Questions about the Book of Joshua

Joshua is the sixth book of the bible. The book of Joshua is named after the successor of Moses and tells how the children of Israel entered the land of Canaan from the East and passed through the Jordan River, The people of Israel crossed this river when the waters were miraculously opened for them by the power of God. The book of Joshua can be divided into four parts: 1) The preparation for entering Palestine, 2) The conquest of the land, 3) The allocation of Territories to the Tribes, 4) The final message and the death of Joshua. The author of this book is Joshua. Listed below are questions on the book of Joshua. These questions can be used for Sunday school or bible study to help all young converts study the scriptures and may God bless you always.

Joshua Chapter 1

1) What was Moses title in Scripture? (Joshua 1:1)

2) What was Joshua’s title in Scripture? (Joshua 1:1)

3) What was Joshua’s father’s name? (Joshua 1:1)

4) How is Joshua identified in verse one? (Joshua 1:1)

5) What relationship did Joshua have to Moses? (Joshua 1:1)

6) What minister is mentioned in Joshua and to whom did he minister? (Joshua 1:1)

7) Who was Nun, according to verse one? (Joshua 1:1)

8) Whom did the Lord appoint to succeed Moses after his death? (Joshua 1:1)

9) Who did the Lord tell to go over the Jordan in 1:2? (Joshua 1:2)

10) In Joshua 1:2 where did the Lord tell Joshua and the people to go? (Joshua 1:2)

11) Who told Joshua to arise and go over Jordan? (Joshua 1:2)

12) To whom did the Lord give the land according to Joshua 1:2? (Joshua 1:2)

13) What gift did the children of Israel receive from the Lord? (Joshua 1:2)

14) What specific qualification was put on the land to be given to Joshua and the people? (Joshua 1:3)

15) What were to be the borders or coasts of the land given to the Israelites? (Joshua 1:4)

16) How far west did the land extend? (Joshua 1:4)

17) What river was the Great River? (Joshua 1:4)

18) What promise did God make to Joshua? (Joshua 1:5)

19) How long did God say no man would be able to stand before Joshua? (Joshua 1:5)

20) The Lord would be with Joshua as he had been with whom? (Joshua 1:5)

21) What did God swear to give to the Israelites fathers? (Joshua 1:6)

22) The land the Israelites received as an inheritance had been promised to whom? (Joshua 1:6)

23) What two character traits Goes the Lord tell Joshua to have? (Joshua 1:6-7-18)

24) What two things does the Lord command Joshua to be? (Joshua 1:7)

25) In what way was Joshua to not turn from the law? (Joshua 1:7)

26) Why was Joshua not to turn from the law? (Joshua 1:7)

27) What are the Israelites not to turn from to the left or to the right? (Joshua 1:7)

28) What were the Israelites told to meditate on day and night? (Joshua 1:8)

29) Why were the Israelites told to meditate on the book of the law? (Joshua 1:8)

30) What would be the result of obedience to those things written in the book of the law? (Joshua 1:8)

31) Who said this and to whom? (Joshua 1:8)

32) From what part of the body was the law not to depart? (Joshua 1:8)

33) In what was Joshua to meditate day and night? (Joshua 1:8)

34) In what way would Joshua have prosperity and success? (Joshua 1:8)

35) What fourfold commandment did God give Joshua? (Joshua 1:9)

36) If Joshua observed these commandments, what promise did God make to him? (Joshua 1:9)

37) What two characteristics was Joshua not to have? (Joshua 1:9)

38) To whom did Joshua talk instead of directly to the people? (Joshua 1:10)

39) What did Joshua command the officers of the people to do? (Joshua 1:10)

40) Who was next in line of command to Joshua? (Joshua 1:10)

41) The officers of the people served as “go-betweens” between whom? (Joshua 1:10-11)

42) To whom did Joshua issue commands? (Joshua 1:10)

43) What command did Joshua give the officers of the people? (Joshua 1:10-11)

44) How many days was it from the time the officers passed through the people to the time of the crossing of the Jordan? (Joshua 1:11)

45) What southern word meaning food tells what the officers told the people to prepare? (Joshua 1:11)

46) How soon did Joshua plan to go into the land? (Joshua 1:11)

47) Name the tribes which were given the land on the east side of the Jordan? (Joshua 1:12)

48) Who had told these tribes of this God-planned arrangement? (Joshua 1:13)

49) What besides the land had the tribes over Jordan received that their brothers had not yet received? (Joshua 1:13-15)

50) What obligation did the men of these tribes have before they could enjoy their land? (Joshua 1:14-15)

51) Who and what were to be left behind on the east side of the Jordan? (Joshua 1:14)

52) What were the wives, children and cattle of the 2 1/2 tribes to do? (Joshua 1:14)

53) What were the men of the 2 1/2 tribes to do? (Joshua 1:14)

54) When could the men of the 2 1/2 tribes return to the east side of the Jordan to be with their families? (Joshua 1:15)

55) How is the land given Reuben, Gad and 1/2 Manasseh described in 1:15? (Joshua 1:15)

56) Give the two-fold response of the 2 1/2 tribes to Joshua. (Joshua 1:16)

57) What two things do the tribes of Reuben, Gad and Manasseh say they are willing to do? (Joshua 1:16)

58) What was the penalty for those who did not hearken unto Joshua’s words? (Joshua 1:18)

59) The people would hearken unto Joshua as unto whom (Joshua 1:17)

Joshua Chapter 2

1) How many men did Joshua send to spy secretly? (Joshua 2:1)

2) What were the orders of the two spies? (Joshua 2:1)

3) What was the harlot’s name where they lodged? (Joshua 2:1)

4) Who hid the two spins from Israel while they were in Jericho? (Joshua 2:1)

5) In what manner were the two men to spy? (Joshua 2:1)

6) How were the two men to spy out the land? (Joshua 2:1)

7) From where to where did Joshua send the two spies? (Joshua 2:1)

8) Who was Rehab? (Joshua 2:1)

9) Where did the two spies lodge (stay) in Jericho? (Joshua 2:1)

10) Joshua sent two spies to what city? (Joshua 2:1)

11) Who heard about the spies? (Joshua 2:2)

12) What was the information given to the King of Jericho? (Joshua 2:2)

13) What kind of ruler was over Jericho? (Joshua 2:2)

14) What was told to the King of Jericho, that was the spies purpose for being in Jericho? (Joshua 2:2)

15) What did the King of Jericho command Rahab to do? (Joshua 2:3)

16) What did Rahab do with the two men? (Joshua 2:4)

17) What did Rahab tell the king of Jericho concerning her knowledge of whom the two men were? (Joshua 2:4)

18) At what time were the two men supposed to have left according to Rahab? (Joshua 2:5)

19) After hiding the two spies what did Rahab tell the authorities? (Joshua 2:4-5)

20) Where had Rahab hid the two men? (Joshua 2:6)

21) How long was it after the pursuers left that the gates were closed? (Joshua 2:7)

22) How far did they chase after the two spies? (Joshua 2:7)

23) What three things does Rehab say she knows about the Israelites? (Joshua 2:9)

24) What had Rahab heard about the Israelites? (Joshua 2:10)

25) What effect did the knowledge of the Israelites have upon the inhabitants of the land? (Joshua 2:11)

26) What happened to the people according to Rahab when they heard about the Israelites? (Joshua 2:11)

27) Where was the Israelites God, according to Rahab? (Joshua 2:11)

28) What did this fear of the Israelites cause the people to believe? (Joshua 2:11)

29) Rahab requested of the spies that they repay what with what? (Joshua 2:12)

30) What did Rahab ask in payment for the kindness who had shown the spies? (Joshua 2:13)

31) Who did Rahab request be saved alive? (Joshua 2:13)

32) What agreement did the spies make with Rahab? (Joshua 2:14)

33) Where was Rahab’s house? (Joshua 2:15)

34) Where did Rahab live? (Joshua 2:15)

35) With what did Rahab let the spies down from the window? (Joshua 2:15)

36) How did Rahab help the spies escape? (Joshua 2:15)

37) What instructions did Rahab give the spies as they left? (Joshua 2:16)

38) How many days were the spies to hide in the mountains? (Joshua 2:16)

39) To where and for how long did Rahab advise the spies to go? (Joshua 2:16)

40) If Rahab did betray the two men what would happen to their agreement? (Joshua 2:17)

41) When was Rahab to bind the line of scarlet thread in the window? (Joshua 2:18)

42) By what kind of thread in what place was Rahab’s house to be marked? (Joshua 2:18)

43) How did the spies arrange for identification of Rahab’s house? (Joshua 2:18)

