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Pictures From Randall Ogle’s Gallery

In the month of May this past year we went on our family vacation to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. My wife Janice always likes to shop around in the small stores with her sister for special deals on scenic pictures and Christian pictures to take home. We all like to go to the shop of Randall Ogles Gallery. Now it was here in this friendly picture shop that I meet Mr. Ogle and I ask him if he was a Christian and he said yes, for a long, long time. Now my wife Janice purchased a beautiful scenic picture that had three bears and a old log cabin with a beautiful colorful back ground of the mountains.

Well while my wife and sister in-law shopped around the gallery I began to talk to my new brother in Christ. I told him about “My Christian Computer Ministry,” and how long it had been on the internet. I gave him my card and he gave me one of his cards back also. I had seen several pictures of Christ and there was one picture of a small country church in his store that I liked really well. Then I ask brother Ogle if he would give me permission to put some of Christian pictures on my web-site and he said yes.

Now below are some of Brother Ogle’s pictures of his great work as an Artist. I believe that Brother Ogle said that he had been drawing and painting pictures for over 43 years and his work as an Artist shows just how good they really are.

Now if anyone likes these examples of his pictures below, you can contact him at the “Smoky Mountain Native Artist Shop in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Also you can just call Mr. Randall Ogle by phone and his number is 1-865-428-2839. You can also contact him on his web-site too which is RandallOgleGallery.com