Questions about the Book of Exodus

Exodus is the second book of the bible. The word Exodus means exit or the departure. The children of Israel departure from Egypt is the going out of all the chosen people from the land where they had suffered helplessly as slaves for generations. The author of this book is Moses. This book of Exodus includes an account of the birth of Moses, the plagues by which God delivered the Israelites from Egypt, the journey to Sinai, the giving of the law and a description of the tabernacle. Listed below are questions on the book of Exodus. These questions can be used for Sunday school or bible study to help all young converts study the scriptures and may God bless you always.

Exodus Chapter 1

1) The sons of Jacob entered Egypt with Jacob and whom? (Exodus 1:1)

2) How many of Jacob’s descendants entered Egypt? (Exodus 1:5)

3) What happened to Joseph and his brothers? (Exodus 1:6)

4) What happened to the Israelites? (Exodus 1:7)

5) With what was the land of Egypt filled? (Exodus 1:7)

6) Who came to power in Egypt? (Exodus 1:8)

7) What did he not know? (Exodus 1:8)

8) What did the new king fear, according to this verse? (Exodus 1:10)

9) Why were slave masters put over the Israelites? (Exodus 1:11)

10) What did they build? (Exodus 1:11)

11) What were Pithom and Rameses? (Exodus 1:11)

12) How did the oppression affect the Israelites? (Exodus 1:12)

13) What kinds of hard labor did the Egyptians use? (Exodus 1:14)

14) Who were Shiphrah and Puah? (Exodus 1:15)

15) What were they instructed to do? (Exodus 1:16)

16) Why did they not obey the king? (Exodus 1:17)

17) What did the midwives tell Pharaoh? (Exodus 1:19)

18) How did God reward the mid—wives? (Exodus 1:20-21)

19) What was Pharaoh’s next order concerning the babies? (Exodus 1:22)

Exodus Chapter 2

1) How long did the Levite woman hide her son? (Exodus 2:2)

2) Describe the basket in verse three. (Exodus 2:3)

3) Where was the basket put in verse three? (Exodus 2:3)

4) Who watched the basket, according to verse four? (Exodus 2:4)

5) Who went to the river to bathe in verse five? (Exodus 2:5)

6) Who was sent for the basket in verse five? (Exodus 2:5)

7) Why did Pharaoh’s daughter feel sorry for the baby? (Exodus 2:6)

8) What did the sister ask? (Exodus 2:7)

9) Who did the girl get as a nurse? (Exodus 2:8)

10) When was the baby taken to Pharaoh’s daughter? (Exodus 2:10)

11) What was the baby named and why? (Exodus 2:10)

12) What two things did Moses see when he went to view his own people? (Exodus 2:11)

13) What did Moses do to the Egyptian? (Exodus 2:12)

14) What did he see the next day, according to verse thirteen? (Exodus 2:13)

15) What two positions did the Hebrews question Moses about taking? (Exodus 2:14)

16) What question caused Moses to become frightened? (Exodus 2:14)

17) Why was Moses frightened by this question? (Exodus 2:14)

18) Who hear this and what did he try to do? (Exodus 2:15)

19) Where did Moses go to live? (Exodus 2:15)

20) How many daughters did the priest of Midian have? (Exodus 2:16)

21) How did Moses help the daughters? (Exodus 2:16-17)

22) What surprised their father in this verse? (Exodus 2:18)

23) What was the name of the priest of Midian, their father? (Exodus 2:18)

24) What did the daughters call Moses? (Exodus 2:19)

25) Who was Moses’ wife? (Exodus 2:21)

26) What was the name of Moses’ son? What was its meaning? (Exodus 2:22)

27) What happened during this time in this verse? (Exodus 2:23)

28) Who cried and who heard in these verses? (Exodus 2:23-24)

28) What did God remember, according to verse twenty-four? (Exodus 2:24)

Exodus Chapter 3

1) What was another name for Reuel, according this verse? (Exodus 3:1)

2) Where did Moses lead Jethro’s flock? (Exodus 3:1)

3) Who appeared to him there and how? (Exodus 3:2)

4) What was strange about the fire? (Exodus 3:2)

5) Who called to Moses and from where? (Exodus 3:4)

6) What did God tell Moses to do and why? (Exodus 3:5)

7) Why did Moses hide his face? (Exodus 3:6)

8) What had God seen and heard? (Exodus 3:7)

9) Where was God going to take his people when he rescued them? (Exodus 3:8)

10) Who was living in that land, according to this verse? (Exodus 3:8)

11) How was God going to rescue his people? (Exodus 3:9-10)

12) What would happen when the Israelites came out of Egypt? (Exodus 3:12)

13) What name does God give Moses to tell who has sent him? (Exodus 3:14)

14) Under what name will God be remembered? (Exodus E3:15)

15) To whom was Moses to go? (Exodus 3:16)

16) Where were the elders to go? (Exodus 3:18)

17) What would be their first request? (Exodus 3:18)

18) What did God already know? (Exodus 3:19)

19) What would God do to the Egyptians? (Exodus 3:20)

20) What would happen then? (Exodus 3:20)

21) When they left, they would not leave how? (Exodus 3:21)

22) How were they to plunder the Egyptians? (Exodus 3:22)

Exodus Chapter 4

1) What did Moses have in his hand, according to verse one? (Exodus 4:1)

2) What was Moses told to do with the staff? What happened? (Exodus 4:3)

3) How did the staff become a snake again? (Exodus 4:4)

4) What was the purpose of God in changing the rod into a serpent in the hands of Moses? (Exodus 4:5)

5) Where was Moses to put his hand? What happened? (Exodus 4:6)

6) How was his hand restored? (Exodus 4:7)

7) If they did not believe the first two signs, what was Moses to do? (Exodus 4:9)

8) What was Moses concerned about? (Exodus 4:10)

9) What did God ask Moses in verse eleven? (Exodus 4:11)

10) What was Moses’ plea, according to verse thirteen? (Exodus 4:13)

11) How did God react to this in verse fourteen? (Exodus 4:14)

12) Who does God tell Moses will help him? (Exodus 4:14)

13) What was Aaron already doing in this verse? (Exodus 4:14)

14) How was the speaking to be controlled? (Exodus 4:15)

15) With what would Moses perform miraculous signs? (Exodus 4:17)

16) How did Jethro react to Moses’ request to return to Egypt? (Exodus 4:18)

17) What had the Lord told Moses about returning to Egypt? (Exodus 4:19)

18) Who did Moses take with him? (Exodus 4:20)

19) What was God going to do to Pharaoh? (Exodus 4:21)

20) Israel was what to God? (Exodus 4:22)

21) What was God going to do to Pharaoh this time? (Exodus 4:23)

22) What was God about to do to Moses in 4:24? (Exodus 4:24)

23) What did Zipporah do? (Exodus 4:25)

24) How does Zipporah describe Moses? (Exodus 4:25)

25) What does this phrase refer to in verse twenty-six? (Exodus 4:26)

26) Where did Aaron meet Moses, according to this verse? (Exodus 4:27)

27) Who went before the elders? (Exodus 4:29-30)