44) What conditions did Rehab agree to meet upon the return of the Israelites? (Joshua 2:18-21)

45) Of what would the two spies be quit? (Joshua 2:20)

46) What would quit the spies of their oath to Rahab? (Joshua 2:20)

47) What did Rahab do after the men left? (Joshua 2:21)

48) What did the spies report to Joshua? (Joshua 2:24)

49) Whom did the two spies report to God, Joshua, Rahab? (Joshua 2:24-23)

Joshua Chapter 3

1) What did the children of Israel do when they came to the Jordan? (Joshua 3:1)

2) Where did Joshua and the children of Israel lodge before cross­ing Jordan? (Joshua 3:1)

3) To what place did the Israelites move to lodge before passing over into the land? (Joshua 3:1)

4) What time of day did Joshua get up to start the journey to the Jordan? (Joshua 3:1)

5) Who accompanied Joshua to the Jordan? (Joshua 3:1)

6) How long did the Israelites wait before crossing Jordan? (Joshua 3:2)

7) When were the people to move? (Joshua 3:2)

8) How long was it from the time they came to Shittim to the time that the officers went through the host? (Joshua 3:1-2)

9) Who went through the host after three days? (Joshua 3:2)

10) What did the people have to wait for before crossing the Jordan? (Joshua 3:3)

11) How much space was there to be between the people and the Ark? (Joshua 3:4)

12) In 3:3 who would be bearing the Ark of the Covenant? (Joshua 3:3)

13) What were the Israelites to follow across the Jordan? (Joshua 3:3)

14) What were the Israelites to do when they saw the Ark of the Covenant move? (Joshua 3:3)

15) What were the Israelites to do to them selves before crossing Jordan? (Joshua 3:5)

16) Why did the Lord say He would magnify Joshua? (Joshua 3:6)

17) What did the Lord say to Joshua in verse seven? (Joshua 3:7)

18) Where were the priests to stand as the people passed over? (Joshua 3:8)

19) Where were the priests bearing the Ark of the Covenant to stand still? (Joshua 3:8)

20) How many groups of people was the Lord to drive cut ahead of the Israelites? (Joshua 3:10)

21) Name the seven groups of people God would drive out before Israel. (Joshua 3:10)

22) How many men were the people of Israel to select for Joshua’s special task? (Joshua 3:12)

23) How were the 12 men of Israel to be chosen? (Joshua 3:12)

24) What did God promise Joshua would happen when the priests reached the Jordan? (Joshua 3:13)

25) As soon as what touched the water would it stop flowing and become dry land? (Joshua 3:13)

26) When would the waters of the Jordan stand in a heap? (Joshua 3:13)

27) Explain what was to happen to the waters of the Jordan? (Joshua 3:13)

28) From what did the people remove in 3:14? (Joshua 3:14)

29) What time of the year was it when the people crossed Jordan? (Joshua 3:15)

30) When did the Jordan overflow its banks? (Joshua 3:15)

31) In what time and at what stage of the waters did the Israelites cross the Jordan? (Joshua 3:15)

32) When the priests stepped into the waters of the Jordan what happened? (Joshua 3:15-16)

33) Near what city on the north were the waters cut off? (Joshua 3:16)

34) By what two names was the Dead Sea identified? (Joshua 3:16)

35) Where were the waters cut off? (Joshua 3:16)

36) What two things happened to the waters, from Adam to the Salt Sea? They failed (Joshua 3:16)

37) Where did the priests stand while the people all passed over into the land? (Joshua 3:17)

38) What town of Canaan was directly opposite the point where they crossed? (Joshua 3:16)

Joshua Chapter 4

1) The Lord told Joshua to take 12 men to carry stones from the Jordan River after the people were_________ passed over Jordan? (Joshua 4:1)

2) When did the Lord speak to Joshua in 4:1? (Joshua 4:1)

3) When the people had passed over Jordan, what did the Lord do to Joshua? (Joshua 4:1)

4) The 12 stones to be set up as a memorial from the Jordan were carried by whom? (Joshua 4:2)

5) From where were the 12 stones taken? (Joshua 4:2)

6) Where were the stones to be put? (Joshua 4:3)

7) There are two groups of things mentioned with the number 12

in chapter 4. What are these two groups? (Joshua 4:2-3)

8) For what purpose were the stones to be brought? (Joshua 4:6)

9) The 12 stones set up as a memorial was to be what to whom? (Joshua 4:6)

10) Who was to ask who, what the 12 stones meant? (Joshua 4:6)

11) When asked by their children in time to come what mean ye by these stones, the answer would be? (Joshua 4:7)

12) Why were 12 stones taken from the Jordan? (Joshua 4:8)

13) Where did Joshua set up a memorial? (Joshua 4:9)

14) In what two places were 12 stones set up? (Joshua 4:9)

15) When did the ark of the Lord pass over the Jordan? (Joshua 4:11)

16) What tribes passed over Jordan armed? (Joshua 4:12)

17) How many stones did Joshua put in the memorial which he erected where the priests stood? (Joshua 4:9)

18) How many armed for war passed over Jordan to the plains of Jericho? (Joshua 4:13)

19) On the day the 40,000 went to Jericho what did the Lord do to Joshua? (Joshua 4:14)

20) How did the people feel about Joshua? (Joshua 4:14)

21) The people feared Joshua because what was done to him by whom? (Joshua 4:14)

22) How long did the people fear Joshua? (Joshua 4:14)

23) Who commanded the priests, saying come ye up out of Jordan? (Joshua 4:15-16)

24) How did the Jordan flow back over his banks? (Joshua 4:18)

25) When did the waters of the Jordan return to their place and overflow their banks? (Joshua 4:18)

26) What was the name of the place where Israel first carped west of the Jordan? (Joshua 4:19)

27) At what time of the year did the Israelites encamp at Gilgal? (Joshua 4:19)

28) Where was Gilgal located? (Joshua 4:19)

29) What did Joshua do with the 12 stones carried by the 12 men? (Joshua 4:20)

30) Who dried up the waters of Jordan for the Israelites? (Joshua 4:23)

31) The Lord dried up the water of the Jordan just like he had to what other body of water? (Joshua 4:23)

32) What two bodies of water had the Lord dried up for the Israelites? (Joshua 4:23)

33) The Lord dried up the waters of the Red Sea and Jordan River in what position to the Israelites? (Joshua 4:23)

34) The drying up of the waters was done for what purpose? (Joshua 4:24)

Joshua Chapter 5

1) Where did the Amorites live in relation to the Jordan River? (Joshua 5:1)

2) Where did the Canaanites live in the Promised Land? (Joshua 5:1)

3) Where were the kings of the Amorites located and the kings of the Canaanites? (Joshua 5:1)

4) Kings from two groups hear about the waters of the Jordan drying up. Who were the groups the Kings belonged to? (Joshua 5:1)

5) What was the reaction of the kings of the Amorites and the kings of the Canaanites when they heard that the Lord had dried up the waters of Jordan so the Israelites could pass over? (Joshua 5:1)

6) Why did the Amorite and Canaanites hearts melt and spirits go, when they heard that the Lord had dried up the Jordan? (Joshua 5:1)

7) What instruments were used in performing the rite of circumcision? (Joshua 5:2)

8) Was this the first or second circumcision of the children of Israel? (Joshua 5:2)

9) For what purpose did the Lord tell Joshua to make sharp knives? (Joshua 5:2)

10) Upon what hill were the children of Israel circumcised? (Joshua 5:3)

11) The people that were born in a certain place were not circumcised. What was this place? (Joshua 5:5)

12) Who had died in the wilderness by the way? (Joshua 5:5)

13) Where did all the males, even all the men of war, die at? (Joshua 5:4)

14) What rite had been performed on all the males that came out of Egypt? (Joshua 5:5)

15) What group of men did Joshua circumcise? (Joshua 5:5)

16) How long had the Israelites walked in the wilderness? What happened to them and why? (Joshua 5:6)

17) Why did the Lord let the Israelites stay in the wilderness 40 years? (Joshua 5:6)

18) God swore unto the Israelites fathers he would give them the

land, but what did he sware to chose who left Egypt? (Joshua 5:6)

19) How is the land of Canaan described in chapter 5? (Joshua 5:6)

20) Can you name the foods mentioned in chapter 5. (Joshua 5:6-11-12)

21) What did the Lord say he had rolled away in 5:9? (Joshua 5:9)

22) To where had the Lord rolled the reproach of Egypt (Joshua 5:9)

23) What was the name of the place where the Israelites were circumcised? (Joshua 5:9)

24) After circumcising was finished, how long did the Israelites abide in their places in camp? (Joshua 5:8)

