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Questions about the Gospel of Mark

Mark is the second book of the Gospels in the New Testament. Mark was the writer of the second Gospel and he was a native of Jerusalem. His mother’s name was Mary and his father is not known to us. This Gospel presents Christ as the Servant of the Lord, sent to accomplish a specific work for God. This book can be divided into four parts: 1) The introduction of the Servant to his public ministry. 2) The work accomplished by the servant. 3) The Servant’s obedience unto death. 5) The resurrection and ascension of the victorious servant. The author of this book is Mark. Listed below are questions on the book of Mark. These questions can be used freely for Sunday school or bible study to help all young Christians study the scriptures. My prayers are with you always and may God bless you in your studies.

Mark Chapter 1

1) In verse one of the Gospels of Mark, who is mention as the Son of God? (Mark 1:1)

2) What is the general theme of the book of Mark? (Mark 1:1)

3) Who is the messenger that shall prepare thy way before Jesus Christ? (Mark 1:2)

4) What was the clear-cut message that John gave in this verse? (Mark 1:4)

5) Describe the way that John was dressed in clothing? (Mark 1:6)

6) What kind of food did John eat? (Mark 1:6)

7) What place did he take in relation to Jesus Christ? (Mark 1:7)

8) If John was baptizing with water, then what did John say that Jesus would be baptizing with? (Mark 1:8)

9) Where was Jesus baptized at, according to verse nine? (Mark 1:9)

10) What three things happened when Jesus came up out of the water? (Mark 1:10-11)

11) What did the voice from Heaven say? (Mark 1:11)

12) How is the Trinity of the Godhead seen in these verses? (Mark 1:10-11)

13) Where did Jesus immediately go after he was baptized? (Mark 1:12)

14) How long did the conflict with Satan last in wilderness with Jesus? (Mark 1:13)

15) What Gospel did Jesus preach? (Mark 1:14)

16) In verse fourteen where was John put at? (Mark 1:14)

17) Jesus said “The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand.” What two things must we do? (Mark 1:15)

18) Who did Jesus call to be his followers? (Mark 1:16)

19) What were the names of these two fishermen in this verse? (Mark 1:16)

20) What kind of fishermen did Jesus intend to make of them? (Mark 1:17)

21) Where these two men willing to give up a good business to follow Jesus? (Mark 1:18-20)

22) Name the Father of the other two fishermen that Jesus had called to go with Him? (Mark 1:19-20)

23) Where did they go to teach at and what day of the week was it? (Mark 1:21)

24) What was there in Jesus’ manner that astonished the people? (Mark 1:22)

25) What shows that the personality of the unclean man in the synagogue was under the dominion of a foreign spirit? (Mark 1:23-24)

26) What did Jesus say that showed the man’s testimony had the devil behind it? (Mark 1:25)

27) When they came out of the synagogue, whose house did they enter into? (Mark 1:29)

28) Whose mother laid sick with a fever? (Mark 1:30)

29) What time of the day did Jesus depart into a solitary place to pray? (Mark 1:35)

30) Where did Jesus preached in their synagogues and cast out demons? (Mark 1:39)

31) Did the leper doubt the power of Jesus to heal him, or his willingness to make him clean? (Mark 1:40)

32) What did Jesus instruct the unclean man to do and who was he to see? (Mark 1:44)

Mark Chapter 2

1) What did Jesus preached, in the house at Capernaum? (Mark 2:2)

2) How did the people, that brought the man that was sick with palsy, get him into the house so Jesus could heal him? (Mark 2:4)

3) What did Jesus see beneath this man’s physical troubles? (Mark 2:5)

4) Why did the Pharisees deny Jesus the right to forgive sins? (Mark 2:7)

5) How did Jesus prove that He was able to forgive sins? (Mark 2:10-11)

6) Who did Jesus see sitting in the tax office and what did He say to him? (Mark 2:14)

7) What type of business was Levi in? (Mark 2:14)

8) When the scribes and Pharisees had a complaint against Jesus Christ, to whom did they go? (Mark 2:16)

9) Whom did Jesus come to call in this verse? (Mark 2:17)

10) Did Jesus believe fasting should be done regardless of the circumstances? (Mark 2:19-20)

11) What would happen if a piece of unshrinking new cloth were sewed onto a piece of old cloth? (Mark 2:21)

12) What would happen if a man put new wine into, old wineskins? (Mark 2:22)

13) Whom did Jesus use as an illustration to show that ceremonial observances must sometimes be set aside? (Mark 2:25-26)

