Questions about the Book of Second Timothy

The book of Second Timothy is the sixteenth book of the New Testament. This Second epistle to Timothy, probably the last letter written by Paul, was written toward the end of Nero’s reign. In an earlier letter to Timothy, Paul expresses his hope soon to be with his “son in the faith.” In the second letter alone he speaks of the time of his departure being at hand, but Paul was not only in prison, he had been abandoned by most of his friends. This Epistle can be divided into four parts: 1) Paul’s charge to Timothy. 2) The path of an approved servant in a day of Apostasy. 3) The Apostasy predicted; the Christian’s resource, the Scriptures. 4) A faithful servant and His faithful Lord. The author of this book is Paul. Listed below are questions on the book of Second Timothy. These questions can be used freely for Sunday school or bible study to help all young Christians study the scriptures. My prayers are with you always and may God bless you in your studies.

II Timothy Chapter 1

1) How does Paul refer to Timothy in his salutation? (II Timothy 1:2)

2) In what way should one Christian remember another Christian? (II Timothy 1:3)

3) What is Paul’s immediate desire concerning Timothy? (II Timothy 1:4)

4) How did Timothy’s background help in his conversion? (II Timothy 1:5)

5) What was Timothy to do to make his ministry effective? (II Timothy 1:6)

6) What attitude is the Christian worker to have toward the ministry of God’s Word? (II Timothy 1:8)

7) What assurance gives the Christian great courage? (II Timothy 1:12)

8) Can you state Paul’s charge concerning the correct doctrine? (II Timothy 1:13)

9) How was Paul being treated by his friends in Asia? (II Timothy 1:15)

II Timothy Chapter 2

1) Can you describe the great principle of teaching stated in verse two? (II Timothy 2:2)

2) Those who serve God are to avoid what type of entanglements? (II Timothy 2:4)

3) What is awarded to the one who keeps the rules of the contest? (II Timothy 2:5)

4) What privilege is the laborer to enjoy? (II Timothy 2:6)

5) Who is able to give us spiritual understanding? (II Timothy 2:7)

6) Which event shows Jesus Christ was victorious over death, hell, and the grave? (II Timothy 2:8)

7) How will some people often treat those who faithfully witness for Jesus Christ? (II Timothy 2:9)

8) Who was Paul willing to endure hardships for? (II Timothy 2:10)

9) Why was Paul willing to suffer for the sake of others? (II Timothy 2:10)

10) What further privilege will those have, who also suffer for Jesus Christ? (II Timothy 2:12)

11) Why will Jesus Christ remain faithful when others deny Him? (II Timothy 2:13)

12) What is to be avoided if one is going to speak about spiritual things? (II Timothy 2:14)

13) What must a Christian do in order to qualify as an approved workman? (II Timothy 2:15)

14) How will the approved workman treat the Word of God? (II Timothy 2:15)

15) What is the fruit of the unsound doctrine? (II Timothy 2:16)

16) Which false doctrine were the Hymenaeus and the Philetus spreading? (II Timothy 2:18)

17) How are all Christians to live in this life? (II Timothy 2:19)

18) What is the Christian to strive for in this life? (II Timothy 2:22)

19) Whose fellowship will best help one live a Christian life? (II Timothy 2:22)

20) Can you list some of the characteristics of a servant of God? (II Timothy 2:24-25)

21) What is the result of good teaching? (II Timothy 2:25-26)

II Timothy Chapter 3

1) When can we expect perilous times? (II Timothy 3:1)

2) Can you list some of the characteristics of the men of this time? (II Timothy 3:2-3)

3) What will be the wicked man’s greatest love? (II Timothy 3:4)

4) What is their true inward spiritual condition? (II Timothy 3:5)

5) What is to be our relationship with these false Christians as far as fellowship is concerned? (II Timothy 3:5)

6) What type of people do the false teachers lead astray? (II Timothy 3:6)

7) What is their reaction when they hear the truth of God? (II Timothy 3:8)

8) In what way will these false teachers be exposed? (II Timothy 3:9)

9) Who delivers the Christian from persecution and affliction? (II Timothy 3:11)

10) Why does Paul stress the assurance of deliverance? (II Timothy 3:12)

11) How does Paul describe these last evil days? (II Timothy 3:13)

12) How is Timothy to respond to, what Paul has taught him? (II Timothy 3:14)

13) Why should we teach young children the gospel? (II Timothy 3:15)

14) What makes Scripture authoritative for the Christians? (II Timothy 3:16)

15) Can you list four ways in which the Scripture is profitable? (II Timothy 3:16)

16) Why should a Christian have a good knowledge of God’s Word? (II Timothy 3:17)

II Timothy Chapter 4

1) What will Jesus Christ do when He appears again? (II Timothy 4:1)

2) When is it proper to teach the Scriptures? (II Timothy 4:2)

3) What is to accompany the preaching of the Word? (II Timothy 4:2)

4) Why should Timothy reprove, rebuke and exhort? (II Timothy 4:3)

5) What will people substitute for the truth? (II Timothy 4:4)

6) In view of the sad condition of the church, what four things should Timothy do while preaching the Word? (II Timothy 4:5)

7) Why was Paul urging Timothy to increase his ministry? (II Timothy 4:6)

8) At what point in the Christian race had the apostle Paul, now come? (II Timothy 4:7)

9) Besides running the race, in what other respect was Paul faithful? (II Timothy 4:7)

10) Can you describe the reward for those who faithfully run the race? (II Timothy 4:8)

11) Who will give this crown of righteousness? (II Timothy 4:8)

12) What made Demas forsake the apostle Paul? (II Timothy 4:10)

13) How did Paul evaluate the ministry of John Mark? (II Timothy 4:11)

14) Can you list the personal effects of Paul that Timothy was to bring? (II Timothy 4:13)

15) Who rewards those who are guilty of evil works? (II Timothy 4:14)

16) What is the Lord’s ministry to Christians who are deserted by friends? (II Timothy 4:17)

17) What further deliverance did the Lord Jesus Christ grant Paul? (II Timothy 4:18)

Note: I pray that these questions have helped your study and under standing of Gods’ word in the Bible. Please feel free to pass them on to other people if they have helped you.

Your, Brother in Christ

Frank Rose