25) What feast did the children of Israel keep at Gilgal? (Joshua 5:10)

26) What day of the month did the Israelites keep the Passover? (Joshua 5:10)

27) Where and when did the Israelites keep the Passover in chapter 5? (Joshua 5:10)

28) What took place on the 14th day of the month in Gilgal? (Joshua 5:10)

29) The Passover was kept on the plains of what city? (Joshua 5:10)

30) What food did the Israelites eat on the morrow after the Passover? (Joshua 5:11)

31) When did the Israelites eat old corn? Unleavened bread and parched corn? (Joshua 5:11)

32) Where was the “old corn” from? (Joshua 5:11)

33) Name three things the people ate the day after the Passover. (Joshua 5:11)

34) When did God stop giving manna to the people? (Joshua 5:12)

35) The children of Israel ate fruit from the land of what country? (Joshua 5:12)

36) After the manna ceased, what did the Israelites eat? (Joshua 5:12)

37) Joshua saw a man. What did he have in his hand? (Joshua 5:13)

38) What instrument of war did the man who appeared to Joshua have in his hand? (Joshua 5:13)

39) Where was Joshua when he lifted his eyes and saw a man? By Jericho (Joshua 5:13)

40) What did Joshua ask the man who appeared to him with a drawn sword in his hand? (Joshua 5:13)

41) Who did Joshua see when he lifted his eyes at Jericho? (Joshua 5:13)

42) Who did the man who appeared to Joshua with a drawn sword say he was? (Joshua 5:14)

43) As Joshua fell on his face to the earth before the captain of the host of the Lord, what did he do and say? (Joshua 5:14)

44) After learning who the captain of the Lord’s host was what two things does Joshua do? (Joshua 5:14)

45) What instruction did the captain of the host of the Lord give to Joshua? (Joshua 5:15)

46) What was Joshua standing on in 5:15? (Joshua 5:15)

47) Moses say a burning bush, Joshua saw a man with a sword. What was each man told to do and why? (Joshua 5:15)

48) Give the words that tell us that Joshua was obedient to the command of the captain of the host of the Lord. (Joshua5:15)

49) Name two things that Joshua did when he say the captain of the Lords host? (Joshua 5:14)

Joshua Chapter 6

1) Why was Jericho straightly all shut up? (Joshua 6:1)

2) Because of whom was Jericho straightly shut up? (Joshua 6:1)

3) What took place in Jericho because of the children of Israel? (Joshua 6:1)

4) How did Jericho prepare to resist attack? (Joshua 6:1)

5) In 6:1 how was Jericho shut up? (Joshua 6:1)

6) Before the fall of Jericho what three things did God tell Joshua he had given into his hand? (Joshua 6:2)

7) To whom had God given Jericho? (Joshua 6:2)

8) How many times were the Israelites to circle Jericho on each of the first six days? (Joshua 6:3)

9) What is another name used by the Lord referring to the armed men of Israel? (Joshua 6:3)

10) What word did God use for “circle” the city that we probably would not use? (Joshua 6:3)

11) How many priests were to go before the Ark as they circled the city of Jericho? (Joshua 6:4)

12) On what instruments were the priests to blow? (Joshua 6:4)

13) What article of Tabernacle furniture were the priests to carry with them as they circled the city of Jericho? (Joshua 6:4 and 6:6)

14) How many times were the Israelites to circle Jericho on the seventh day? (Joshua 6:4)

15) The number of priests which were to bear a number of trumpets, the number of times they were to compass the city and the day this was to be done are all the same number. What is it? (Joshua 6:4)

16) From what were the seven trumpets made? (Joshua 6:4)

17) What was to be done on the seventh day? (Joshua 6:4)

18) What kind of blast was to be made with ram’s horns? (Joshua 6:5)

19) When the people heard the trumpet sound, what were they to do? (Joshua 6:5)

20) What would happen at the long blast of the ram’s horn and the people shouting? (Joshua 6:5)

21) Who passed on before the ark of the Lord? (Joshua 6:7)

22) In what order did the Israelites march around Jericho? (Joshua 6:7-9)

23) As the Israelites circled Jericho, what instructions were they to follow in regard to noise? (Joshua 6:10)

24) When were the people to shout? (Joshua 6:10)

25) Identify the 3 ways the Israelites were not to produce sound while marching. (Joshua 6:10)

26) After going around the city of Jericho once on each of the first six days, where did the marchers go? (Joshua 6:11)

27) From what starting point to what finishing point did the Israelites go for 6 days? (Joshua 6:11-15)

28) At what time did the Israelites march around Jericho on the first day and 7th day? (Joshua 6:12-15)

29) What day and what time did Joshua tell the people to shout? (Joshua 6:15-16)

30) Why did Joshua tell the people to shout on the 7th time around the city of Jericho? (Joshua 6:16)

31) What was to happen to the city of Jericho? (Joshua 6:17)

32) Who was the city of Jericho accursed to? (Joshua 6:17)

33) What people of Jericho were spared when Jericho was destroyed? (Joshua 6:17)

34) Why were Rahab and all that were in her house spared when Jericho was destroyed? (Joshua 6:17)

35) What would happen to the people and to the camp of Israel if anyone took the accursed thing? (Joshua 6:18)

36) What materials were spared when Jericho was destroyed? (Joshua 6:19)

37) Where were those materials (which were to be spared when Jericho fell, and to be kept? (Joshua 6:19)

38) What was to be done with the silver, gold, and vessels of brass and iron? (Joshua 6:19)

39) After circling Jericho seven times on the seventh day, the people heard the sound of the trumpet and shouted a great shout, what became the position of the walls of Jericho? (Joshua 6:20)

40) How did the walls fall, How did each man proceed? (Joshua 6:20)

41) Where did the people go upon the fall of the wall of Jericho? (Joshua 6:20)

42) What happened to all that were in the city and how? (Joshua 6:21)

43) Who and what were destroyed in the city? (Joshua 6:21-23)

44) After bringing Rahab and all that were in her house out to safety where were they left? (Joshua 6:23)

45) What two names are given to the two men whom Rahab hid? (Joshua 6:17-23)

46) Who brought out Rahab and her family (Joshua 6:23)

47) How was the city of Jericho itself destroyed? (Joshua 6:24)

48) Gold, silver and vessels of two metals were not burned in the fire at Jericho. What were the two metals? (Joshua 6:24)

49) Rahab lived in Jericho when the spies came. Where was she living when the book of Joshua was written? (Joshua 6:25)

50) What loss would be suffered by anyone who rebuilt the city of Jericho? (Joshua 6:26)

51) What curse did Joshua put upon whoever rebuilt Jericho? (Joshua 6:26)

52) How widespread was Joshua’s fame? (Joshua 6:27)

Joshua Chapter 7

1) Give Achan’s father, grandfather and great-grandfather’s names? (Joshua 7:1)

2) What tribe was Achan of, according to verse one? (Joshua 7:1)

3) Who caused the anger of the Lord to be kindled against the children of Israel? (Joshua 7:1)

4) Who took of the accursed thing? (Joshua 7:1)

5) What reaction did God have toward the children of Israel after the accursed thing was taken? (Joshua 7:1)

6) When Achan took the accursed thing, who was angry and at whom? (Joshua 7:1)

7) We kindle a fire by using small sticks of wood that will burn easily. In chapter 7 what was kindled and how by whom? (Joshua 7:1)

8) When we steal we commit a crime. When Achan took the accursed thing that is said to have committed what? (Joshua 7:1)

9) Where did Joshua send men to view the country? (Joshua 7:2)

10) What was Ai? (Joshua 7:2)

11) What is Ai near? (Joshua 7:2)

12) On what side of Bethel is Bethaven and Ai? (Joshua 7:2)

13) What did Joshua tell the men he sent from Jericho to Ai to do? (Joshua 7:2)

14) Upon the return of the spies who viewed Ai, how many men did they say it would take to smite the town? (Joshua 7:3)

15) What did the spies report as the number of people in Ai? (Joshua 7:3)

16) The 2 or 3 thousand men recommended to be sent to Ai were to do what to Ai? (Joshua 7:3)

17) How many men did Joshua send to Ai? (Joshua 7:4)

18) How many men went against Ai and what happened to them? (Joshua 7:4)

19) How many men did the men of Ai smite? (Joshua 7:4)

20) How many men did the men of Ai smote? (Joshua 7:5)

21) To what point did the men of Ai chase the men of war of Israel? (Joshua 7:5)

22) The Canaanite people’s hearts melted and no more spirit was left in them when the Jordan dried up. What happened to the hearts of the Israelites when defeated at Ai? (Joshua 7:5)