28) What was told the elders, what was shown the people? (Exodus 4:30)

29) Why did they bow down and worship? (Exodus 4:31)

Exodus Chapter 5

1) What did Moses and Aaron ask Pharaoh to do? (Exodus 5:1)

2) Who did Pharaoh not know and what would he not do? (Exodus 5:2)

3) Why did they say the trip to the desert to worship was necessary? (Exodus 5:3)

4) What did Pharaoh say Moses and Aaron were doing? (Exodus 5:4)

5) What message did Pharaoh send to the slave drivers and foremen? (Exodus 5:6-7)

6) Although the people had to gather their own straw what was ex­pected of them? (Exodus 5:8)

7) What did Pharaoh say the Israelites were? (Exodus 5:8)

8) If the work was harder, what would the men do? (Exodus 5:9)

9) Where did the Israelites get stubble? What was its use? (Exodus 5:12)

10) Who was beaten because they had not met their quotas? (Exodus 5:14)

11) Who did the foremen appeal to? Who did they blame? (Exodus 5:15-16)

12) What did the foremen tell Moses and Aaron? (Exodus 5:20-21)

13) Whom did Moses turn to in verse twenty-two? (Exodus 5:22)

14) What does Moses say Pharaoh has brought upon the Israelites because of him? (Exodus 5:23)

Exodus Chapter 6

1) What would happen because of God’s mighty hand? (Exodus 6:1)

2) How was God not known to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? (Exodus 6:3)

3) How had Abraham and his descendants lived in Canaan? (Exodus 6:4)

4) What six things does God say he is going to do for Israel? (Exodus 6:6-8)







5) Why didn’t the Israelites listen to Moses? (Exodus 6:9)

6) How did Moses speak? (Exodus 6:12)

7) Who gave Moses and Aaron the charge to bring the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt? (Exodus 6:13)

8) Who is the first born of Israel? (Exodus 6:14)

9) Can you name Reuben’s four sons? (Exodus 6:14)

10) How many sons did Simeon have and name them? (Exodus 6:15)

11) How many sons did Levi have and name them? (Exodus 6:16)

12) How many years did Kohath, Levi’s son live? (Exodus 6:18)

13) How many years did Amram live? (Exodus 6:20)

14) Can you name the three sons of Izhar? (Exodus 6:21)

15) Can you name the three sons of Uzziel? (Exodus 6:22)

16) Who was Aaron’s wife, according to this verse? (Exodus 6:23)

17) How many sons did Aaron and Elisheba have and name them? (Exodus 6:23)

18) Can you name the three sons of Korah? (Exodus 6:24)

19) Which sons of Aaron’s took a daughter of Putiel for a wife? (Exodus 6:25)

20) Can you name the father of Phinchas? (Exodus 6:25)

21) Who said, “I am of uncircumcised lips and how shall Pharaoh hearken into me?” (Exodus 6:30)

Exodus Chapter 7

1) How had God made Moses and Aaron, according to this verse? (Exodus 7:1)

2) Who would God bring out of Egypt, according to this verse? (Exodus 7:4)

3) How old were Moses and Aaron, according to verse seven? (Exodus 7:7)

4) What happened when Aaron threw his staff before Pharaoh? (Exodus 7:10)

5) Who was able to duplicate this? (Exodus 7:11)

6) What happened to the Egyptians staffs? (Exodus 7:12)

7) Where was Moses to meet Pharaoh? When? (Exodus 7:15)

8) What was Moses going to do to the waters of the Nile? (Exodus 7:17)

9) What would happen when the water became blood? (Exodus 7:18)

10) Where was the water supply turned to blood? (Exodus 7:19)

11) How were the Egyptian magicians able to do this? (Exodus 7:22)

12) Where did the Egyptians get drinking water? (Exodus 7:24)

Exodus Chapter 8

1) How long after the Nile turned to blood before Moses was sent again to Pharaoh? (Exodus 8:1)

2) What does Moses say will plague Egypt this time? (Exodus 8:2)

3) Where would the frogs be found? (Exodus 8:3-4)

4) Where did the frogs come from? (Exodus 8:3-5)

5) What did the magicians do in verse seven? (Exodus 8:7)

6) What does Pharaoh promise if the frogs are removed? (Exodus 8:8)

7) When was Moses to pray for Pharaoh? (Exodus 8:9-10)

8) Where would the frogs remain? (Exodus 8:11)

9) What happened to the frogs? (Exodus 8:13-14)

10) Why didn’t Pharaoh keep his promise? (Exodus 8:15)

11) What became gnats, according to verse sixteen? (Exodus 8:16)

13) What did the magicians try to do? What happened? (Exodus 8:18)

14) Where were the gnats? (Exodus 8:18)

15) What did the magicians tell Pharaoh? (Exodus 8:19)

16) Where does Moses confront Pharaoh again? (Exodus 8:20)

17) What was the Lord going to send now? (Exodus 8:21)

18) What about the land of Goshen and why? (Exodus 8:22-23)

19) What does Pharaoh ask Moses to do? (Exodus 8:25)

20) What reason does Moses give for not doing as Pharaoh requested? (Exodus 8:26)

21) What does Moses want to do instead in this verse? (Exodus 8:27)

22) What does Pharaoh promise this time and with what condition? (Exodus 8:28)

23) What does Moses warn Pharaoh not to do? (Exodus 8:29)

24) What happened after the flies were gone? (Exodus 8:32)

Exodus Chapter 9

1) What name is given to God in 9:1? (Exodus 9:1)

2) Where was the next plague to come? (Exodus 9:2)

3) What livestock was included? (Exodus 9:2)

4) What distinction would be made between Egyptian livestock and Israelite livestock? (Exodus 9:4)

5) What happened to the livestock? (Exodus 9:6)

6) What was Moses to throw into the air before Pharaoh? (Exodus 9:8)

7) What would the soot become, what would it cause? (Exodus 9:9)

8) Why could the magicians not stand before Moses? (Exodus 9:11)

9) When Moses next goes to Pharaoh what does he tell Pharaoh God will send this time? (Exodus 9:14)

10) What could God have already done? (Exodus 9:15)

11) For what purpose had God raised up Pharaoh? (Exodus 9:16)

12) What was God going to send? What precautions does he tell the Egyptians to take? (Exodus 9:18-19)

13) Who heeded this precaution? (Exodus 9:20)

14) What did Moses do to bring the hail? (Exodus 9:22-23)

15) What came with the hail? (Exodus 9:23-33)

16) What did the hail do? (Exodus 9:25)

17) Where did it not hail? (Exodus 9:26)

18) What does Pharaoh admit? (Exodus 9:27)

19) What does Pharaoh promise? (Exodus 9:28)

20) Where would Moses pray? (Exodus 9:29)

21) What did Moses know, according to verse thirty? (Exodus 9:30)

22) What was destroyed, and not destroyed and why? (Exodus 9:31-32)

23) How did Pharaoh sin again, according to these verses? (Exodus 9:34-35)

Exodus Chapter 10

1) Why was Pharaoh’s heart hardened, according to verse one? (Exodus 10:1)

