Olives to bring him back to Jesus? (Luke 19:31)

34) What other than Jesus, did the disciples put on the colt as they journeyed to Jerusalem? (Luke 19:35)

35) As Jesus descended from Mount of Olives on the colt what did the multitude of disciples do? (Luke 19:37)

36) In the praise of the disciples as they journeyed with Jesus toward Jerusalem where was “peace?” (Luke 19:38)

37) Who asked Jesus to rebuke his disciples for praising him as he journeyed toward Jerusalem? (Luke 19:39)

38) What city did Jesus weep over? (Luke 19:41)

39) As Jesus wept over Jerusalem who did he predict would cast a trench around Jerusalem? (Luke 19:43)

40) To what extent of destruction of the city of Jerusalem does Jesus predict? (Luke 19:44)

41) Who did Jesus cast from the temple in Jerusalem? (Luke 19:45)

42) As Jesus cast the money changers from the temple what does he say they have made of his house? (Luke 19:46)

43) Name the three classes of people that sought to destroy Jesus as he taught daily in the temple. (Luke 19:47)

Luke Chapter 20

1) What question did the elders, scribes, and chief priest ask Jesus when he preached in the temple? (Luke 20:1-2)

2) When the chief priest, scribes and elders questioned Jesus about his authority to teach in the temple, what question did he ask them? (Luke 20:4)

3) In the parable of the vineyard when the owner sent his servant for the fruit of his vineyard, what two things did the husbandman do to the servant? (Luke 20:9-10)

4) After the failure of three servants to collect the fruit of the vineyard, who did the owner decide to send? (Luke 20:13)

5) Give the reason for the husbandman’s decision for killing the owner’s beloved son? (Luke 20:14)

6) What three things shall the Lord of the vineyard do to the husbandman for killing his son? (Luke 20:15-16)

7) According to Jesus what was rejected by the builders and is become the head of the corner? (Luke 20:17)

8) What happens to those when this stone, which is head of the corner, falls on them? (Luke 20:18)

9) Whose image and superscription was on a coin that was shown to Jesus? (Luke 20:24)

10) Who was unable to take hold of Jesus before the people, they marveled at his answer, and held their peace? (Luke 20:19-26)

11) Which sect of the Jews denies that there is any resurrection? (Luke 20:27)

12) The Sadducees quoted to Jesus a specific law written by Moses, raising up seed unto his brother. Which law was it? (Luke 20:28)

13) How many brothers had the same wife and each marriage was childless? (Luke 20:29-32)

14) According to Jesus after what event will there be neither marriage nor giving in marriage? (Luke 20:35)

15) To whom was Christ both Lord and Son? (Luke 20:36)

16) Which book in the Old Testament contains this passage, “The Lord said unto my Lord, sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool? (Luke 20:42)

17) According to Jesus, who desired long robes and loved greeting in the markets? (Luke 20:46)

18) Who loved the high seats in the synagogues and chief rooms at the feasts? (Luke 20:46)

19) The scribes devoured widow’s house and also made a show of what? (Luke 20:47)

Luke Chapter 21

1) How much did the widow cast into the treasury? (Luke 21:2)

2) According to Jesus, why was the widow’s two mites more than the offering of the rich? (Luke 21:3-4)

3) What did Jesus say concerning the temple when the people spoke of how it was adorned with goodly stones and gifts? (Luke 21:6)

4) What two questions are asked of Jesus when he predicted the destruction of the temple? (Luke 21:7)

5) Jesus taught there would be wars, earthquakes, famine, pestilences and fearful sights and great signs from where before the end of time? (Luke 21:10-11)

6) Jesus told his followers not to meditate, what they should answer their adversaries for someone would give them a mouth and wisdom. Who would give them a mouth and wisdom and who would help them answer? (Luke 21:14-15)

7) Jesus said his followers would be betrayed and some put to death. Name four different classes of people that would betray them. (Luke 21:16)

8) Jesus told his followers they would be hated for his name’s sake. Who would hate them? (Luke 21:17)

9) When Jesus predicted the fall of Jerusalem he said two things would happen to the people of Jerusalem. (Name them) (Luke 21:24)

10) How long does Jesus say Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles? (Luke 21:24)

11) Before what event shall there be signs in the sun, moon and stars? (Luke 21:25-27)

12) What two signs of the second coming of the Son of man can be seen on the earth? (Luke 21:25-27)