23) What three things did Joshua and the elders of Israel do before the ark of the Lord? (Joshua 7:6)

24) After the defeat at Ai, Joshua _______ his clothes ________ to the earth upon his ______? (Joshua 7:6)

25) How long did Joshua remain on his face before the Ark of the Lord? (Joshua 7:6)

26) Who, besides Joshua, rent their clothes and fell on their faces before the Ark of the Lord? (Joshua 7:6)

27) What did Joshua and the Elders of Israel put upon their heads as they were before the Ark of the Lord after the defeat of Ai? (Joshua 7:6)

28) Before what did Joshua fall to the ground and for how long? Who was with him? What was upon their heads? (Joshua 7:6)

29) When the people of Israel fled before the people of Ai, what did Joshua do to his clothes? (Joshua 7:6)

30) What three questions did Joshua ask God after the defeat at Ai? (Joshua 7:7-9)

31) What two guesses does Joshua make as to why God had brought them over Jordan? (Joshua 7:7)

32) What does Joshua wish they had done after the defeat at Ai? (Joshua 7:7)

33) Over what had the Lord brought the children of Israel? (Joshua 7:7)

34) What had embarrassed Joshua until he could not speak even to God? (Joshua 7:8)

35) What two groups does Joshua fear will hear of their defeat at Ai? (Joshua 7:9)

36) What did Joshua fear the Canaanites and inhabitants of the land would do to them when they heard of the defeat of Ai? (Joshua 7:9)

37) What did Israel fear the Canaanites and inhabitants of the land would cut off from the earth? (Joshua 7:9)

38) Who did Joshua say would hear of Israel fleeing before the people of Ai? (Joshua 7:9)

39) What did God say to Joshua when he saw him on the ground before the ark? (Joshua 7:10)

40) Name the things God says Israel has done to cause defeat at Ai. (Joshua 7:11)

41) What had been transgressed at Ai? (Joshua 7:11)

42) Why could the children of Israel not stand before their enemies? (Joshua 7:11)

43) What had been done with the stolen thing before the battle at Ai? (Joshua 7:11)

44) Why was the Israelites defeat at Ai? (Joshua 7:12)

45) Why could the Israelites not stand before their enemy at Ai? (Joshua 7:12)

46) Under what condition would God not be with the Israelites anymore? (Joshua 7:12)

47) What condition did God set forth for the future in relation,

to the accursed thing which had been stolen from Jericho? (Joshua 7:12)

48) After God explained the reason for the defeat at Ai to Joshua give 3 things God told Joshua to tell the people. (Joshua 7:13)

49) What were the people of Israel to sanctify themselves against in chapter 7? (Joshua 7:13)

50) What had to be done before the children of Israel could stand before their enemies? (Joshua 7:13)

51) God said the accursed thing was where? (Joshua 7:13)

52) The Israelites were trying to take the land from the inhabitants of the land. What was to be taken from the Israelites? (Joshua 7:13)

53) At what time of day were the people to come before the Lord?

to chose the one who had taken the accursed thing? (Joshua 7:14)

54) How were the people to come before God in chapter 7? (Joshua 7:14)

55) Who would choose the tribe to be examined for the accursed thing? (Joshua 7:14)

56) What was to be the punishment for the one and all that he had who had taken the accursed thing? (Joshua 7:15)

57) Why was the one who had stolen the accursed thing before deafest at Ai to be punished? (Joshua 7:15)

58) The man who had taken the accursed thing was to be burned with fire because he had done what 2 things? (Joshua 7:15)

59) What three things did Joshua ask Achan to do? (Joshua 7:19)

60) What confession did Achan make? (Joshua 7:20)

61) Who did Achan say he had sinned against? (Joshua 7:20)

62) Give the 4 verbs that tell how Achan obtained the accursed thing. (Joshua 7:21)

63) What items comprised the accursed thing taken by Achan? (Joshua 7:21)

64) Where did Achan hide the stolen goods which he took from among the spoils of the battle of Jericho? (Joshua 7:21)

65) Where did Joshua’s messengers find the stolen goods which Achan took from among the spoils? (Joshua 7:22)

66) To whom did Joshua’s messengers bring the stolen articles which were found in Achan’s tent? (Joshua 7:23)

67) To whom were the stolen articles laid out? (Joshua 7:23)

68) Where did Joshua and all Israel take Achan? (Joshua 7:24)

69) What besides Achan, his children, and all that he had was taken to the valley of Achor? (Joshua 7:24)

70) Who stoned and burned Achan and all he had? (Joshua 7:25)

71) What did Joshua say Achan had done to Israel that God would do to Achan? (Joshua 7:25)

72) Who was both stoned and burned in chapter 7? (Joshua 7:25)

73) What all of Achans things did Joshua take to the valley of Achor? (Joshua 7:25)

74) What is the name of the place where Achan was stoned? (Joshua 7:26)

75) What was raised over the remains of Achan and all that he had? (Joshua 7:26)

76) After Achan was stoned and burned from what did God turn? (Joshua 7:26)

77) At the time of the writing of the book of Joshua what was the place of Achan’s punishment and death still called? (Joshua 7:26)

Joshua Chapter 8

1) Who did God tell Joshua to take with him to Ai for the second conquest? (Joshua 8:1)

2) Before the second conquest for Ai, what four things did God say he had given into Joshua’s hand? (Joshua 8:1)

3) In chapter 8 what two things does God tell Joshua not to do? (Joshua 8:1)

4) Unto what had the Lord given the King of Ai, his people, his city and his land? (Joshua 8:1)

5) What instructions did the Lord give Joshua and his people of war in taking Ai? (Joshua 8:1-2)

6) What exception did God make in the taking of the spoils and cattle (which he did not make at the Battle of Jericho)? (Joshua 8:2)

7) What were they to lay for the city of Ai behind it? (Joshua 8:2)

8) Joshua was to do to Ai as He had done to what city and with what exception? (Joshua 8:2)

9) We think of Joshua as a great military strategist, but God gave him his instructions by telling him to do what at Ai? (Joshua 8:2)

10) What kind of men were the 30,000 Joshua chose out? (Joshua 8:2)

11) How many men did Joshua choose for the second conquest of Ai? (Joshua 8:3)

12) What time of day did Joshua send the thirty thousand men away for the second conquest of Ai? (Joshua 8:3)

13) Where were the 30,000 men of valour to station themselves as an ambush in the second conquest of Ai? (Joshua 8:4)

14) As the 30,000 men waited outside the city for an ambush just before the taking of Ai, what was to be their attitude? (Joshua 8:4)

15) As Joshua and all the other men of war planned to approach the city of Ai for the second attack, what was the plan of attack? (Joshua 8:5)and(8:7)

16) What was Joshua and those with him going to do when those of Ai came out against them? (Joshua 8:5)

17) How was an apparent attack to be made on Ai? (Joshua 8:5)

18) Why did those of Ai think the Israelites would flee before them? (Joshua 8:6)

19) After the city of Ai was taken what was to be done with it? (Joshua 8:8)

20) Who commanded the city of Ai to be burned? (Joshua 8:8)

21) Where did the 30,000 might men of valour lay in ambush the night before the battle? (Joshua 8:9)

22) 0n what side of Ai did the 30,000 men lay in ambush? (Joshua 8:9)

23) Where did Joshua lodge the night before the battle of Ai? (Joshua 8:9)

24) Where did the 30,000 and 5,000 men of Israel camp and where did Joshua and his men camp in relation to Ai? (Joshua 8:9-11)

25) What lay between Joshua and the army and the city of Ai at the battle of Ai? (Joshua 8:11)

26) After all the army of Israel had taken their places the night before the battle of Ai, where did Joshua go? (Joshua 8:13)

27) When the King of Ai saw Joshua and his army in the midst of the valley what did he do? (Joshua 8:14)

28) What were the people of Ai ignorant of who went out to battle against Joshua? (Joshua 8:14)

29) The King of Ai and his men lose up early to go to battle against the Israelites, what time did they do battle? (Joshua 8:14)

30) Where did the Israelites and men of Ai do battle? (Joshua 8:14)

31) Where did Joshua and his men flee pretending they were beaten? (Joshua 8:15)

32) The second time Israel went before the city of Ai, what did they pretend? (Joshua 8:15)

33) What kind of terrain did Joshua and the men of Israel flee to when the men of Ai came out against them? (Joshua 8:15)

34) What people of Ai were called to pursue the army of Israel and Joshua during the battle of Ai? (Joshua 8:16)

35) From what were the people of Ai drawn as they chased the Israelite army? (Joshua 8:16)