2) What was Moses to tell his children and grandchildren? (Exodus 10:2)

3) What was next to come into the country? (Exodus 10:4)

4) What would they cover, devour? (Exodus 10:4)

5) Who had never seen anything like this? (Exodus 10:6)

6) What did Pharaoh’s officials say to Pharaoh? (Exodus 10:7)

7) Who did Moses say would be going into the desert? (Exodus 10:9)

8) What does Pharaoh accuse Moses of in verse ten? (Exodus 10:10)

9) Who does Pharaoh say should go? (Exodus 10:11)

10) What brought the locust? (Exodus 10:13)

11) How did they cover the ground? (Exodus 10:15)

12) How much green was left in Egypt? (Exodus 10:15)

13) Who does Pharaoh say he has sinned against? (Exodus 10:16)

14) What removed the locust, to where? (Exodus 10:19)

15) What kind of darkness was to come? (Exodus 10:21)

16) How long did the darkness last? (Exodus 10:22)

17) What could no one do? (Exodus 10:23)

18) What about the Israelites? (Exodus 10:23)

19) Pharaoh says the women and children may go this time, but what is to be left behind? (Exodus 10:24)

20) Why was this not satisfactory? (Exodus 10:25)

21) What does Moses say must not be left behind? (Exodus 10:26)

22) What does Pharaoh say to Moses in verse twenty-eight? (Exodus 10:28)

23) What does Moses say in agreement in this verse? (Exodus 10:29)

Exodus Chapter 11

1) What would Pharaoh do after one more plague? (Exodus 11:1)

2) What were the men and women to do? (Exodus 11:2)

3) Why would the Egyptians give these things? (Exodus 11:3)

4) When was the pla3ue on the firstborn to code? (Exodus 11:4)

5) What firstborns were to die? (Exodus 11:5)

6) What would be worse in Egypt than ever before? (Exodus 11:6)

7) What noise would come from the Israelites and why? (Exodus 11:7)

8) How did Noses leave Pharaoh? (Exodus 11:3)

9) Why did Pharaoh harden his heart and refuse to listen to Moses? (Exodus 11:9)

Exodus Chapter 12

1) How did this event start the Hebrews time measurement? (Exodus 12:2)

2) When was a lamb to be selected? (Exodus 12:3)

3) How were they to decide how many lambs to kill? (Exodus 12:3-4)

4) What qualification must the animal meet? (Exodus 12:5)

5) When were the animals to be slaughtered? (Exodus 12:6)

6) Where was some of the blood to be put? (Exodus 12:7)

7) What was to be eaten that night? (Exodus 12:5)

8) How could the meat not be eaten? (Exodus 12:9)

9) What parts were to be roasted? (Exodus 12:9) (This meant whole, it was not to be cut apart)

10) What was to be done to any leftovers? (Exodus 12:10)

11) How were they to eat it? (Exodus 12:11)

12) What was the name of this meal? (Exodus 12:11)

13) What would happen that night? (Exodus 12:12)

14) Why was the blood on the houses necessary? (Exodus 12:13)

15) How was this day to be celebrated? How long? (Exodus 12:14)

16) What was done on the first day? For seven days? (Exodus 12:15-16)

17) What could be done on the assembly days? (Exodus 12:16)

18) What is this feast called? (Exodus 12:17)

19) What would happen if someone ate leavened bread? (Exodus 12:15-19)

20) The seven days of unleavened bread was during what part of the month? (Exodus 12:18)

21) What was to be used to put the blood on the door frame? (Exodus 12:22)

22) When could anyone leave the house? (Exodus 12:22)

23) What part of the door frame was to have blood on it? (Exodus 12:23)

24) How were the Israelites to pass this ordinance on to their children? (Exodus 12:24-27)

25) Who was killed in Egypt? (Exodus 12:29-30)

26) When was Noses and Aaron summoned? (Exodus 12:31)

27) What did Pharaoh ask for himself? (Exodus 12:32)

28) How was the dough taken? (Exodus 12:34)

29) What did the Israelites ask of the Egyptians? (Exodus 12:35)

30) How far did the Israelites move? (Exodus 12:37)

31) How many men were there? (Exodus 12:37)

32) Besides the Israelites, who and what left Egypt? (Exodus 12:33)

33) How long were the Israelites in Egypt? (Exodus 12:40)

34) Why are the Israelites to keep vigil to honor the Lord? (Exodus 12:42)

35) What were the Passover regulations (Exodus 12:43-49)

Exodus Chapter 13

1) What did consecration of the firstborn mean? (Exodus 13:1)

2) What month did they leave Egypt in? (Exodus 13:4)

3) Into what land was the Lord taking them? (Exodus 13:5)

4) Where was yeast not to be seen? (Exodus13:7)

5) What would this observance be like? (Exodus 13:9)

6) How as a donkey was the firstling to be redeemed? (Exodus 13:13)

7) Where did God not lead the Israelites on their exodus? (Exodus 13:17)

8) Why not, that was shorter? (Exodus 13:17)

9) How did the Israelites leave (go up) from Egypt? (Exodus 13:13)

10) What did Moses taken from .Egypt and why? (Exodus 13:19)

11) Where did they camp after Succoth? (Exodus 13:20)

12) How were they guided and when could they travel? (Exodus 13:21)

Exodus Chapter 14

1) Where did the Lord tell Moses to camp? (Exodus 14:2)

2) Why did the Lord lead them in this route? (Exodus 14:3)

3) Why would Pharaoh decide to pursue theta? (Exodus 14:4)

4) Why was Pharaoh and his officials upset that the Israelites were gone? (Exodus 14:5)

5) How many chariots did Pharaoh take? (Exodus 14:7)

6) Who went with Pharaoh, according to verse nine? (Exodus 14:9)

7) How did the Israelites react when they saw the Egyptians? (Exodus 14:10)

8) What did they ask Moses in verse eleven? (Exodus 14:11)

9) What was better than death in the desert? (Exodus 14:12)

10) Who would the Israelites see no more? What did they have to do? (Exodus 14:13-14)

11) How were they to get across the sea? (Exodus 14:16)

12) Where had the angel of God been and where did he go? (Exodus 14:19)

14) How did the cloud help, according to this verse? (Exodus 14:20)

15) What did the Lord use to divide the sea? (Exodus 14:21)

16) What was on the right and left as the Israelites crossed the sea? (Exodus 14:22)

17) Who followed them into the sea? (Exodus 14:23)

18) What did the Lord do to Pharaoh’s army? (Exodus 14:24)

19) What did he do to the chariots? (Exodus 14:25)

20) What did the Egyptians decide? (Exodus 14:25)

21) When did the sea return to its place? (Exodus 14:27)

22) Who survived, according to verse twenty-eight? (Exodus 14:28)

23) What did the Israelites see, according to verse thirty? (Exodus 14:30)

24) How did this event affect the Israelites? (Exodus 14:31)

Exodus Chapter 15

1) Who is recorded as singing a song in this verse? (Exodus 15:1)

2) Can you list the phrases used to show what the Lord was? (Exodus 15:1-3)