14) Who had full authority over the Sabbath? (Mark 2:27-28)

Mark Chapter 3

1) What was the reason that the scribes were watching Jesus in the synagogue? (Mark 3:2)

2) What was the first thing that Jesus required of the man with the withered hand? (Mark 3:3)

3) What did Jesus say to the scribes and Pharisees about healing on the Sabbath day? (Mark 3:4)

4) What did Jesus tell the man with the withered hand to do? (Mark 3:5)

5) What was the result of this man’s attempting the humanly impossible in obedience to Jesus’ command? (Mark 3:5)

6) What two groups got together in their attempts to destroy Jesus? (Mark 3:6)

7) Why did the Pharisees take counsel with Herodians against Jesus? (Mark 3:6)

8) Where was Jesus when He called His disciples? (Mark 3:13)

9) How many disciples did Jesus appoint to be with Him, and that He might send them forth to preach? (Mark 3:14)

10) What did Jesus give them authority to do in verse fifteen? (Mark 3:15)

11) Name all twelve disciples that were appointed by Jesus. (Mark 3:16-19)

12) What was the name of the one disciple that betrayed Jesus? (Mark 3:19)

13) How did the scribes say that Jesus did His miracles? (Mark 3:22)

14) Why was their argument senseless? (Mark 3:23-26)

15) What did Jesus say about this sin of attributing His works to the power of the devil? (Mark 3:29)

16) What did the people notice of which Jesus apparently took no notice? (Mark 3:32)

17) Whom did Jesus speak of here as being His mother and His brethren? (Mark 3:34-35)

Mark Chapter 4

1) When the people gathered unto Jesus by the seaside, what did He enter into so He could teach them? (Mark 4:1)

2) How did Jesus teach the multitudes of people in verse two of Mark? (Mark 4:2)

3) In the next class of hearers, why did the seed die so quickly? (Mark 4:5-6)

4) Why didn’t the seed sown on the third type of ground mature and bear fruit? (Mark 4:7)

5) What three different degrees of fertility are noted in the fourth sowing? (Mark 4:8)

6) What must be hidden from those who are not spiritually receptive? (Mark 4:11-12)

7) When the word is sown in our hearts, who comes immediately to take away the word? (Mark 4:15)

8) If we do not make good use of the knowledge we have, what will happen in this verse? (Mark 4:25)

9) What is the meaning of the parable of the mustard seed that Jesus is talking about here? (Mark 4:30-33)

10) What happened at the close of the day after Jesus had given His disciples such wonderful teachings about faith? (Mark 4:35-38)

11) Although Jesus had been sleeping the sleep of human exhaustion, what did He do that proved His deity? (Mark 4:39)

12) What did Jesus ask the disciples after He calmed the wind and sea? (Mark 4:39-40)

13) What fact about Jesus impressed His disciples now? (Mark 4:41)

Mark Chapter 5

1) Where did Jesus go to on the other side of the sea? (Mark 5:1)

2) What was the cause of this man’s superhuman strength? (Mark 5:2-4)

3) What effect did the sight of Jesus have upon him? (Mark 5:6)

4) What does Jesus say here to the man that proved His power to calm? (Mark 5:8)

5) What habitation did the demons prefer to have to none at all? (Mark 5:12)

6) How many pigs were drowned for the saving of a human soul? (Mark 5:13)

7) Did the people beseech Jesus to stay and heal their sick? (Mark 5:17)

8) What did Jesus ask the man to do? (Mark 5:19)

9) How long did the woman have an issue of blood in this verse? (Mark 5:25)

10) How was the woman’s perfect faith in Christ revealed? (Mark 5:28)

11) How did Jesus discern this touch of true faith? (Mark 5:30)

12) What was it that Jesus says to the woman that made her well? (Mark 5:34)

13) After the messengers told Jairus of the death of his daughter, what did Jesus say to him? (Mark 5:36)

14) Although the child was dead as far as men were concerned, was she dead to Jesus? (Mark 5:39)

15) Did the fact that the girl was miraculously healed do away with the necessity for human care? (Mark 5:43)

16) What shows that Jesus did not work the miracle in order to win the admiration of the curious? (Mark 5:43)

Mark Chapter 6

1) Why didn’t the people of Nazareth accept the wonderful wisdom and the works of Jesus? (Mark 6:2-3)

2) If Jesus had worked miracles just to convince skeptics, where would He have done His mightiest works? (Mark 6:4-5)