13) Who shall come in a cloud with power and great glory? (Luke 21:27)

14) What draweth nigh, when the Son of man comes with power and great glory? (Luke 21:27)

15) In the parable of the fig tree, how does one judge that summer is near? (Luke 21:29-30)

16) What shall pass away, but my words shall never pass away according to Jesus? (Luke 21:33)

17) According to Jesus, what two things can man do to be able to stand before the Son of man? (Luke 21:36)

18) Jesus spent the day teaching in the temple where did he spend the night? (Luke 21:37)

19) Who came early in the morning to the temple to hear Jesus? (Luke 21:38)

Luke Chapter 22

1) What is the feast of unleavened bread called? (Luke 22:1)

2) Who sought to kill Jesus in verse two of the book of John? (Luke 22:2)

3) In whose absence did Judas seek opportunity to betray Jesus to the priests and captains? (Luke 22:6)

4) Name the two men that Jesus told to go and prepare us the Passover that we might eat? (Luke 22:8)

5) Where was the guest-chamber located in the house that Jesus and his disciples were to eat the Passover? (Luke 22:12)

6) How many apostles gathered in the upper room to eat the Passover? (Luke 22:14)

7) Jesus told the twelve he would not drink the fruit of the vine until something shall come. What was it? (Luke 22:18)

8) When Jesus took the bread and gave thanks and broke it for the twelve, what does he say the bread is? (Luke 22:19)

9) When Jesus took the cup after supper and gave to the twelve, what does he say the cup is? (Luke 22:20)

10) Whose hand does Jesus say is with me on the table, when he gave the bread and cup to the twelve? (Luke 22:21)

11) There was strife among the disciples over who would be greatest among them, but Jesus taught “he that is greatest among you, let him be as” what? (Luke 22:26)

12) Who was Jesus talking about when he said “Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat?” (Luke 22:31)

13) What two places does Simon tell Jesus he is ready to go with him when Jesus had said he had prayed for Simon? (Luke 22:31-33)

14) How many times does Jesus predict that Peter will deny him before the cock shall crow? (Luke 22:34)

15) How many swords did Jesus and the apostles have? (Luke 22:38)

16) Where was Jesus and his disciples when Jesus told them to “pray that ye enter not into temptation? (Luke 22:39-40)

17) How far did Jesus withdraw from his disciples when he knelt to pray at Mount of Olives? (Luke 22:42)

18) As Jesus prayed on the Mount of Olives, whose will does he ask to be done? (Luke 22:42)

19) Who appeared to give Jesus strength as he prayed on Mount of Olives? (Luke 22:43)

20) When Jesus returned to the disciples after praying on Mount of Olives, what were they doing? (Luke 22:45)

21) What does Jesus say to Judas as he drew near to kiss him before the multitude? (Luke 22:47-48)

22) When Jesus was betrayed by a kiss, who had his right ear cut off? (Luke 22:50)

23) Who followed afar off as Jesus was led into the high priest’s house? (Luke 22:54)

24) How many times does Peter deny knowing Jesus as he sat near the fire at the high priest’s hall? (Luke 22:56-60)

25) As the cock crowed, who turned and looked at Peter? (Luke 22:60-61)

26) When Peter realizes what he has done in denying Jesus, what does he do? (Luke 22:62)

27) What was the first question that Jesus was asked when he was before the council of elders, priest and scribes? (Luke 22:67)

28) When Jesus was asked “Art thou the Christ” by the council he said “If I tell you, ye will not believe nor if I ask you, ye will not answer me, nor let me go.” Where does Jesus say he will be seated? (Luke 22:69)

29) What is the second question the council of elders, chief priests and scribes ask Jesus the next day after Peter’s denial? (Luke 22:70)

30) What does the council of elders, chief priest and scribes say they have no need of since we ourselves have heard of his own mouth? (Luke 22:71)

Luke Chapter 23

1) What three things is Jesus accused of before Pilate? (Luke 23:2)

2) What question does Pilate ask Jesus when he is brought before him? (Luke 23:3)

3) What great official was also in Jerusalem when Jesus was brought before Pilate? (Luke 23:7)

4) What was Jesus’ reaction to Herods’ many questions? (Luke 23:9)

5) Who said, “behold, I having examined him before you, have found no fault in this man touching those things whereof ye accuse him.” (Luke 23:13-14)