3) How did the Lord destroy Pharaoh’s army? (Exodus 15:4-5)

4) Describe the parting of the sea waters. (Exodus 15:8)

5) What was the boast of the enemy? (Exodus 15:9)

6) What attributes do they give the Lord? (Exodus 15:11)

7) What two things will the Lord use to lead and guide the Israelites? (Exodus 15:13-14)

8) What nations would hear about this and fear? (Exodus 15:14)

9) Where would they be established? (Exodus 15:17)

10) Who was Miriam, according to verse twenty? (Exodus 15:20)

11) What instrument did Miriam use? What did she do? (Exodus 15:20-21)

12) Where did the Israelites go from the Red Sea? (Exodus 15:22)

13) How long did they travel without finding water? (Exodus 15:22)

14) Why couldn’t they drink the water at Marah? (Exodus 15:23)

15) How was the water to be made sweet? (Exodus 15:25)

16) What conditions did the Lord put on his keeping the Israelites healthy? (Exodus 15:26)

17) What was at Elim, according to verse twenty-seven? (Exodus 15:27)

Exodus Chapter 16

1) Where is the Desert of Sin, according to verse one? (Exodus 16:1)

2) When did the Israelites arrive there? (Exodus 16:1)

3) Who did the community grumble against? (Exodus 16:2)

4) How did the Israelites remember their lives in Egypt? (Exodus 16:3)

5) Why had Moses brought them to the desert? (Exodus 16:3)

6) What was to rain from heaven? (Exodus 16:4)

7) What was God using the bread for? (Exodus 16:4)

8) What was the Lord giving the Israelites and when? (Exodus 16:8)

9) Where was the glory of the Lord seen? (Exodus 16:10)

10) What came in the evening and covered the camp? (Exodus 16:13)

11) Describe the coming of the bread? (Exodus 16:13-14)

12) How much bread were the people to gather? (Exodus 16:16)

13) Although some gathered much and some little, how much did each have? (Exodus 16:18)

14) What happened to the bread that was kept until morning? (Exodus 16:20)

15) What happened to the bread when the sun was hot? (Exodus 16:21)

16) How could the food be prepared for the Sabbath? (Exodus 16:23)

17) What happened to those who went to gather on the Sabbath? (Exodus 16:27)

18) What were the people to do on the Sabbath? (Exodus 16:29)

19) What was the bread called? What did it look and taste like? (Exodus 16:31)

20) How much manna was to be kept and for how long and why? (Exodus 16:32)

21) Where was the omer of manna put? (Exodus 16:34)

22) How long did the Israelites eat manna? (Exodus 16:35)

23) How much was an omer, according to this verse? (Exodus 16:36)

Exodus Chapter 17

1) Where did the people camp and could find no water? (Exodus 17:1)

2) When they quarreled with Moses, what did he say they were doing? (Exodus 17:2)

3) What did Moses say the people were ready to do? (Exodus 17.4)

4) Where was Moses to go? What and who were to go with him? (Exodus 17:5)

6) What was Moses to do to the rock? (Exodus 17:6)

7) What did Moses name that place and why? (Exodus 17:7)

8) Who attacked the Israelites and where? (Exodus 17:8)

9) Joshua was to go fight, where was Moses going? (Exodus 17:9)

10) What does Moses call his staff? (Exodus 17:9)

11) Who went to the hill with Moses? (Exodus 17:10)

12) How was the battle ‘controlled’? (Exodus 17:11)

13) What happened when Noses’ arms grew tired? (Exodus 17:12)

14) How lone did the battle last? Who won? (Exodus 17:12-13)

15) Where was this event to be written and why? (Exodus 17:14)

16) Why was Joshua to hear this? (Exodus 17:14)

17) What did Moses call the altar he built? (Exodus 17:15)

Exodus Chapter 18

1) Who heard of what Cod had done for Moses and Israel? (Exodus 18:1)

2) Where had Moses sent his wife and sons? (Exodus 18:2)

3) What were the names of Moses sons? What did they mean? (Exodus 18:3-4)

4) Where did Jethro meet Moses, according to verse five? (Exodus 18:5)

5) What did Moses tell Jethro in verse eight? (Exodus 13:8)

6) What was Jethro’s reaction, according to this verse? (Exodus 18:9)

7) What did Jethro know now, according to verse eleven? (Exodus 18:11)

8) What did Jethro offer in verse twelve? (Exodus 18:12)

9) Who ate with Jethro, according to verse twelve? (Exodus 18:12)

10) What was Moses serving as to the people? (Exodus 18:13)

11) How long a day did Moses judge? (Exodus 18:13)

12) What kind of judging was Moses doing? (Exodus 18:15)

13) Why did Jethro think what Moses was doing, was not good? (Exodus 18:18)

14) What did Jethro say Moses job (or position) should be? (Exodus 18:19)

15) What was Jethro’s plan for judging? (Exodus 18:20-21)

16) What qualifications should the men selected to judges have? (Exodus 18:21)

17) Who would judge difficult cases, simple cases? (Exodus 18:22)

18) What would this system accomplish? (Exodus 18:23)

19) Where did Moses send Jethro, according to this verse? (Exodus 18:27)

Exodus Chapter 19

1) How long did it take the Israelites to get to the Desert of Sinai? (Exodus 19:1)

2) How did God carry the Israelites? (Exodus 19:4)

3) What would it take for the Israelites to be Cod’s treasured possession, a kingdom of priests and a holy nation? (Exodus 19:5)

4) What was the people’s response to God through Moses? (Exodus 19-8)

5) How is Cod going to make the people realize they are to put their trust in Moses? (Exodus 19:9)

6) What were the people to do? (Exodus 19:10)

7) When and where was the Lord going to come? (Exodus 19:11)

8) What limits were put on how near the people could go to the mountain? (Exodus 19:12)

9) What would happen if they crossed the set limits? How? (Exodus 19:12-13)

10) When could they go up the mountain? (Exodus 19:13)

11) Besides washing their clothes, how else were the people to prepare for the third day? (Exodus 19:15)

12) What happened on the third day? (Exodus 19:16)

13) Why was Moses to warn the people? (Exodus 19:21)

14) Who did the Lord tell Moses to bring up with him? (Exodus 19:24)

Exodus Chapter 20

1) What had the Lord done for them? (Exodus 20:1)

2) What was the first rule (commandment) (Exodus 20:3)

3) What kind of idols could they not make? (Exodus 20:4)

4) What could they not do to idols in verse five? (Exodus 20:5)

5) What kind of God was God? How did he prove it? (Exodus 20:5-6)

6) What could you not do with God’s name and why? (Exodus 20:7)

7) How was the Sabbath day to be observed? (Exodus 20:8-11)

8) Who could not work on the Sabbath? (Exodus 20:10)

9) What was a result of honoring your mother and father? (Exodus 20:12)

10) What could you not covet of your neighbor’s? (Exodus 20:17)

11) Briefly list the ten rules. (Exodus 20:3-17) Underline the two positive commands.