36) Who was left in the cities of Ai and Bethel during the battle of Ai? (Joshua 8:17)

37) How was the city of Ai left when the people chased Joshua? (Joshua 8:17)

38) What did God tell Joshua to stretch out in his hand when all the men of Ai were pursuing the Israelites? (Joshua 8:18)

39) To what was Joshua to point the spear? (Joshua 8:18)

40) God was going to give the city of Ai into the hands of the Israelites but what did Joshua have to do first? (Joshua 8:18)

41) Toward where was Joshua to stretch out the spear in his hand? (Joshua 8:18)

42) What sign did Joshua use to tell those in ambush to enter the city? (Joshua 8:18)

43) When Joshua stretched forth the spear in his hand toward Ai, what did the men in the ambush do? (Joshua 8:19)

44) How did the men of Ai know the city had been taken? (Joshua 8:20)

45) When the men of Ai saw the smoke of the fire of Ai what effect did it have on them? (Joshua 8:20)

46) Who became the pursuers when the men of the city saw their city burning? (Joshua 8:20)

47) When the men of Ai turned and saw the smoke of the city burning what became their condition? (Joshua 8:20)

48) What kind of action did Joshua and all Israel take when they saw the ambush had taken the city of Ai? (Joshua 8:21)

49) Where were the inhabitants of Ai killed? How? (Joshua 8:24)

50) When the Israelites returned to the city of Ai, what did they do to the city? (Joshua 8:24)

51) How many men of Ai remained alive? (Joshua 8:22-23)

52) What condition was the king of Ai in when they took him to Joshua? (Joshua 8:23)

53) To whom was the King of Ai taken? (Joshua 8:23)

54) With what did they kill Ai? (Joshua 8:24)

55) How many people fell on the day of the battle for Ai? (Joshua 8:25)

56) When did Joshua draw back his hand with the spear stretched out? (Joshua 8:26)

57) What did Israel take for a prey for themselves from the city of Ai? (Joshua 8:27)

58) What did Joshua make the city of Ai? (Joshua 8:29)

59) How did the king of Ai die? (Joshua 8:29)

60) Until when did the King of Ai hang on a tree? (Joshua 8:29)

61) What did they cast at the entering of the gate of the city? (Joshua 8:29)

62) When was the body of the king of Ai taken from the tree? Where was it put? What was raised on it? (Joshua 8:29)

63) Where did Joshua build an altar? (Joshua 8:30)

64) When did Joshua build an altar on Mt. Ebal? (Joshua 8:30)

65) What 2 kinds of offerings were offered on the altar Joshua built on Mt. Ebal? (Joshua 8:31)

66) What kind of altar was made in Mt. Ebal? (Joshua 8:31)

67) In the book of law was given directions for the making of an altar. What kind of stones were to be used? (Joshua 8:31)

68) At the altar on Mt. Ebal, what did Joshua write upon the stones? (Joshua 8:32)

69) As Joshua wrote the law on the stones at Mt. Ebal, who was pre­sent? (Joshua 8:32)

70) In what order were the Israelites standing on Mt. Ebal? (Joshua 8:33)

71) After writing a copy of the laws of Moses on the stones at Mt. Ebal, what did Joshua do? (Joshua 8:34)

72) Who stood about the altar Joshua built on Mt. Ebal? (Joshua 8:33-35)

73) What two mountains distinguished the two sides of the altar built by Joshua after the defeat of Ai? (Joshua 8:33)

74) What did Joshua read before the people at the altar in Mt. Ebal? (Joshua 8:34)

75) What strangers were among the Israelites as they heard the reading of the book of the law? (Joshua 8:35)

Joshua Chapter 9

1) Who gathered together to fight against Israel with one accord? (Joshua 9:1)

2) On a guitar there are many but the people who gathered together against Joshua had only one. What was it? (Joshua 9:2)

3) What did the kings of the people living on the west side of

Jordan do as a result of hearing of the defeat of Ai? (Joshua 9:4)

4) What or how did the inhabitants of Gibeon work when they heard about Jericho and Ai? (Joshua 9:4)

5) What kind of wine bottles did the inhabitants of Gibeon take with them? (Joshua 9:4)

6) What preparation did the men of Gibeon make for their trip to Joshua? (Joshua 9:4-5)

7) Where was Joshua when the inhabitants of Gibeon went to meet him? (Joshua 9:6)

8) From where did the inhabitants of Gibeon tell Joshua they came? (Joshua 9:6)

9) What did the Israelites say and ask the Gibeonites to examine them and their motives? (Joshua 9:7)

10) What did the men from Gibeon say they were to Joshua? (Joshua 9:8)

11) Why did the men of Gibeon say they had come to Joshua and the Israelites? (Joshua 9:9-10)

12) From where, for what reason did the Gibeonites say they had come to Joshua? (Joshua 9:9)

13) What two things had the men of Gibeon heard about the God of the Israelites? (Joshua 9:9-10)

14) What two kings of the Amorites did the men of Gibeon know about? (Joshua 9:10)

15) Who did the men of Gibeon say told them to go to Joshua and the men of Israel to become their servants and make a league with them? (Joshua 9:11)

16) What were the people of Israel told to prepare before crossing the Jordan that was the same thing the elders and inhabitants told the men from Gibeon to prepare for their trip? (Joshua 9:11)

17) The men of Gibeon had bread with them when they came to meet with Joshua and the men of Israel. In what condition did they say the bread was when they left home for their journey? And what condition when they arrived? (Joshua 9:12)

18) What lies did the men of Gibeon tell Joshua and the princes’ of Israel? (Joshua 9:13)

19) The men of Israel took of their victuals and asked what at

the mouth of the Lord? (Joshua 9:14)

20) What mistake did the children of Israel and Joshua make in the decision to accept the men of Gibeon? (Joshua 9:14)

21) What did Joshua make with men of Gibeon? (Joshua 9:14)

22) What was the league Joshua made with the men from Gibeon? (Joshua 9:15)

23) The men of Israel did not counsel at what of the Lord? (Joshua 9:14)

24) What part did the princes of the congregation have to do with making a league with the men of Gibeon? (Joshua 9:15)

25) How many days passed before Joshua and the men of Israel found out that the supposed ambassadors from a far country were really their neighbors? (Joshua 9:16)

26) How long was it before Joshua and the princes of the congregation knew they had made a mistake with the men of Gibeon? How? (Joshua 9:16)

27) When the children of Israel journeyed to the cities of their neighbors who had tricked them when did they arrive? (Joshua 9:17)

28) What cities of the Hivites did Joshua and the children of Israel journey to look into the matter of their neighbors tricking them? (Joshua 9:17)

29) Why did the Israelites not smite the Hivites. What did they do instead? (Joshua 9:18)

30) For what reason did the princes tell the congregation they could not touch the Gibeonites? (Joshua 9:19)

31) If the Israelites did not let the Hivites live what would happen to them and why? (Joshua 9:20)

32) Who decided the fate of the Hivites and what was that fate? (Joshua 9:21)

33) Did Joshua bless or curse the men of Gibeon who had tricked the men of Israel? (Joshua 9:23)

34) What did Joshua tell the Hivites they had done to Israel? (Joshua 9:22)

35) How many men of Gibeon would be freed from being bondmen, hewers of wood and drawers of water for the house of the Lord? (Joshua 9:23)

36) What had been told the Hivites that made them so afraid for their lives? (Joshua 9:24)

37) In whose hand did the men of Gibeon place themselves? (Joshua 9:25)

38) How did the Hivites ask Joshua to deal with them? Why? (Joshua 9:25)

39) What did Joshua keep the children of Israel from doing to the people of Gibeon? (Joshua 9:25)

40) When did Joshua make the men of Gibeon hewers of wood and drawers of water for the congregation? (Joshua 9:27)

41) Who decided where the men of Gibeon would serve the congregation and altar of God? (Joshua 9:27)

42) Where was the Hivites made Hewers of wood and drawers of water? (Joshua 9:27)

Joshua Chapter 10

1) Name the king of Jerusalem who greatly feared the children of

Israel because of reports he had received about Joshua taking

Ai and Jericho and the peace made with the inhabitants of Gibeon. (Joshua 10:1)

2) Adonizedek was the king of what city? (Joshua 10:1)

3) What had the king of Jerusalem heard concerning the Israelites? (Joshua 10:1)

4) Give four characteristics about the city of Gibeon which con‑tributed to the fear of the King of Jerusalem. (Joshua 10:2)

5) How many tribes gathered to smite Gibeon? (Joshua 10:3)

