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Who Was Jacob In The Bible?

The birth of Jacob and Esau, are sons of Isaac and Rebecca. Jacob the favorite of his mother, Esau was the favorite of his father. (Genesis 25:22-28)

Jacob purchases the birthright from Esau. Jacob deceives Isaac by impersonating Esau and receives his blessing. (Genesis 25:29-34), (Genesis 27:1-29)

Jacob spent the night at Bethel where he had the vision of the ladder and the Angels, and the Lord renews the promise made to Abraham. Jacob builds a memorial and makes a vow to the Lord. (Genesis 28:10-22)

He comes to the home of Laban and serves him for seven years to make his daughter Rachel his wife. Laban deceives Jacob and requires him to marry Leah and Jacob had to bargain for another seven years so he could obtain Rachel as his wife. (Genesis 29:21-30)

Eleven sons are born to Jacob by his two wives’s and their maids. The sons of Leah; Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, and Zebuln. The sons of Zilpah, Leah’s maid; Gad, Asher. The son of Rachel is Joseph. The sons of Bilhah , Rachel’s maid; Dan, Naphtali. (Genesis 29:31), (Genesis 30:1-24)

The Lord directs Jacob to return to Canaan and assures him of his presence. With his family and property he took away from Laban. His father-in-law Laban pursued Jacob and the Mizpah covenant was made between them. (Genesis 31:3-55)

Fearing his brother Esau he arranged a gift of cattle to be sent to him. He spends the night alone wrestling with the Angel. His name is changed to Israel. (Genesis 32)

The affectionate meeting of Jacob and Esau. Jacob settles this in Shechem. (Genesis 33)

Jacob divinely directed to move to Bethel. Here he built an altar and the Lord talked with him. (Genesis 35:1-15)

Leaving Bethel, Rachel died in giving birth to Benjamin, the twelfth son, and was buried near Bethlehem. (Genesis 35:16-20)

Jacob sends Joseph to his brothers who are with their flocks. They are jealousy of Joseph and sell him to some Midianites on their way to Egypt. The brothers tell Jacob he had been killed by a wild beast. (Genesis 37:12-35)

A famine in the land compelled Jacob to send his sons to Egypt for corn. Joseph who treats them kindly and arranges for them to move to Egypt recognizes them. (Genesis 42:1-5)

Jacob and his people, seventy souls, settle in Goshen where they become prosperous. After 17 years in Egypt Jacob dies and is carried back to Canaan by his sons and buried beside his people in the cave of Machpelah. (Genesis 50:1-13)