12) Why did the people want Moses to speak to them? (Exodus 20:19)

13) Why was God testing them, according to verse twenty? (Exodus 20:20)

14) Specifically what kind of gods were they forbidden to make? (Exodus 20:23)

15) What was the altar to be made of? (Exodus 20:24)

16) What was to be sacrificed on the altar? (Exodus 20:24)

17) What kind of stones-were not to be used in the altar? (Exodus 20:25)

18) What would it do to the stone if a tool was used on it? (Exodus 20:25)

19) What could the altar not have up to it? (Exodus 20:26)

Exodus Chapter 21

1) How long was a Hebrew servant to serve? (Exodus 21:2)

2) What was to happen in the 7th year? (Exodus 21:2)

3) If a man and wife became servants together, who was to go free? (Exodus 21:3)

4) If a man married and has children after he is bought as a slave, to who do the wife and children belong? (Exodus 21:4)

5) What choice does a man have if he loves his wife and children? (Exodus 21:5-6)

6) How was a servant marked as a lifetime servant? (Exodus 21:6)

7) How did the maidservant differ from the man servant as to freedom? (Exodus 21:7)

8) If a master was not pleased with a maidservant what could he do? Not do? (Exodus 21:8-9)

9) If a master selects a maidservant for his son what rights does she receive? (Exodus 21:9)

10) If he married another wife, what is the maidservant-wife to receive? (Exodus 21:10)

11) What happens if the husband fails to provide these things? (Exodus 21:11)

12) Give the punishment or penalty for the following “crimes” (Exodus 21:12), (Exodus 22:20)

Crime Punishment

1. Murder

a. unintentional

b. intentional

2. Child attacks father or mother

3. Kidnaps

4. Curses father or mother

5. Man injured in a quarrel recovers

6. Master beats slave

a. dies

b. recovers

7. Pregnant woman is injured

a. no serious injury

b. death results

8. Servants eye is destroyed Servants tooth is knocked out

9. Bull gores to death

a. not a habit of goring

b. has habit of goring

c. bull gores male or female servant

10. Uncovers or digs pit Ox or donkey falls in

11. Bull kills bull

a. not known to gore

b. Known to gore kills bull

12. Man steals ox, sheep slaughters or sells it.

13. Thief caught breaking in, killed

a. before sunrise

b. after sunrise

c. theft

d. caught with animal

14. Man’s livestock grazes in another man’s field

15. Fire destroys grain

16. Goods stole from neighbor’s safekeeping

17. Dispute over possession

18. Animal dies or injured or taken away while in neigh­bor’s custody

a. stolen

b. torn by wild animals

c. borrowed animal is in­jured, dies without owner present

d. with owner present

19. Man seduces virgin not pledged to be married

20. Sorceress

21. Sexual relations with animal

22. Sacrifices to other gods.

Exodus Chapter 22

1) List the negative laws and tell why they are not to be done (if given) (Exodus 22:22), (Exodus 23:13)

Do not…… Because

Exodus Chapter 23

1) What were the three feasts and what laws pertained to them? (Exodus 23:14-19)

2) Who was the Lord sending and for what purpose? (Exodus 23:20)

3) What were they to do and not do regarding the angel? (Exodus 23:21)

4) If the people listened and obeyed what would the Lord do in return? (Exodus 23:22)

5) Who was the Lord going to wipe out? (Exodus 23:23)

6) What were they to do to the other gods? (Exodus 23:24)

7) What four things did the. Lord promise if they worshipped the Lord? (Exodus 23:25-26)

8) What would go before them? (Exodus 23:20), (Exodus 23:27-28)

9) How were the Hivites, Canaanites, Hittites to be driven out? (Exodus 23:29-30)

10) What would be the borders of the land established by the Lord? (Exodus 23:31)

11) What were the Israelites to not make with the inhabitants of the land and why? (Exodus 23:32-33)

Exodus Chapter 24

1) Who was to come up to the Lord, according to verse one? (Exodus 24:1)

2) Who alone could approach the Lord, according to this verse? (Exodus 24:2)

3) What was the people’s response to the Lord’s laws? (Exodus 24:3)

4) What did Moses do with what God had said? (Exodus 24:4)

5) What did Moses build? Why the 12 stones? (Exodus 24:4)

6) What kind of offerings were made and by whom? (Exodus 24:5)

7) What did Moses do with the blood? (Exodus 24:6)

8) What did Moses read to the people? (Exodus 24:7)

9) What did Moses do with the blood he had saved? (Exodus 24:8)

10) What was under God’s feet? (Exodus 24:9)

11) Who saw God, according to these verses? (Exodus 24:9-11)

12) What was God going to give Moses? What did they contain? (Exodus 24:12)

13) Who was to settle disputes while Moses was gone? (Exodus 24:14)

14) What covered the mountain and how long? (Exodus 24:15-16)

15) When did God call to Moses? (Exodus 24:16)

16) What did the glory of the Lord look like to the Israelites? (Exodus 24:17)

17) How long was Moses on the mountain, according to verse eighteen? (Exodus 24:18)

Exodus Chapter 25

1) Who was Moses to receive offerings from? (Exodus 25:2)

2) What were the offerings to consist of? (Exodus 25:3-7)

3) What were all these offerings for? (Exodus 25:8)

4) How were they going to know how to build the tabernacle? (Exodus 25:9)

5) Of what was the chest made? What were its dimensions? (Exodus 25:10)

6) How was gold to be used in making the chest? (Exodus 25:11-13)

7) Please describe the atonement cover and the cherubim. (Exodus 25:17-20)

8) Where was the cover placed? (Exodus 25:21)

9) What was put inside the ark? (Exodus 25:21)

10) Where would God meet with them and for what reason? (Exodus 25:22)

11) Of what would was the table made? What were its dimensions? (Exodus 25:23)

12) How was gold used in making the table? (Exodus 25:24-26)

13) What dishes were made and of what? (Exodus 25:29

14) What was to be put on the table? (Exodus 25:30)

15) What was to be hammered on the lamp stand? (Exodus 25:31)

16) What was to be made one piece with the lamp stand? (Exodus 25:31)

17) How many branches did the lamp stand have? (Exodus 25:32)

18) Where and how many cups were on the lamp stand and branches? (Exodus 25:33-36)

19) How much gold was to be used for the lamp stands and its accessories? (Exodus 25:39)

Exodus Chapter 26

1) What material was the 10 curtains made of in verse one? (Exodus 26:1)

2) What was to be worked into the curtains? (Exodus 26:1)

3) What was the size of the curtains, according to verse two? (Exodus 26:2)

4) How many curtains were joined together? (Exodus 26:3)

5) What color were the loops to be? (Exodus 26:4)

6) How many loops were made in verse five? (Exodus 26:5)

7) Of what were the 50 clasps made and for what purpose? (Exodus 26:6)

8) Of what material were the curtains for the tent? (Exodus 26:7)

9) How many and what size were the tent curtains? (Exodus 26:8)

10) What was the extra curtain used for? (Exodus 26:9)

11) What material was used for the clasps for the tent? (Exodus 26:11)

12) What was to be done with the half curtain? (Exodus 26:12)

13) What was to be done with the extra cubit on the tent curtains? (Exodus 26:13)