6) Adonizedec, King of Jerusalem sent word unto four kings to come and help him. Name the four kings and their cities. (Joshua 10:3)

7) What did the King of Jerusalem need help from the four kings to do? (Joshua 10:4)

8) Why did the King of Jerusalem want to smite Gibeon? (Joshua 10:4)

9) Where did the four kings go when Adonizedec sent a message to them? (Joshua 10:4)

10) The kings in chapter 10 who banded together against Joshua were the kings of what nation? (Joshua 10:5)

11) Where did the five kings of the Amorites and their hosts go to make war? (Joshua 10:5)

12) Where was Joshua when the Gibeonites came for help because the Amorites were gathered against them? (Joshua 10:6)

13) Who did Joshua bring with him to fight for Gibeon? (Joshua 10:7)

14) When Joshua and the men of war went to Gibeon, what assurance did God give Joshua? (Joshua 10:8)

15) Usually Joshua prepared for battle by rising early in the morning. When did he go from Gilgal to Gibeon to help them? (Joshua 10:9)

16) Why were Joshua and the men able to come upon the enemy sooner than they were expected? (Joshua 10:9)

17) How did Joshua and the men of war come upon the enemy? (Joshua 10:9)

18) Who said this and why? “slack not thy hand from thy servants, come up to us quickly and save us and help us?” (Joshua 10:9)

19) What did God do to the enemy before Israel at Gibeon? (Joshua 10:10)

20) Where were many of the enemies slaughtered during the attack upon the five kings of the Amorites? (Joshua 10:10)

21) What did the Lord cast down from heaven as the battle was fought between Bethhoron and Azekah? (Joshua 10:11)

22) What were the stones from heaven that God cast down? (Joshua 10:11)

23) For what distance did God cast down hailstones? (Joshua 10:11)

24) Which killed more warriors, the hailstones or the sword? (Joshua 10:11)

25) How many died from hailstones? (Joshua 10:12)

26) What did Joshua ask God to do as the battle raged between tie Israelites and the Amorites? (Joshua 10:12)

27) At Joshua’s command the sun __________and the moon________. (Joshua 10:12)

28) In sight of whom did Joshua wish the sun and moon to stand still? (Joshua 10:12)

29) Upon what was the sun to stand still? (Joshua 10:12)

30) In what was the moon to stand still? (Joshua 10:13)

31) How long did the sun stand still End the moon stay? (Joshua 10:13)

32) Where did the sun stand still? (Joshua 10:13)

33) What period of time did the sun stand still in the midst of heaven? (Joshua 10:13)

34) How many days before or after the sun and moon stood still has this phenomena happened? (Joshua 10:14)

35) Besides the fact that the sun and moon stood still what made this a most unusual day? (Joshua 10:14)

36) Who did the Lord fight for? (Joshua 10:14)

37) Where did the five kings of the Amorites flee to and hide? (Joshua 10:16)

38) When Joshua was told the five kings of the Amorites were hiding in a cave at Makkedah, what were his instructions? (Joshua 10:18)

39) After the guard over the cave containing the five kings was secure, what did Joshua command the army of Israel to do? (Joshua 10:19)

40) Who did Joshua say had delivered the enemies into the hands of the army of the Israelites? (Joshua 10:19)

41) When the slaughter of the armies of the Amorites was over, where did the remaining enemy go? (Joshua 10:20)

42) After the end of the battle with the Amorites where did all the people meet with Joshua in peace? (Joshua 10:21)

43) Who did Joshua command to be brought to him out of the cave at Makkedah? (Joshua 10:22)

44) Where were the men of Israel to put their feet? (Joshua 10:24)

45) Who hid in a cave and where was the cave? (Joshua 10:16-27)

46) What was done to the 5 kings and who did this? (Joshua 10:24-27)

47) Until what time of day did the five kings of the Amorites hang from the five trees? (Joshua 10:26)

48) After the time of the going down of the sun what did Joshua

command to be done with the bodies of the five kings? (Joshua 10:27)

49) What was laid before the mouth of the cave where the five king’s bodies were cast? (Joshua 10:27)

50) What did Joshua do to Makkedah, the king and all the souls therein? (Joshua 10:28)

51) Unto what two cities are it recorded Joshua did unto the king thereof as unto the king of Jericho? (Joshua 10:28-30)

52) Name the cities from Makkedah through Debir that Joshua smote. (Joshua 10:29-30)

53) On what day did Israel take Lachish? (Joshua 10:32)

54) How was the taking of Lachish like the taking of Libnah? (Joshua 10:32)

55) Who came up to help Lachish? (Joshua 10:33)

56) After Eglon when Joshua destroyed Debir, name the person, group of persons and place destroyed. (Joshua 10:39)

57) Joshua destroyed all that breathed by scooting what? (Joshua 10:40)

58) Give the names of the outer extrimities of Joshua’s conquests. (Joshua 10:41)

59) After his battles to what place did Joshua return? (Joshua 10:43)

Joshua Chapter 11

1) Give the name of the king of Hazor. (Joshua 11:1)

2) Give the name of the king of Madon. (Joshua 11:1)

3) What peoples gathered together at Merom to fight against Joshua? (Joshua 11:1-4)

4) How did the people who went out against Joshua at Merom appear? (Joshua 11:4)

5) Where did Hazor and the rest of the tribes of people pitch? (Joshua 11:4)

6) Besides the large numbers of people who responded to the request of Jabin, what was taken in large quantity? (Joshua 11:4)

7) For what purpose did all the kings called by Jabin come together? (Joshua 11:6)

8) What assurance did the Lord give Joshua when all the kings which Jabin had called together met to do battle against Joshua? (Joshua 11:6)

9) What was the Lord going to do to the host of Merom? What was Joshua to do? (Joshua 11:6)

10) How far did Joshua chase the hosts gathered at the waters of Merom? (Joshua 11:8)

11) What was the outcome of the battle between Israel and the kings of the Canaanites and their armies? (Joshua 11:8)

12) After the battle and victory over the kings of the Canaanites and their armies what city did Joshua destroy with fire and killed all the inhabitants? (Joshua 11:10-11)

13) Who was the head of the battling tribes? (Joshua 11:10)

14) What king did Joshua turn back to kill? How? Why? (Joshua 11:10)

15) What did Joshua do to the cities of the kings of the Canaanites who had fought with Israel and lost? (Joshua 11:12)

16) Of the cities “that stood still in their strength” which did Joshua burn? (Joshua 11:13)

17) What did the children do with the spoils and the cattle from the cities which were destroyed? (Joshua 11:14)

18) Who commanded Joshua to utterly destroy the cities? (Joshua 11:15)

19) What did Joshua leave undone of what the Lord commanded Moses? (Joshua 11:15)

20) Who were the three men who are said to have commanded something in the 11th chapter? (Joshua 11:15)

21) The Lord commanded Moses as Moses commanded who? (Joshua 11:15)

22) In 11:17 what land did Joshua take? (Joshua 11:17)

23) Where was Mt. Halak and Baalgad? (Joshua 11:17)

24) What city did Joshua not take, but made peace with? (Joshua 11:19)

25) How did the children of Israel take all the cities? (Joshua 11:19)

26) What did the Lord do the hearts of the enemies of the Israelites? (Joshua 11:20)

27) What geographical feature did Joshua cut the Anakims off from? (Joshua 11:21)

28) For what purpose did Joshua give the land to the children of Israel? (Joshua 11:23)

29) Where were the Anakim destroyed? Where left? (Joshua 11:21-22)

30) From what did the land rest in 11:23? (Joshua 11:23)

31) How did Joshua divide the land for inheritance? (Joshua 11:23)

Joshua Chapter 12

1) Who was the king of the Amorites? (Joshua 12:2)

2) Where did this king rule from in verse two? (Joshua 12:2)

3) Who was the king that was from the remnant of the giants? (Joshua 12:4)

4) Where did this king dwelt at in verse four? (Joshua 12:4)

5) In the country of Bashan, describe where the borders extended from? (Joshua 12:5)

6) Name the kings and country of which Joshua and the children smote in verses nine through twenty-four. (Joshua 12:9-24)

Joshua Chapter 13

1) How is Joshua described in 13:1? (Joshua 13:1)

2) What remained when Joshua was old? (Joshua 13:1)

3) How much land remained to be possessed? (Joshua 13:1)

4) In what was Joshua old and stricken? (Joshua 13:1)

5) How was the land still to be possessed to be divided and unto whom? (Joshua 13:6)

6) For what was the land to be divided? (Joshua 13:7)

7) Who was the land to be given to? (Joshua 13:7)

8) Of what kingdom were their giants in the land? (Joshua 13:12)