6) What man did the people ask to be released at the feast instead of Jesus? (Luke 23:17-18)

7) What crimes was Barabbas cast in prison for? (Luke 23:18-19)

8) How many times did Pilate try to release Jesus because he found no evil in him? (Luke 23:22)

9) Who helped Jesus bear the cross? (Luke 23:26)

10) How many malefactors were led with Jesus to be put to death? (Luke 23:32)

11) Give the name of the place where Jesus was crucified. (Luke 23:33)

12) While Jesus is on the cross, what does he ask of the Father? (Luke 23:34)

13) How was Jesus’ clothes parted? (Luke 23:34)

14) What did the solders offer Jesus to drink as he hung on the cross? (Luke 23:36)

15) As the solders mocked Jesus on the cross, what did they say? (Luke 23:37)

16) What were the words of the superscription over the cross? (Luke 23:38)

17) What was Jesus’ answer to the malefactor, when he asks Jesus to remember him, when thou comest into thy Kingdom? (Luke 23:43)

18) How many hours of darkness were over all the earth as Jesus died on the cross? (Luke 23:44)

19) As Jesus died on the cross the sun was darkened, what was rent in the temple? (Luke 23:45)

20) What did Jesus say as he gave up the Ghost? (Luke 23:46)

21) What did the people do as they witnessed the death of Jesus? (Luke 23:48)

22) Where did the women from Galilee stand as Jesus died on the cross? (Luke 23:49)

23) Who begged Pilate for the body of Jesus? (Luke 23:50-52)

24) What was the sepulcher made of where Jesus was laid? (Luke 23:53)

25) Which day of the week was drawing near as Jesus was placed in the sepulcher? (Luke 23:54)

26) Name the two items the women of Galilee prepared to use on the body of Jesus? (Luke 23:56)

27) Why did the women of Galilee rest on the Sabbath? (Luke 23:56)

Luke Chapter 24

1) Which day of the week did the women of Galilee return to the sepulcher, where Jesus was laid? (Luke 24:1)

2) What did the women of Galilee find rolled away from the sepulcher where Jesus was laid? (Luke 24:2)

3) Who stood by the perplexed women of Galilee in shining garments? (Luke 24:4)

4) The two men at the sepulcher told the women of Galilee that Jesus is not here but where? (Luke 24:6)

5) How many apostles did the women of Galilee tell of the occurrences at the sepulcher? (Luke 24:9)

6) Which apostle ran to the sepulcher when the women of Galilee were in dis-believed? (Luke 24:12)

7) How far was Emmaus from Jerusalem? (Luke 24:13)

8) As the two disciples were on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus, who appeared? (Luke 24:13-15)

9) What emotion do the two disciples feel as they walk from Jerusalem to Emmaus? (Luke 24:17)

10) The two disciples tell Jesus on the way to Emmaus that they had trusted Jesus to be the one to do what for Israel? (Luke 24:21)

11) Where did the two disciples on the road to Emmaus finally recognize Jesus? (Luke 24:30-31)

12) As the two disciples delivered the message “The Lord is risen indeed” to the disciples in Jerusalem who appeared in their midst? (Luke 24:36)

13) When Jesus appeared to his disciples in Jerusalem after his death they were terrified and supposed that they had seen what? (Luke 24:37)

14) According to Jesus, what has no flesh and bones? (Luke 24:39)

15) What meat does Jesus eat before his disciples in Jerusalem, when he appeared to them? (Luke 24:42-43)

16) What two things does Jesus say must be preached in his name among all nations, beginning in Jerusalem? (Luke 24:47)

17) When Jesus appears to his disciples in Jerusalem after his death he instructs them to tarry in the city of Jerusalem until when? (Luke 24:49)

18) Where did Jesus lead his disciples when he lifted up his hands and blessed them after his death? (Luke 24:50)

19) While Jesus blessed his disciples at Bethany, where was he carried? (Luke 24:51)

20) The disciples worshipped Jesus as he was carried into Heaven. They returned from Bethany to Jerusalem with what? (Luke 24:52)

21) What is the last word in the book of Luke? (Luke 24:53)

Note: I pray that these questions have helped you in your studies and you have a better understanding of Gods’ word in the Bible. Please feel free to pass them on to other people if this way has helped you.

Your, Brother in Christ

Frank Rose