14) Describe the tent covering in verse fourteen. (Exodus 26:14)

15) Of what wood and measurements were the frames of the tabernacle? (Exodus 26:15-16)

16) How were the frame projections set? (Exodus 26:17)

17) How many frames were on the south side? (Exodus 26:18)

18) What was to go under the frames? (Exodus 26:19)

19) What about the north side? (Exodus 26:20)

20) How many frames on the west end? How many for the corners? (Exodus 26:22)

21) What are the total frames and bases for the ends? (Exodus 26:25)

22) What were the crossbars made of and how many? (Exodus 26:26-28)

23) Where did Moses get the plan for the tabernacle? (Exodus 26:30)

24) Describe the curtain in verse thirty-one. (Exodus 26:31)

25) How was it to be hung, according to this verse? (Exodus 26:32)

26) What was placed behind the curtain? (Exodus 26:33)

27) What was the purpose of the curtain? (Exodus 26:33)

28) Where was the table and lamp stand placed? (Exodus 26:35)

29) Describe the curtain that was the entrance to the tent. (Exodus 26:36-37)

30) What was the difference between the bases for this curtain and the one for the separation of the Holy Place and Most Holy Place? (Exodus 26:37)

Exodus Chapter 27

1) What was the size of the altar, according to verse one? (Exodus 27:1)

2) What was made of one piece with the altar? (Exodus 27:2)

3) What was the altar made of in these verses? (Exodus 27:1-2)

4) What utensils were made of bronze for the altar? (Exodus 27:3)

5) Where was the bronze grating put? (Exodus 27:5)

6) What unusual construction plan was given concerning the altar? (Exodus 27:8)

7) What was each side of the courtyard to contain? (Exodus 27:9-11)

8) In proportion to the sides how big was the west end? (Exodus 27:12)

9) How much space would be between the two sets of 15 cu. long curtains on the east side? (Exodus 27:12-14)

10) How was this entrance covered? (Exodus 27:16)

11) How high were the curtains surrounding the courtyard to be? (Exodus 27:18)

12) Besides those things mentioned, anything else used in service of the tabernacle was to be made of what metal? (Exodus 27:19)

13) What kind of oil was used for light? (Exodus 27:20)

14) How long were the lamps kept burning and where were they? (Exodus 27:21)

Exodus Chapter 28

1) Who was to serve as priests, according to verse one? (Exodus 28:1)

2) What were Aaron’s sacred garments to do? (Exodus 28:2)

3) What were the priestly garments? (Exodus 28:4)

4) How was the ephod to fasten? (Exodus 28:7)

5) What kind of stones were engraved and with what? (Exodus 28:9)

6) What method of engraving was used in this verse? (Exodus 28:11)

7) Where were the stones mounted? (Exodus 28:12)

8) What was attached to the settings? (Exodus 28:14)

9) What was the breast piece for? (Exodus 28:15)

10) What was its size, according to verse sixteen? (Exodus 28:16)

11) What was mounted on the breast piece and in what order? (Exodus 28:17)

12) How was the breast piece attached to the ephod? (Exodus 28:22-28)

13) When was Aaron to wear the breast piece and why? (Exodus 28:29)

14) What besides the gems were put in the breast piece over Aaron’s heart? (Exodus 28:30)

15) What were the Urim and Thummim? (Exodus 28:30)

16) What and how was the priestly robe to be made of? (Exodus 28:31)

17) What was around the hem of the robe? (Exodus 28:33)

18) What purpose did the bells serve? (Exodus 28:35)

19) With what words was the gold plate to be engraved? (Exodus 28:36)

20) Where was the gold plate put? (Exodus 28:37-38)

21) What was the purpose of the plate? (Exodus 28:38)

22) What was to be done to Aaron and his sons after the garments were put on them? (Exodus 28:41)

23) What material and size were the undergarments of? (Exodus 28:42)

24) When did the undergarments have to be worn and why? (Exodus 28:43)

Exodus Chapter 29

1) What animals were to be used in the consecration? (Exodus 29:1)

2) What other “food items” were to be used? (Exodus 29:2)

3) Where did this ceremony take place? (Exodus 29:4)

4) How was Aaron anointed in verse seven? (Exodus 29:7)

5) What was done with the bull’s blood? (Exodus 29:12)

6) What was done with the first ram’s blood? (Exodus 29:16)

7) What was done with the second ram’s blood? (Exodus 29:20)

8) What was done with the fat, inner parts, covering of the liver, and kidneys with their fat from the bull? (Exodus 29:13)

9) What was burned outside the camp and what was it? (Exodus 29:14)

10) What was done with the meat of the first ram and what was it? (Exodus 29:17-18)

11) What was used as a wave offering? (Exodus 29:22—24)

12) What was done with the wave offering after it was waved? (Exodus 29:25)

13) What wave offering was taken as the priests’ share? (Exodus 29:26)

14) What else did Aaron and his sons receive as their share? (Exodus 29:27)

15) Aaron and his sons received their shares from what Israelite offering? (Exodus 29:28)

16) How long were the sacred garments to be worn? (Exodus 29:30)

17) Where were Aaron and his sons to eat the ram of ordination? (Exodus 29:32)

18) Why would no one else eat this meal? (Exodus 29:33)

19) If any meat or bread was left till morning, what was to be done to it? (Exodus 29:34)

20) Why was the altar to have atonement made for it and be consecrated? (Exodus 29:37)

21) What was to be sacrificed each day and for what reason? (Exodus 29:36)

22) What was to be offered daily? (Exodus 29:38)

23) What was offered with the lambs? (Exodus 29:40)

24) What was the purpose of all these things? (Exodus 29:46)

Exodus Chapter 30

1) What was the size of the altar of incense? (Exodus 30:2)

2) Where was the altar to be put? (Exodus 30:6)

3) When was Aaron to burn incense? (Exodus 30:7-8)

4) What was not to be offered on this altar? (Exodus 30:9)

5) How often was this altar to be atoned and how? (Exodus 30:10)

6) When was a ransom to be paid and for what? (Exodus 30:12)

7) How much was to be paid and by whom? (Exodus 30:13)

8) What was this money used for? (Exodus 30:16)

9) What was the bronze basin for? Who was to use it? (Exodus 30:18-19)

10) What parts of the body were to be washed at this basin? (Exodus 30:19)

11) When were they to wash, according to verse twenty? (Exodus 30:20)

12) What ingredients were in the anointing oil? (Exodus 30:23-24)

13) What was the anointing oil used to anoint? (Exodus 30:26)

14) What would happen to anyone who broke these regulations? (Exodus 30:33)

15) What were the ingredients in the incense? (Exodus 30:34)

16) Where was this incense put and in what form? (Exodus 30:36)

Exodus Chapter 31

1) Who was Bezalel, according to verse two? (Exodus 31:2)

2) What abilities had God endowed Bezalel with? (Exodus 31:3-5)

3) Who was to be Bezalel’s helper? (Exodus 31:6)

4) List the things these two men and their helpers would be responsible for making. (Exodus 31:7-11)

5) Why was it important that the Israelites observe the Sabbath? (Exodus 31:12-14)