3) What instructions show that Jesus wanted them to be devoted wholly to the preaching of the Word, and to not waste any time? (Mark 6:8-9)

4) They were not to allow themselves to be discouraged if their message was not received? (Mark 6:11)

5) What did Jesus tell the disciples to do in verse eleven of the book of Mark? (Mark 6:11)

6) What did they call upon men to do in verse twelve of the book of Mark? (Mark 6:12)

7) Who did Herod think that Jesus was? (Mark 6:14)

8) Who did the other people said that Jesus was? (Mark 6:15)

9) Who did Herod have beheaded and bound him in prison for his brother’s wife? (Mark 6:16-17)

10) What was Herod’s attitude toward the Gospel that John preached? (Mark 6:20)

11) Why did Herod have a fear of John the Baptist return? (Mark 6:16-28)

12) What was the greatest need of the people, who came to hear Jesus Christ? (Mark 6:34)

13) What did the daughter of Herodias ask the King Herod for after she danced for him? (Mark 6:22-27)

14) What did Jesus tell the disciples to do as a first step in feeding the people? (Mark 6:38)

15) What did Jesus do before he distributing the food to the multitudes? (Mark 6:41)

16) Does Jesus want any of the food that which has been multiplied by His blessing to be wasted? (Mark 6:43)

17) How many people came to hear Jesus teach of many things, and they did eat of the loaves and fish? (Mark 6:44)

18) What did Jesus always do after a great occasion and gathering? (Mark 6:46)

19) What happened as soon as Jesus stepped into the boat? (Mark 6:51)

20) What was the result in the disciples’ hearts? (Mark 6:51-52)

21) When Jesus and the disciples passed over into the land of Gennes’aret, what were the people doing with the sick? (Mark 6:55-56)

Mark Chapter 7

1) What two groups of people now find fault with Jesus? (Mark 7:1)

2) What did the disciples do when they eat bread and the Pharisees found fault with this issue? (Mark 7:2-3)

3) Did the Pharisees complain because the disciples did contrary to the law of God or contrary to tradition? (Mark 7:5)

4) Who had foretold the time when the chosen people would care more for the external form than for the reality of God’s Word? (Mark 7:6)

5) What example did Jesus use to show that these people gave more importance to tradition than to the Word of God? (Mark 7:10-12)

6) What did Jesus mean, when He called the people unto him, and said, “Hearken unto me every one of you, and understand.” (Mark 7:15-16)

7) What is the first thing that Jesus mentions as being the fruit of a corrupt heart? (Mark 7:21)

8) What did Jesus say was the source of all defilement? (Mark 7:23)

9) What did the Syrophenician woman want Jesus to do for her? (Mark 7:26)

10) What harsh words did Jesus utter to the Syrophenician woman? (Mark 7:27)

11) What special commendation did the Syrophenician woman receive? (Mark 7:28)

12) What did Jesus do to heal the deaf man in verse thirty-three of this book of Mark? (Mark 7:33)

13) What was the verdict of those who saw the miracle of the healing of the deaf and dumb man? (Mark 7:37)

Mark Chapter 8

1) What proof is there that Jesus was concerned with the physical as well as the spiritual needs of the people? (Mark 8:2)

2) Had the previous feeding of the multitude made much of an impression on the disciples? (Mark 8:4)

3) How does Jesus show that they had something that needed to be yielded to Him to be used? (Mark 8:5)

4) When the people sat on the ground and took the fish, seven loaves, and gave thanks, how many people eat of the food and were filled? (Mark 8:9)

5) What was the motive of the Pharisees in seeking signs? (Mark 8:11)

6) What warning did Jesus give His disciples? (Mark 8:15)

7) When Jesus took the blind man by the hand and led him out of town, what did He do to the blind man’s eyes? (Mark 8:23)

8) What could the blind man see after Jesus first touched his eyes? (Mark 8:24)

9) What was the result of Jesus’ second touch? (Mark 8:25)

10) What did Jesus tell the blind man to do in verse twenty-six of the book of Mark? (Mark 8:26)

11) Who were the men saying that Jesus was? (Mark 8:28)

12) When Jesus asks the disciples the question, who say ye that I am, Peter answered him and said what? (Mark 8:29)

13) When Jesus speaks of His death, what does He always connect with it? (Mark 8:31)

14) To whom did Jesus attribute the suggestion that it was possible for Him to avoid the cross? (Mark 8:33)

15) What must one deny, in order to be a follower of Jesus Christ? (Mark 8:34)

