Questions about the Book of Second John

The book of Second John is the twenty-fourth book of the New Testament. The Second epistle of John has, on account of its salutation, occasioned much discussion. John has an urgent message that centers round the “truth” in its relation to Christian living, by the “truth” and John means not only the body of revealed truth, the Scriptures, but also the Lord Jesus Christ who, as the chief subject of the Scriptures, is Himself the Truth Incarnate. This Epistle can be divided into two parts: 1) The pathway of Truth and love. 2) The mark of a deceiver and Antichrist. The author of this book is John. Listed below are questions on the book of Second John. These questions can be used freely for Sunday school or bible study to help all young Christians study the scriptures. My prayers are with you always and may God bless you in your studies.

II John Chapter 1

1) In what way does John love the elect lady in verse one? (II John 1:1)

2) Where does the truth dwell, according to John in verse two? (II John 1:2)

3) How long will the truth dwell in the believer, according to verse two? (II John 1:2)

4) What is the source of mercy and peace in verse three of this book? (II John 1:3)

5) How is the grace from the Father and the Son given to us? (II John 1:3)

6) What did John find regarding the walk of the children? (II John 1:4)

7) What basis does John beseech the lady on in this verse? (II John 1:5)

8) What is the commandment given by John, according to verse five of this book? (II John 1:5)

9) According to John, what is love defined by him in verse six? (II John 1:6)

10) What is the believer to do in relation to the commandment? (II John 1:6)

11) What may a deceiver be known by in verse seven of this book? (II John 1:7)

12) What is John’s exhortation regarding the labors of the workers? (II John 1:8)

13) Why should we hold on to what we have gained spiritually? (II John 1:8)

14) What description is given of the person who transgresses? (II John 1:9)

15) What does a person have who abides in the doctrine of Jesus Christ? (II John 1:9)

16) How are we to treat a person who does not believe in the doctrine of Jesus Christ? (II John 1:10)

17) Why should we refuse to bid a false teacher God speed, according to verse eleven? (II John 1:11)

18) Why does John hope to see the lady personally, according to verse twelve of this book? (II John 1:12)

Note: I pray that these questions have helped YOU in your study and understanding of Gods’ word in the Bible. Please feel free to pass them on to other people if they have helped you.

Your, Brother in Christ

Frank Rose