6) What was to be done to anyone who desecrated the Sabbath? Worked on the Sabbath? (Exodus 31:14-15)

7) How did God tie the Sabbath in with his work? (Exodus 31:17)

8) What did God give Moses, according to verse eighteen of this book? (Exodus 31:18)

Exodus Chapter 32

1) What did the people want? Who did they go to get it? (Exodus 32:1)

2) What did the people say about Moses? (Exodus 32:1)

3) What did Aaron ask for, according to this verse? (Exodus 32:2)

4) Who was wearing earrings, according to verse four? (Exodus 32:2)

5) What did Aaron make in verse four? (Exodus 32:4)

6) Besides the calf what did Aaron build? (Exodus 32:5)

7) What happened the next day? (Exodus 32:6)

8) Who warned Moses in verse seven? (Exodus 32:7)

9) What did the Lord call the Israelites? (Exodus 32:7-10)

10) What reasoning did Moses use to dissuade God from destroying the people? (Exodus 32:12-14)

11) Can you describe the two tablets in verse sixteen? (Exodus 32:16)

12) How did Joshua describe what he heard? (Exodus 32:17)

13) What did Moses say he heard? (Exodus 32:18)

14) How did Moses express his anger? (Exodus 32:19-20)

15) What does Moses ask Aaron, according to this verse? (Exodus 32:21)

16) How did Aaron say the calf was made? (Exodus 32:24)

17) What had happened to the people? Why? (Exodus 32:25)

18) What choice did Moses give them? Who rallied to the call first? (Exodus 32:26)

19) What were the Levite men to do? (Exodus 32:27)

20) How many died, according to verse twenty-eight? (Exodus 32:28)

21) What request did Moses make to God and with what condition? (Exodus 32:32)

22) Who does the Lord say will be blotted out of the book? (Exodus 32:33)

23) When did God say he would punish the people? (Exodus 32:34)

24) What did the Lord do to the people because of the calf? (Exodus 32:32)

Exodus Chapter 33

1) Where does the Lord send Moses and the people? (3 descriptions) (Exodus 33:1-3)

2) Why was the Lord not going with them? (Exodus 33:3)

3) What was the Israelites reaction to this news? (Exodus 33:4)

4) What did the Israelites strip off at Mt. Horeb? (Exodus 33:6)

5) Where was the tent of meeting pitched? What was its purpose? (Exodus 33:7)

6) What happened when Moses entered the tent of the Meeting? (Exodus 33:8-9)

7) What did the people do when they saw the cloud at the entrance of the tent and where? (Exodus 33:10)

8) How did the Lord speak to Moses? (Exodus 33:11)

9) Who stayed in the tent in verse eleven? (Exodus 33:11)

10) What was Moses° request of the Lord? (Exodus 33:13)

11) Why does Moses say the Lord’s presence should go with them? (Exodus 33:16)

12) What was the Lord going to let pass before Moses? (Exodus 33:19)

13) Why could no one see his face? (Exodus 33:20)

14) What was the Lord going to do to Moses as he passed by? (Exodus 33:22)

15) What was Moses to see, according to this verse? (Exodus 33:23)

Exodus Chapter 34

1) How were the two stones broken by Moses to be replaced? (Exodus 34:1)

2) Where was Moses to meet the Lord? (Exodus 34:2)

3) What did the Lord proclaim as he passed by? (Exodus 34:6-7)

4) In God’s covenant with Moses what does he say he will do? (Exodus 34:10)

5) What would the people see? (Exodus 34:10)

6) What restrictions does the Lord put on their relationship with the people of the land? (Exodus 34:12-15)

7) What were they to destroy, according to this verse? (Exodus 34:13)

8) How does the Lord describe himself in 34:14? (Exodus 34:14)

9) What two things would the Israelites become involved in if they made treaties with the inhabitants of the land? (Exodus 34:15-16)

10) What specific type of idols were they not to make? (Exodus 34:17)

11) The feast of unleavened bread was to be celebrated in what month and in what way? (Exodus 34:18)

12) The firstborn belonged to the Lord. How could the donkey be redeemed? (Exodus 34:19-20)

13) What further explanation as to resting on the Sabbath is given in (Exodus 34:21?)

14) What is another name for the feast of Harvest or first fruits? (Exodus 34:22)

15) How long was Moses with the Lord? (Exodus 34:28)

16) What did Moses not have during this time? (Exodus 34:28)

17) What was written on the tablets in this verse? (Exodus 34:28)

18) What did the people notice about Moses? (Exodus 34:30)

19) What did Moses do to his face? (Exodus 34:33)

20) When did he remove it, according to these verses? (Exodus 34:34-35)

Exodus Chapter 35

1) What was not to be lighted on the Sabbath? (Exodus 35:3)

2) Who was to make the things the Lord had commanded? (Exodus 35:10)

3) Who brought offerings to the Lord? (Exodus 35:21)

4) What kind of gold jewelry was brought? (Exodus 35:22)

6) What kind of offering was the gold? (Exodus 35:22)

7) What spun things did the women bring? (Exodus 35:25-26)

8) Who brought the gems? (Exodus 35:27)

9) From what tribes did the two top craftsmen come? (Exodus 35:30-34)

Exodus Chapters 36

1) When did the people bring offerings for the construction of the tabernacle? (Exodus 36:3)

2) What was the skilled craftsman’s complaint? (Exodus 36:4-5)

3) What was Moses’ order? (Exodus 36:6)

4) How many of the ten curtains of the tabernacle were coupled together to form a side? (Exodus 36:10)

5) What kind of hair was used for the curtains for the tent over the tabernacle? (Exodus 36:14)

6) How many curtains were made of goat’s hair? (Exodus 36:14)

7) Give the length and breadth of one of the eleven curtains made from goat’s hair that made a tent for the tabernacle? (Exodus 36:14-15)

8) What kind of skins made a covering over the Red rams skins and tent of goat’s hair over the tabernacle? (Exodus 36:19)

9) Give the length and breadth of each board of shittim wood for the tabernacle. (Exodus 36:20-21)

10) How many boards were on the North and South sides of the tabernacle? (Exodus 36:23-26)

11) How many boards were on the West of the tabernacle? (Exodus 36:27)

Exodus Chapter 37

1) Who made the ark of shittim wood? (Exodus 37:1)

2) Can you give the dimensions of the ark? (Exodus 37:1)

3) Bezaleel over laid the ark with gold inside and out. What kind of crown did he make on it? (Exodus 37:2)

4) How many rings of gold did Bezaleel put on the ark? (Exodus 37:3)

5) What was placed in the rings on the ark so it could be carried? (Exodus 37:4-5)

6) Can you give the length and breadth of the gold mercy seat? (Exodus 37:6)

7) How many cherubim’s of gold beaten from one piece were made for the mercy seat? (Exodus 37:7)

8) The two cherubim’s on each end of the mercy seat faced each other. What was spread out on high and covered the mercy seat? (Exodus 37:9)

9) The table was over laid with gold and with a gold crown around about. How wide was the border around the table? (Exodus 37:11-12)