16) Are all the pleasures of the world, anything compared to the value of a soul? (Mark 8:36)

17) What will be the price of being ashamed of Jesus Christ and His words? (Mark 8:38)

Mark Chapter 9

1) Did Jesus say that some men will not taste of death, until they have seen the Kingdom of God come with power? (Mark 9:1)

2) Who were the some that Jesus was talking about, who had the opportunity of seeing His Kingdom come in power? (Mark 9:2)

3) Who appeared with Jesus high on the mountain? (Mark 9:4)

4) What did Peter propose to Jesus when they were on the mountain? (Mark 9:5)

5) What were God’s last two words from Heaven concerning His Son? (Mark 9:7)

6) How long were they to withhold the story of what had happened on the mountain? (Mark 9:9)

7) What question troubled the disciples in this verse? (Mark 9:11)

8) What was the cause of the excitement at the foot of the mount? (Mark 9:17-18)

9) Does the Word of God say that if thou canst believe, all things are possible to them that believes? (Mark 9:23)

10) What did the father of the child cried out, and say with tears? (Mark 9:24)

11) What did Jesus say was the reason for the disciples’ lack of power? (Mark 9:29)

12) What was the reaction of the disciples when Jesus told them, what was going to happen to Him? (Mark 9:31-32)

13) What did Jesus say that one must do in order to be first? (Mark 9:35)

14) How must one’s service be done, in order to receive a reward? (Mark 9:41)

15) Was Jesus here teaching and warning about hell in these verses? (Mark 9:44-47)

16) Does Jesus indicate that future punishment will sometime end? (Mark 9:48)

Mark Chapter 10

1) What question did Jesus give in reply to the Pharisees when they asked Him about divorce? (Mark 10:2-3)

2) What word suggests that God tolerated divorce because of the sinful condition of men? (Mark 10:4-5)

3) How close does God regard the union of husband and wife to be? (Mark 10:8)

4) When does Jesus say that a woman commits adultery? (Mark 10:11-12)

5) How serious is it for anyone to keep a child from coming to Jesus Christ? (Mark 10:14-15)

6) What words does say that would indicate this? (Mark 10:14)

7) What did the young rich ruler ask Jesus in verse seventeen? (Mark 10:17)

8) What did Jesus say to him when he called him, “Good Master”? (Mark 10:18-19)

9) What did Jesus tell the young man to do in verse twenty-one? (Mark 10:21)

10) What is the real danger in having the possession of lots of money? (Mark 10:24)

11) Can you explain what Jesus is talking about in verse twenty-five? (Mark 10:25-27)

12) What was going to happen to Jesus when He went into Jerusalem? (Mark 10:33)

13) What statement of Jesus would have reassured the disciples that He not going to be simply the victim of circumstances? (Mark 10:34)

14) Who were the sons of Zebedee? (Mark 10:35)

15) What did the two sons request of Jesus? (Mark 10:37)

16) What answer did Jesus give James and John the sons of Zebedee? (Mark 10:40)

17) What did Jesus say that the Son of Man came to do in verse forty-five? (Mark 10:45)

18) Who did Jesus meet on His journey near Jericho that was blind? (Mark 10:46)

19) What did Jesus do for the blind beggar, that cried out to Jesus, thou “Son of David;” have mercy on me? (Mark 10:47-52)

20) What did Jesus tell blind Bartimaeus to do in verse fifty-two? (Mark 10:52)

Mark Chapter 11

1) What did the two disciples go into the village to get for Jesus? (Mark 11:2)

2) Why were the owners of the colt willing to let it go? (Mark 11:3-6)

3) What was done to the colt before Jesus would sit upon it? (Mark 11:7)

4) What did the people cry out in verse nine? (Mark 11:9)

5) What Kingdom did the people think was about to be set up? (Mark 11:10)

6) Where did Jesus spend the nights of this week? (Mark 11:11)

7) Why did Jesus expect to find figs on this tree when it was not yet the season for figs? (Mark 11:12-14)

8) What is God’s house to be noted for in this verse seventeen of Mark? (Mark 11:17)

9) How complete was the miracle upon the fig tree? (Mark 11:20)

10) What lesson did Jesus immediately suggest in these verses? (Mark 11:22-23)

11) When we stand praying, what kind of spirit does Jesus require us to have? (Mark 11:25-26)

12) What was the one question that Jesus asks the scribes and chief priests in the temple? (Mark 11:29-30)

13) Why were the scribes and Pharisees unable to answer the question that Jesus asked? (Mark 11:29-33)