9) What two people s had the Israelites allowed to remain east of the Jordan? (Joshua 13:13)

10) What tribe received no inheritance of land? (Joshua 13:14)

11) What did God give the Levi tribe for an inheritance? (Joshua 13:14)

12) Describe the sacrifices that the Levites received. (Joshua 13:14)

13) Who was the son of Boer? (Joshua 13:22)

14) Who was Balaam? (Joshua 13:22)

15) Who caused Balaam to be slain (Joshua 13:22)

16) What happened to Balaam? (Joshua 13:22)

17) Describe the countries location that was given by Moses. (Joshua 13:32)

Joshua Chapter 14

1) What was Eleazer? (Joshua 14:1)

2) Who made distribution of the land of Canaan by lot? (Joshua 14:1)

3) Who distributed the land for an inheritance to the Israelites? (Joshua 14:1)

4) What occupation did Eleazer have? (Joshua 14:1)

5) What land was divided among the children of Israel? (Joshua 14:1)

6) Who was the priest referred to in most of Joshua? (Joshua 14:1)

7) How was each tribes inheritance decided? (Joshua 14:2)

8) How many tribes in Chapter 14 didn’t have land? (Joshua 14:2)

9) What was the Israelites inheritance given by? (Joshua 14:2)

10) Who did Moses give no inheritance to? (Joshua 14:3)

11) Who did not receive an inheritance? (Joshua 14:3)

12) Where was the inheritance of two and a half tribes? (Joshua 14:3)

13) Name the two tribes of the children of Joseph. (Joshua 14:4)

14) What were the Levites given in which to live? (Joshua 14:4)

15) What part of the land was given to the Levites? (Joshua 14:4)

16) What did the Levites receive beside cities to dwell in? (Joshua 14:4)

17) What was the name of the children of Joseph? (Joshua 14:4)

18) Who was Caleb’s father? (Joshua 14:6)

19) Where did the children of Judah find Joshua? (Joshua 14:6)

20) Who was Jephunnehs son? (Joshua 14:6)

21) From what city had Caleb been sent out to spy? (Joshua 14:7)

22) How old was Caleb when he was sent to spy out the land? (Joshua 14:7)

23) Those who went with Caleb to spy out the land caused what to happen to the people? (Joshua 14:8)

24) How did Caleb follow the Lord his God? (Joshua 14:8)

25) What did the report about the land of Canaan made by the spies other than Caleb and Joshua cause the children of Israel to feel? (Joshua 14:8)

26) For what reason was Caleb given an inheritance? (Joshua 14:9)

27) At the time Caleb spoke to Joshua about his promised inheritance, how old was Caleb? (Joshua 14:10)

28) For what did Caleb ask to be given? (Joshua 14:12)

29) What was the name of Caleb’s inheritance? Give another name for the same place? (Joshua 14:13)

30) What did Joshua give Caleb besides the mountains? (Joshua 14:13)

31) Why was Hebron given to Caleb? (Joshua 14:14)

32) What was the former name of Hebron? (Joshua 14:15)

33) Who was a great man of the Anakims? (Joshua 14:15)

Joshua Chapter 15

1) From among what tribe was Caleb’s inheritance taken? (Joshua 15:13)

2) Who was Anak? (Joshua 15:13)

3) What inheritance did Caleb give his daughter Othniel? (Joshua 15:19)

4) What one of the “Jebusites” dwelt with the tribe of Judah in Jerusalem? (Joshua 15:63)

5) Why did Judah let the Jebusites dwell with them at Jerusalem? (Joshua 15:63)

Joshua Chapter 16

1) Some of the Ephraimites lived in cities of another tribe. Name the tribe. (Joshua 16:9)

2) In what city were the Canaanites allowed to continue to live? (Joshua 16:10)

3) How did the Canaanites serve the Ephraimites? (Joshua 16:10)

4) In which tribe’s territory was the city of Gezer? (Joshua 16:10)

5) As the Canaanites lived in Gazer with the Ephraimites, what was their work? (Joshua 16:10)

6) What tribe could not drive out the Canaanites and they dwelt with them at what city? (Joshua 16:10)

7) The Canaanites that dwell among the Ehraimites serve under what? (Joshua 16:10)

8) Who did the Ephraimites not drive out of Gezer? (Joshua 16:10)

Joshua Chapter 17

1) Was Manasseh the first or second born of Joseph? (Joshua 17:1)

2 ) What kind of a man was Machir, son of Vanasseh? (Joshua 17:1)

3) What were the names of the two sons of Machir? (Joshua 17:1)

4) How many daughters had Zelophehad? (Joshua 17:3)

5) Who was the first born of Joseph? (Joshua 17:1)

6) How many portions did Manasseh receive? (Joshua 17:5)

7) Where were the daughters of Manasseh’s portion? The rest of Manasseh’s sons received what? (Joshua 17:6)

8) Instead of driving out the Canaanites what did the children of Israel do to them? (Joshua 17:13)

9) What did the children of Joseph complain to Joshua that they were given only one lot and one portion to inherit? (Joshua 17:14)

10) What country did Joshua tell the children of Joseph to go up to when they wanted more room? (Joshua 17:15)

11) Joshua told Joseph’s children to do what if they were a great people? (Joshua 17:15)

12) What were the children of Joseph’s complaint? (Joshua 17:14)

13) Who lived in the wood country? (Joshua 17:15)

14) What did Joseph’s children say the Canaanites in the valley had? (Joshua 17:16)

15) Who had chariots of iron? (Joshua 17:16)

16) What did Joshua tell the children of the house of Joseph they would have for their territory beside one lot? (Joshua 17:18)

Joshua Chapter 18

1) Where did the Mole congregation of the children of Israel assemble and set up the tabernacle? (Joshua 18:1)

2) What did the whole congregation of Israel set up at Shiloh? (Joshua 18:1)

3) How many tribes had not received their inheritance when Israel assembled at Shiloh? (Joshua 18:1)

4) How many men from each tribe were sent out to go through the land and bring back a description to Joshua? (Joshua 18:4)

5) Into how many parts would the described land be divided? (Joshua 18:5)

6) What tribe would live at the most southern border of the Promised Land? (Joshua 18:5)

7) What group would live at the most northern border of the Promised Land? (Joshua 18:5)

8) Who divided the land by lots among the last seven tribes and who had not received their inheritance of land? (Joshua 18:6)

9) Before whom was the casting of lots for land for an inheritance of the last seven tribes? (Joshua 18:6)

10) What were the spies supposed to bring back? (Joshua 18:6)

11) What was stated as the inheritance for the Levite tribe? (Joshua 18:7)

12) Which tribes had already received their inheritance on the east side of Jordan? (Joshua 18:7)

13) Who had given the inheritance of land on the east side of Jordan to God, the tribes of Reuben and half the tribe of Manasseh? (Joshua 18:7)

14) Where did Joshua cast lots before the Lord to divide the land for the last seven tribes? (Joshua 18:8)

15) When the three men from each of the seven tribes walked through the land and described it by cities, in what did they record their findings? (Joshua 18:9)

16) Which tribe received the first lot when the land was divided among the last seven tribes? (Joshua 18:11)

17) How many cities were there that were Benjamin’s inheritance? (Joshua 18:28)

Joshua Chapter 19

1) What tribe received the second lot “hen the ‘lend was divided between the last seven tribes? (Joshua 19:1)

2) Within the inheritance of what other tribe did the inheritance of Simeon lie? (Joshua 19:1)

3) Why was Simeon and his tribe given a part of the inheritance of Judah? (Joshua 19:9)

4) What tribe had their inheritance within the inheritance of another tribe? (Joshua 19:9)

5) Which tribe received the third lot when the land was divided by casting lots at Shiloh? (Joshua 19:10)

6) Which tribe received the fourth lot when the land was divided by casting lots at Shiloh? (Joshua 19:17)

7) Which tribe received the fifth lot when the land was divided at Shiloh by casting lots? (Joshua 19:24)

8) Which tribe received the sixth lot when the land was divided by casting lots at Shiloh? (Joshua 19:32)

9) What tribe received the seventh lot when the land was divided by casting lots at Shiloh? (Joshua 19:40)

10) Why did the children of Dan go to fight Against Leshem? (Joshua 19:47)

11) What name was given to Leshem? (Joshua 19:47)

12) After what was Dan named? (Joshua 19:47)

13) Who gave Joshua an inheritance? Where was it? What was its name? (Joshua 19:49-50)

14) What did Joshua do at Timnathserah? (Joshua 19:50)

15) At what door was the inheritance by lot cast for the seven tribes? (Joshua 19:51)