10) How many gold rings were put on the table? (Exodus 37:13)

11) Where were the staves of shittim wood for the table placed? (Exodus 37:14-15)

12) What metal was used in making the dishes, spoons, bowls and covers to be used on the table of the tabernacle? (Exodus 37:16)

13) What metal was used in making the candlestick, his shaft, branch, bowls, knops and flowers? (Exodus 37:17)

14) How many branches were on each side of the shaft of the candlestick? (Exodus 37:18)

15) The bowls on the candlestick were made like what? (Exodus 37:19)

16) How many lamps were on the candlestick? (Exodus 37:23)

17) How much pure gold was used in making the candlestick and its dishes? (Exodus 37:24)

18) Can you give the length, breadth, and height of the incense altar of shittim wood? (Exodus 37:25)

19) Besides over laying the altar of incense with gold, and a crown of gold, what else was on it? (Exodus 37:25-29)

20) According to the work of the apothecary the holy anointing oil was made. What was the pure incense made of? (Exodus 37:29)

Exodus Chapter 38

1) Can you give the length, breadth and height of the altar of burnt offering? (Exodus 38:1)

2) What metal was used to over lay the altar of burnt offering? (Exodus 38:2)

3) What was on the four corners of the altar of burnt offering? (Exodus 38:2)

4) What kind of metal was used to make the pots, shovels, basins, flesh hooks, fire pans to be used with the altar of burnt offering? (Exodus 38:3)

5) What kind of grate was made for the altar of burnt offering? (Exodus 38:4)

6) The altar had four rings of brass to be placed for the staves. What purpose did this serve? (Exodus 38:7)

7) What kind of metal was used to make the laver and its foot? (Exodus 38:8)

8) How long was the South side of the court of the tabernacle? (Exodus 38:9)

9) How many pillars were on the South side of the court of the tabernacle? (Exodus 38:10)

10) How long was the North side of the court of the tabernacle? (Exodus 38:11)

11) How many pillars were on the North side of the court of the tabernacle? (Exodus 38:11)

12) How long were the hangings for the West side of the court of the tabernacle? (Exodus 38:12)

13) How many pillars did the West side of the court of the tabernacle have? (Exodus 38:12)

14) How many cubits of hangings were on each side of the gate in the East end of the court of the tabernacle? (Exodus 38:14)

15) What was the length of the hanging for the gate in the East end of the court of the tabernacle? (Exodus 38:18)

16) The height in the breadth of the hanging for the gate in the East end of the court of the tabernacle was how many cubits? (Exodus 38:18)

17) Who were an engraver, a cunning workman, and an embroiderer in blue, purple, scarlet and fine linen? (Exodus 38:23)

18) What was the total amount of gold used for the work on the sanctuary? (Exodus 38:24)

19) How much silver was used? (Exodus 38:25)

20) How many men over 20 years old had been counted? (Exodus 38:26)

21) How much silver was in each base? (Exodus 38:27)

22) What was the 1,775 shekels of silver used for? (Exodus 38:28)

23) How much bronze was used? (Exodus 38:29)

24) What was made of the bronze? (Exodus 38:30-31)

Exodus Chapter 39

1) How did they mix the gold in with the blue, purple and scarlet yarn for the ephod? (Exodus 39:3)

2) What two things besides the ephod were made of gold, blue, purple, scarlet and fine linen? (Exodus 39:8)

3) The onyx stones were enclosed in ouches of gold and put on the shoulders of the ephod. What was the graven on the onyx stones? (Exodus 39:6-7)

4) Can you name the three stones in the first row of stones on the breastplate? (Exodus 39:10)

5) Can you name the three stones in the second row of stones on the breastplate? (Exodus 39:11)

6) Can you name the three stones in the third row of stones on the breastplate? (Exodus 39:12)

7) Can you name the three stones in the fourth row of stones on the breastplate? (Exodus 39:13)

8) Whose names were engraved on the twelve stones on the breastplate? (Exodus 39:14)

9) What color was the robe of the ephod? (Exodus 39:22)

10) Pomegranates made of twined linen were made upon the hems of the robe. What colors were they? (Exodus 39:24)

11) What was placed between the pomegranates on the hem of the robe? (Exodus 39:25)

12) The children of Israel made for Aaron and his sons, coats, a mitre, bonnets; breeches and a girdle. What kind of material was used in making these articles? (Exodus 39:27-30)

13) Can you give the four words engraved on the plate of the holy crown of pure gold which was fastened upon the mitre? (Exodus 39:30-31)

14) Who inspected the work of the children of Israel when the tabernacle and all its furnishings were completed? (Exodus 39:33-43)

15) What did Moses do when he saw that the children of Israel had done all the work on the tabernacle and its furnishings as the Lord had commanded? (Exodus 39:43)

Exodus Chapter 40

1) When was the tabernacle to be set up? (Exodus 40:2)

2) What order was it set up in, according to verses two through eight? (Exodus 40:2-8)

3) What was to be done when all was set up? (Exodus 40:9)

4) Aaron and who else was washed at the door of the tabernacle? (Exodus 40:12)

5) The washing, clothing, anointing and sanctifying of Aaron and his sons was an everlasting what through out their generations? (Exodus 40:12-16)

6) What did Moses put above the ark that held the testimony when the tabernacle was erected? (Exodus 40:20)

7) When Moses brought the ark into the tabernacle, what was set up and covered the ark of the testimony? (Exodus 40:21)

8) When the tabernacle was set up on which side of the tabernacle, with out the veil was the table placed? (Exodus 40:22)

9) What was set on the table in the holy place? (Exodus 40:23)

10) On which side of the tabernacle in the holy place was the candlestick placed? (Exodus 40:24)

11) What was placed before the veil that separated the holy place and the most holy place? (Exodus 40:26-27)

12) Where was the altar of burnt offerings placed? (Exodus 40:29)

13) What was put in the laver and for what purpose? (Exodus 40:30)

14) Who washed in the laver the day the tabernacle was set up? (Exodus 40:31)

15) When Moses finished the work of setting up the tabernacle, what covered the tent of the congregation? (Exodus 40:33-34)

16) When Moses finished setting up the tabernacle the glory of the Lord filled what? (Exodus 40:35)

17) When the cloud was taken up from over the tabernacle what did the children of Israel do? (Exodus 40:36)

18) If the cloud over the tabernacle was not taken up what did the children of Israel do? (Exodus 40:37)

19) The cloud of the Lord was on the tabernacle by day. What was on the tabernacle by night through out all the journeys of the children of Israel? (Exodus 40:38)

20) What was done to Aaron and his sons before they were dressed? (Exodus 40:12)

21) How long was Aaron’s priesthood to last? (Exodus 40:15)

22) What happened when everything was set up? (Exodus 40:34)

23) How did the people know when it was time to move? (Exodus 40:36)

24) What was over the tabernacle by day and by night? (Exodus 40:38)

25) What was this in sight of? (Exodus 40:38)

Note: I pray that these questions have helped your study and understanding of Gods’ word in the Bible. Please feel free to pass them on to other people if they have helped you.

Your, Brother in Christ

Frank Rose