Mark Chapter 12

1) What happened to the servant that came to receive the fruit of the vineyard? (Mark 12:3)

2) What happened to the second servant that came to the tenants for fruits? (Mark 12:4)

3) What happened to the third servant that came to the tenants to receive fruits? (Mark 12:5)

4) What did the tenants do to the only son and the heir of the vineyard? (Mark 12:8)

5) What will be the fate of those who reject the heir? (Mark 12:9)

6) What was the next catch question that the Pharisees ask Jesus in verse fourteen of the book of Mark? (Mark 12:14)

7) What did Jesus’ answer indicate to them about tax money? (Mark 12:17)

8) When the Sadducees came to Jesus and ask Him the question about whose wife she would be when they rise in the resurrection because she had seven husbands? What was His answer? (Mark 12:20-25)

9) How did Jesus answer this question? (Mark 12:24)

10) How did God refer to Himself in their own Scriptures? (Mark 12:26-27)

11) What was the one sincere question of the scribe? (Mark 12:28)

12) What was the one infallible answer that Jesus delivered in one sentence? (Mark 12:30)

13) What law did Jesus name as second in importance? (Mark 12:31)

14) Against whom did Jesus then warn the people? (Mark 12:38-40)

15) How much money did the poor widow cast into the treasury? (Mark 12:42)

16) Why did the widow’s very small gift make a greater impression on Jesus than any other? (Mark 12:44)

Mark Chapter 13

1) What impressed the disciples as they all were leaving the temple? (Mark 13:1)

2) How did Jesus answer the disciples and what prophecy did Jesus make to them? (Mark 13:2)

3) Who ask about the signs and when would they be fulfilled? (Mark 13:3)

4) What did Jesus say to the disciples about signs and warnings of this prophecy? (Mark 12:5-6)

5) What would characterize this whole entire age? (Mark 13:7)

6) What will happen to the followers of Jesus Christ when war comes? (Mark 13:9)

7) What must be first proclaimed among all nations? (Mark 13:10)

8) What did Jesus say would happen to brothers, fathers, and children at this time? (Mark 13:11-12)

9) Why will all men be hated in verse thirteen of the book of Mark? (Mark 13:13)

10) Who was the prophet that spoke that we shall see the “Abomination of Desolation in this verse? (Mark 13:14)

11) What warnings does Jesus tell the people in these verses to be aware of? (Mark 13:15-16-17)

12) Is this the “Great Tribulation” that Jesus is talking about in this verse nineteen of the book of Mark? (Mark 13:19)

13) What should a Christian remember when he hears reports of miracle workers and Messiahs? (Mark 13:21-23)

14) What will happen in those days, after that “Great Tribulation” time? (Mark 13:24-25)

15) What will happen in connection with Jesus coming then? (Mark 13:27)

16) What is the significance of Israel’s gathering together after her long dispersion? (Mark 13:29)

17) What did Jesus say about this generation in this verse of the book of Mark? (Mark 13:30)

18) What did Jesus say would pass away in this verse of the book of Mark? (Mark 13:31)

19) What did Jesus say will happen to Heaven and earth in this verse? (Mark 13:31)

20) Who alone knows the exact time of the second coming of Jesus Christ? (Mark 13:32)

21) What is to be our chief concern while we wait for Jesus to return? (Mark 13:35-37)

Mark Chapter 14

1) What was the reason that the scribes did not take Jesus on the day of the Feast of the Passover? (Mark 14:2)

2) Who was the woman that came and poured the ointment on the head of Jesus? (Mark 14:3)

3) Where was Jesus at when the woman came with the box of ointment? (Mark 14:3)

4) Whose house were they eating in this verse of the book of Mark? (Mark 14:3)

5) How much could have this ointment been sold for and what could this money been used for? (Mark 14:5)

6) What purpose did Jesus say the ointment had been given for? (Mark 14:7-8)

7) What memorial was erected to this woman’s gift of ointment that she poured on His head? (Mark 14:9)

8) Who was the one that went to the chief priests, to betray Jesus? (Mark 14:10)

9) What did the priests promise to give Judas Iscariot for betraying Him? (Mark 14:11)

10) What did Jesus tell His disciples to prepare? (Mark 14:12-16)

11) What did Jesus tell the twelve disciples as they sat and eat with Him? (Mark 14:18)

12) What did the disciples ask Jesus? (Mark 14:19)

13) How did Jesus answer the twelve disciples? (Mark 14:20)