16) Where did the dividing of the land come to en end? (Joshua 19:51)

Joshua Chapter 20

1) What kind of cities did the Lord tell Joshua to have the children of Israel appoint? (Joshua 20:2)

2)For what were the cities of refuse to be used? (Joshua 20:3)

3) When a person who had killed another arrived at a city of refuge, who was he to tell or declare his cause? (Joshua 20:4)

4) How long would the slayer have to stay in the refuge city? (Joshua 20:5)

5) When the high priest of a refuge city died what happened to the slayer? (Joshua 20:5)

6) What were the elders to do after hearing the case of a person who had come to a city of refuge after unwittingly killing another person? (Joshua 20:4)

7) What were the elders of the city of refuge to do if the unwittingly killer was pursued? (Joshua 20:5)

8) Why were the elders of the city of refuge not supposed to deliver the man who had killed unwittingly into the hands of his pursuers? (Joshua 20:5)

9) Name the three cities on the west side of Jordan, which were appointed to be cities of refuge. Also give their location. (Joshua 20:7)

10) Name the three cities of refuse on the east side of the Jordan River which were appointed to be cities of refuse. Also give their location. (Joshua 20:8)

11) Who other than the children of Israel could take refuge in the cities of refuge? (Joshua 20:9)

12) Name the six cities of refuse. (Joshua 20:8)

Joshua Chapter 21

1) What did the children of Israel rive to the Levite tribe as the Lord had commanded? (Joshua 21:3)

2) Who had the Lord delivered into the hands of the children of Israel? (Joshua 21:44)

3) What failed not but all came to pass? (Joshua 21:45)

Joshua Chapter 22

1) What were the instructions Joshua cave to the Reubenites, Gadites and the half tribe of “Manasseh after the land had been won for Israel? (Joshua 22:1)

2) According to Joshua what had the Reubenites, Gadites, half tribe of Manasseh kept? Who had they obeyed? (Joshua 22:2)

3) The Reubenites, Gadites and the half tribe of Manasseh kept all that what two men commanded? (Joshua 22:2)

4) In Joshua (22:3), who had the Reutbenites, Gadites and the half tribe of Manasseh not left and for how long? (Joshua 22:3)

5) What had the Lord given the brethren of Reugen, Gad, half tribe of Manasseh and where were they to go? (Joshua 22:4)

6) What kind of heed were they to take to do the commandments and the law which Moses had given the children of Israel? (Joshua 22:5)

7) Before Joshua sent the Reutenites, Gadites and half tribe of Manasseh away to their tents what did he do for them? (Joshua 22:6)

8) Where were the two parts of Manesseh located? (Joshua 22:7)

10) What did Joshua tell the tribes of Reuben, Gad and half tribe of Manasseh to return to their land with? (Joshua 22:8)

11) What were the tribes from the east to do with the many spoils they carried home? (Joshua 22:8)

12) What land did the tribes of the east leave and what country did they enter as they went home? (Joshua 22:9)

13) What kind of altar did the eastern tribes build? (Joshua 22:10)

14) Where did the children of Israel hear that the tribes of Reuben, Gad and the half tribe of Manasseh had built an altar? (Joshua 22:11)

15) What were the children of Israel gathered at Shiloh to do upon hearing of the altar built on the Jordan River by the children of Reuben, Gad and the half tribe of Manasseh? (Joshua 22:12)

16) Who gathered and where to go to war against the eastern tribes? (Joshua 22:12)

17) Who did the Israelites send to the eastern tribes? (Joshua 22:13-14)

18) Who was Eleazar’s son? (Joshua 22:13)

19) What was the position of each of the 10 princes in the house of their fathers? (Joshua 22:14)

20) Where was Phinehas and the 10 chiefs sent? (Joshua 22:13)

21) Phinehas, the son of E1eazer the priest took 10 men with him to see the eastern tribes. What was their rank or office and over what were they princes? What was their position over the house of their fathers and among how many were Israelites? (Joshua 22:14)

22) Why did the eastern tribes build an altar according to the whole congregation of Israel? (Joshua 22:16)

23) There was a plaque in the congregation of Israel but it had failed to cleanse them from what? (Joshua 22:17)

24) Phinehas and the 10 princes asked the eastern tribes if the iniquity of Peor was what? (Joshua 22:17)

25) If the eastern tribes rebelled against God today what would happen tomorrow? (Joshua 22:18)

26) The eastern tribes were invited to cross over and take an inheritance on the west side of the Jordan if what? (Joshua 22:19)

27) In building another altar against whom were the eastern tribes thought to be rebelling? (Joshua 22:19)

28) Who had sinned but did not suffer alone for his sin according to Phinehas and the ten princes? (Joshua 22:20)

29) Who knew whether or not the eastern tribes had transgressed? (Joshua 22:22)

30) What 3 kinds of offerings was the altar at Jordan for? (Joshua 22:23)

31) What was it for? (Joshua 22:27)

32) For what reason did the children of Reuben, Gad and the half tribe of Manasseh build the altar on the Jordan River? (Joshua 22:27)

33) What did the children of Israel do when they heard the real reason the Gadites and the Reubenites built the altar? (Joshua 22:33)

34) What did the Gadites and the Reubenites name the altar they had built? (Joshua 22:34)

Joshua Chapter 23

1)When Joshua was old, what did he tell the Israelites? (Joshua 23:1-3)

2) How many groups of people did Joshua call together? (Joshua 23:2)

3) Who did Joshua say had fought for the children of Israel? (Joshua 23:3)

4) What did Joshua say he had divided unto the children of Israel? (Joshua 23:4-5)

5) Who would expel the nations that remained that Joshua divided lot by lot for an inheritance? (Joshua 23:5)

6) What did Joshua tell the children of Israel to be very courageous to keep and do? (Joshua 23:6)

7) When Joshua was old, what did he tell the Israelites not to do? (Joshua 23:7)

8) What were the Israelites to do unto the Lord? (Joshua 23:8)

9) When Joshua was old, what did he tell the Israelites, the reason for their cleaving close to the Lord their God? (Joshua 23:8-10)

10) What did Joshua say would happen to the children of Israel if they took on the ways of the remaining nations? (Joshua 23:13)

11) When Joshua was old, what did he tell the Israelites would happen if they intermarried with the other nations? (Joshua 23:11-13)

12) How did Joshua describe his coming death? (Joshua 23:14)

13) When Joshua was ready to leave the earth, and reminded the Israelites of all the good things God had given them, what did he warn them against? (Joshua 23:15-16)

Joshua Chapter 24

1) Who did Joshua call together at Shechem? (Joshua 24:1)

2) What did Joshua tell the people at Shechem? (Joshua 24:2-3)

3) Who were Isaac’s sons, and where did they make their homes? (Joshua 24:4)

4) What did Joshua tell the people that God said about Moses and Aaron? (Joshua 24:5-7)

5) What did Joshua tell the people that God said about the Amorites? (Joshua 24:8)

6) What did Joshua tell the people that God had said about Balak king of Moab? (Joshua 24:9-10)

7) What seven nations did Joshua tell the people, God had delivered into their hands? (Joshua 24:11)

8) By what means did God drive out the Amorites? (Joshua 24:12)

9) What did Joshua say by what means the Israelites had received the land, and did they really earn it? (Joshua 24:13)

10) When Joshua told the people to put away their heathen gods what did he tell them that he and his family was going to do? (Joshua 24:14-15)

11) When Joshua told the people that he would serve the Lord, what was their response? (Joshua 24:16-18)

12) What did Joshua tell the people the reason was that they could not serve God? (Joshua 24:20)

13) What did the Israelites promise Joshua they would do? (Joshua 24:21)

14) When the Israelites promised to witness for their Lord, what did Joshua tell them to do? (Joshua 24:22-23)

15) When the Israelites promised to serve and obey their Lord, what did Joshua do? (Joshua 24:24-26)

16) How did Joshua tell the people the stone that he set up at Shechem would witness for them? (Joshua 24:27)

17) After Joshua set up the stone as a witness for the Israelites, where did they go? (Joshua 24:28)

18) How old was Joshua when he died? (Joshua 24:29)

19) Where was Joshua buried? (Joshua 24:30)

20) How long did Joshua serve the Lord? (Joshua 24:31)

21) Where did the Israelites bury the bones of Joseph that they had brought up from Egypt? (Joshua 24:32)

22) What happened to the father of Phinehas? (Joshua 24:33)

Note: I pray that these questions have helped your study and understanding of Gods’ word in the Bible. Please feel free to pass them on to other people if they have helped you.

Your, Brother in Christ

Frank Rose