14) Did Jesus say that there would be hope for Judas’ salvation sometime in the future? (Mark 14:21)

15) What did Jesus say to the disciples as He broke, blessed the bread, and gave it to them? (Mark 14:22)

16) What did Jesus say to them when He took the cup and gave thanks, and they all drank of it? (Mark 14:24-25)

17) What did Jesus say would be the attitude of all the disciples that night? (Mark 14:27)

18) Who was the one disciple that said he would always remain true to Jesus? (Mark 14:29)

19) Which disciple did Jesus say would deny Him three times before the cock crows twice that night? (Mark 14:30)

20) Who were the three disciples that were with Jesus in the Garden? (Mark 14:33)

21) What did Jesus pray for in the Garden? (Mark 14:36)

22) What were the disciples doing during this time? (Mark 14:37)

23) Did the disciples need to pray for Jesus or pray for themselves? (Mark 14:38)

24) By what sign did Judas give to the scribes and chief priests as he betrayed Him? (Mark 14:44)

25) By what title did Judas address Jesus as he betrayed Him? (Mark 14:45)

26) What happen to the servant of the high priest in the garden? (Mark 14:47)

27) Where was Peter when they took Jesus away to the high priest? (Mark 14:54)

28) Did Jesus answer the false charges against Him? (Mark 14:60-61)

29) What did Jesus reply when they questioned His deity? (Mark 14:61-62)

30) How did Peter begin to fulfill Jesus Christ’s words to him? (Mark 14:68)

31) What did Peter do when he recalled Jesus words that He had say to him about the cock crowing and him denying Him? (Mark 14:72)

Mark Chapter 15

1) What did Pilate ask Jesus when they delivered Him? (Mark 15:2)

2) How did Jesus answer Pilate when he ask Him, Art thou the “King of the Jews?” (Mark 15:2)

3) What was the custom in honor of the Jewish Feast? (Mark 15:6)

4) Who suggested that Barabbas be released and not Jesus? (Mark 15:11)

5) When Pilate asks the people, what shall I do with Him, whom ye call the “King of the Jews?” (Mark 15:13)

6) Could the religious leaders answer Pilate’s question? (Mark 15:14)

7) How did the soldiers mock the Lord Jesus Christ? (Mark 15:17-19)

8) Who helped Jesus carry the cross? (Mark 15:21)

9) What does “Golgotha” mean? (Mark 15:22)

10) Did Jesus accept the drink that was offered to Him? (Mark 15:23)

11) At what hour was Jesus crucified on the cross? (Mark 15:25)

12) Who was crucified with Jesus on that same day? (Mark 15:27)

13) What happened when Jesus was on the cross for six hours? (Mark 15:33)

14) What did Jesus say in the ninth hour of His awful suffering on the cross? (Mark 15:34)

15) What happened when Jesus cried with a loud voice, and gave up the Spirit? (Mark 15:38)

16) What did the Roman centurion say when he heard Him cry out, and give up the Spirit? (Mark 15:39)

17) Who ask Pilate for the body of Jesus? (Mark 15:43)

18) Who waited to the very end to see where the body of Jesus was laid? (Mark 15:47)

Mark Chapter 16

1) Who brought sweet spices, so they could anoint Jesus’ body and prepare Him for burial? (Mark 16:1)

2) How many women were at the sepulcher with spices? (Mark 16:1)

3) On what day of the week was Jesus raised from the dead? (Mark 16:2)

4) When they entered the sepulcher, who did they see sitting on the right side, clothed in a long white garment? (Mark 16:5)

5) Who was to be given a special message? (Mark 16:7)

6) Where did Jesus say He would meet His disciples? (Mark 16:7)

7) Who was the first person to see Jesus after His Resurrection? (Mark 16:9)

8) In what state were Jesus’ disciples before they heard the good news that He had risen? (Mark 16:10)

9) What was the disciple’s reaction, to Mary Magdalene’s words? (Mark 16:11)

10) Who did Jesus later appear to as they sat eating? (Mark 16:14)

11) What great commission did Jesus give to them? (Mark 16:15)

12) What command is linked with a true acceptance of Jesus Christ? (Mark 16:16)

13) In what words is the great and wonderful event of the ascension recorded? (Mark 16:19)

14) Why were signs necessary before the completion of the written Word? (Mark 16:17-20)

Note: I pray that these questions have helped your study and understanding of Gods’ word in the Bible. Please feel free to pass them on to other people if they have helped you.

Your, Brother in Christ

Frank Rose